DIY Coffee Scrub to Fix Dry, Rough and Cracked Feet

Hi ladies,

Since I am in my first trimester of pregnancy my feet were getting super drier with each passing day. Also, they were developing cracks like never before. That’s how I planned to create this awesome foot scrub to soothe and relieve my feet. If your feet have also turned dry, rough or crack, I am sure this remedy will help you. So, let’s begin with the recipe.

You need:

• Coconut oil
• Coffee powder
• A mild shampoo
• A bowl
• Measuring spoons
• Water
• A spoon or spatula


Step one:
Take an empty bowl and add one teaspoon of instant coffee powder. You can increase or decrease the quantity as per your requirements.

Step two:
Then, add two teaspoons of water into it. Again, make sure it’s adjusted as per the quantity of coffee because you do not want it to be too runny.

Step three:
Add some coconut oil.

Step four:
Add a little mild shampoo and stir everything well.


How to use:

Apply this scrub on your feet. You do not have to dampen your feet as it already contains water and is not harsh on the skin. You can use your hands to scrub your feet but a foot filer is always a good idea. A filer will remove dirt and roughness well. With regular use of this scrub, your skin will repair and turn soft.

Benefits of the ingredients:

• Coffee: Coffee is rich in antioxidants and that’s why it heals and repairs skin quite easily. It exfoliates the skin and makes it feel and look fresh. It also makes skin soft and smooth.
• Coconut oil: Coconut oil nourishes the skin and repairs all sort of dryness like magic. It removes dull and rough texture of the skin and improves the overall health of the skin.
• Mild shampoo: It prevents skin from getting damaged and yet cleanses it easily.

So, this is it for today. I hope you all will try this remedy and love it.

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