DIY Almond and Papaya Skin Polishing Scrub

I hate seeing dry, flaky patches on my skin and I’m sure it is an equally unpleasant sight for all of you. We all crave a flawless skin and hence appreciate the benefits of a good exfoliating scrub. There are a plenty of ready to use scrubs available in the market but sadly, most of them are loaded with chemicals like paraben. Our kitchen is always brimming with natural ingredients which are not harsh on the skin and are free from any chemicals and this is what prompted me to do this super easy DIY post.

Exfoliating skin regularly not only keeps our skin healthier but also radiant. It involves removal of the dead layer from the surface of the skin. This once in a week beauty ritual will ensure that your pores wouldn’t clog, your cell regeneration improves and your face is all shines.

DIY-Papaya&Almond Smoothening Scrub

Before I share the method to prepare this scrub, I’d like to tell you about the benefits of each ingredient that I’ve used.
almonds for skin

Papaya: It is the best gentle exfoliator as it is loaded with ‘papain’ which aids in the removal of dead skin. It will combat blemishes, even out your skin tone and bestow a healthy glow to your skin. In addition, it is loaded with Vitamin A and antioxidants which are a must in the list of all anti aging products.

Milk cream: It will help lighten your complexion and keep your skin moisturised. It will increase the suppleness of your skin and leave it softer and smoother.
Almond: This gift of nature makes a great exfoliator and that is the reason it is used in maximum number of scrubs that are available in the market. It will refine your pores and also remove those nasty black heads and white heads.

Gram Flour: It is being used for skin care since times immemorial. It not only rejuvenates your skin but also fights the signs of ageing. It tightens your facial skin and helps getting rid of the dead skin due to its exfoliation properties.

Honey: Honey is an excellent moisturizer and is rich in antioxidants. Due to its anti bacterial properties it is very effective against acne & pimples. It helps unclog your pores and is also successful at reversing the damages caused by the harsh rays of the sun. The benefits list of its usage is practically endless!

skin smoothening face mask ingredients

How to prepare the scrub:

• Take a few papaya slices and mash them well with a fork. You may also puree it in the blender for a smoother consistency. I used the blender.
• Add a spoonful of fresh milk cream.
• Take a handful of almonds and pound them in a mortar and pestle till they are grainy in texture. You may even use a grinder, I did that. Add about a spoon of this almond meal into the papaya mixture.
• To hold this all together I’ve used a spoonful of gram flour. You may use any other binder of your choice like rice flour/ oatmeal, etc.
• Finally, add a spoonful of honey.
• Mix everything well and your scrub is ready to use.
papay and almond face pack

I like to apply it on the face for about ten minutes and then massage gently for 5 minutes before washing it off. My skin looks visibly brighter after using this one.
DIY-Papaya & Almond Smoothening Scrub (13)
If your dull skin is making you gloomy or sad .. go ahead..exfoliate!!
Try it lovelies and share your valuable inputs.

Thanks for reading.

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30 thoughts on “DIY Almond and Papaya Skin Polishing Scrub

  1. Great DIY..i will tel mommie to get papayas for me… *happydance* all these ingredients are really healthy for skin *happy dance*

  2. Esha I do this once a skin feels all pampered after this scrub. I use oatmeal instead of gram flour. *hifive* *happydance*

    1. yes nausheen you can any fruit of your choice..just keep in mind what benefit do you want to derive out of it.. *specs* *specs* …this scrub minus the papaya would also help in exfoliation anyway.. *haan ji* *haan ji* hope this helps..

  3. wow.. it soothes dry flaky skin.. *happydance* *preen* am definitely trying it out today.. *haan ji* *haan ji* *thankyou* *thankyou* for such easy n nutritive face mask.. *clap*

  4. *preen* superlike this creation dear.. you are working really hard nowdays.. I am sure it is a great combination.. almonds and papaya both are best friends of healthy glowing skin… love all your reviews.. *pompom*

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