DIY-Moong Dal and Bay Leaf Earrings

DIY-Moong Dal and Bay Leaf Earrings

Hey Pretty Ones!

Today am back with something different from what I usually write about. Its got to do with another addiction of mine other than make up , yes, I m talking about earrings! I love earrings of any shape, size and materials! This love drove me to experiment with DIY earrings. Whenever I search the net on “how to make earrings”, all I get are the ones with beads, stuff which are generally not available around our homes. So, I always try my hands at making earrings from seeds of fruits or any other random material lying in around my hostel room or home. Today’s pair is made with something which an Indian kitchen always has! Bay leaves or “tej patta” and moong daal . So let’s get started.
DIY moong dal bay leaves earrings

The following things will be needed:
1. Bay leaves ( try to get the ones which are a bit on the greener side, the ones which are too dry tend to break)
2. Moong daal ( I have used this, you may use masoor daal too if you need an orange color)
3. Earrings hook ( you will get them at stores for as cheap as 50 paise a pair)
4. Paints of your choice.( I have used expired eyeliners in blue and black and red nail polish ) 
5. Black thread and needle
6. Fevicol or any other strong glue
7. Pair of Scissors.

Step one: Take a bay leaf and rub it to remove any dirt layer.

Step two: Cut out an oval shape from the leaf with the scissors.

Step three: Apply glue on the broader base in a semi circle shape.

Step four: Sprinkle the daal over the leaf. Use as much possible

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Step five: Let it stand for a few seconds and then lightly tap out the excess daal from the leave. The required quantity will be sticking to the leaf.

Step six: Use your paints and let your imagination go wild . I drew triangles at the corners and added blue dots at the centre.

Step seven: Now take your needle and thread and sew the hook to the leaf tip. Make sure the needle passes through the loop of the hook at least twice. Wrap the rest of the thread around the hook and the leaf tip till they are firmly bound together. Finally knot them up.


And we are done. Here is your pair of self made earrings and this is how they look on me. Pardon me for the scary look 😛 I didn’t have the patience to put any make up on after making this one.

Points to remember:
1. You can use any spices and pulses for making earrings.
2. You won’t be very neat the first time you try, don’t lose heart.
3. You will need loads of patience as well as imagination to get your earrings done  but remember, they are so easy that anyone can make them.
If you like this one, I will be coming up with more ideas and DIY jewellery. Do let me know! Keep smiling, keep glowing! 😀

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50 thoughts on “DIY-Moong Dal and Bay Leaf Earrings

  1. Me too crazy about earrings.. Looking very cute… last Sunday picked up Peacock feather earrings 🙂 Thumbs up for the creativity.

  2. Wow wonderful aparajita .. 🙂 I must say u r perfect example of beauty wid brain…
    Just love ur posts n tutorials..
    Keep posting inspiring posts..

  3. wonderful & creative Aparajita. I never thought of using expired eyeliners or other makeup products in this way. I simply throw them away. This is amazing. thanks for great idea. I’ll try this out 🙂

  4. this is ssoooooooo creative aparajita. :)) i would have never thought of such earrings. but how do you maintain them. They look cute on you. :))

  5. The first time i had a look at the earring just couldnt make out that it was leaf and dal…good going…nice idea to make new earrings when u r bored wid d old ones

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