How to Reduce Dark Circles

Dark circles around the eyes can take so much out of our looks. They can make us appear so old, tired, ill and unattractive. Concealers and other cosmetic products help but only to a certain extent. So what do you do to get rid of those horrible dark patches adding years to your appearance?

dark circles

Before going in for the treatment of the problem let us first discuss the causes of dark under-eye circles. Here are few reasons why someone has dark circles:

 Lack of sleep
 Fatigue
 Pigmentation
 Excessive sun exposure
 Heredity factors
 Dehydration
 Constant eye rubbing
 Ageing

Dark circles can be prevented or even reduced by following a healthy lifestyle. Apart from ageing and heredity factors, which are beyond our control, the above mentioned causes of under-eye circles can easily be put off.

dark circles

Tips to reduce under eye circles:

Now I don’t know how much these easy home remedies would help as I haven’t tried them all myself but they are surely worth trying.

1. Grate a potato and place it on your eyes for about 30 minutes then wash your face with warm water.

2. Use cucumber slices or juice on the dark circles to lighten them. Place thinly cut slices on your eyes for 20 minutes and then wash your face with cold water.

3. Mix two spoons of tomato juice with few drops of lemon juice. Soak cotton pads in it, squeeze a little, and place them on your eyes for 15 minutes. Wash your face as usual. Apply this twice daily.

4. Place chamomile tea bags, soaked in water, on your eyes for about 20 minutes this will help reduce puffiness and dark circles.

5. Apply crushed mint leaves on the dark circles for about 20 minutes and then wash your face as usual. It is one of the most effective cure for under eye circles.

6. Massage the almond oil gently on the dark circles before going to bed at night. Almond oil is considered best in reducing dark under-eye circles.

7. Apply a paste of turmeric mixed with pineapple juice on dark circles. Keep it for few minutes and then wash your face with cold water.

8. Drink a glass of tomato juice with some mint leaves, lemon juice and salt daily to keep dark circles at bay.

9. Apply cotton pads soaked in chilled rose water on your eyes for about 10 minutes daily.

Apart from the above mentioned home remedies there are few cosmetic treatments too that are effective in reducing the under-eye dark circles. These include:

1. Chemical peels: This procedure requires a chemical solution to remove the upper layer of the skin through gentle exfoliation which in turn improves the texture and appearance of the skin.

2. Laser Resurfacing: This is the latest treatment for getting rid of uneven skin coloration and other facial flaws. In this treatment the damaged skin is removed layer by layer using a carbondioxide laser resulting in lesser problems with hypopigmentation i.e. lightening of the skin. It is also called as laser peel or laser vaporization.

To keep under-eye dark circles away from you always remember to:

 Apply sunscreen before going out.dark circles
 Wear sunglasses to protect eyes from harmful UV rays.
 Stay hydrated by drinking 8-10 glasses of water everyday.
 Eat fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin E.
 Creams that contain Vitamin C and E also help to reduce dark circles.
 Avoid smoking and drinking.
 Last but not the least eight hour of sleep is recommended for all.

Hope this post may be of some help to you.
What do you do avoid dark circles?

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140 thoughts on “How to Reduce Dark Circles

  1. Helpful tips Era!! though I was wondering in case of using things like lemon juice, mint leaves etc, if a little bit seeped into the eye, wouldn’t it burn like crazy?

  2. Era is my frnd today…. both the articles apply to me so well 🙂
    Me too having dark circles *sob sob* I do rose water technique- will try the others too 😀
    thnks gal!!!
    btw- we want to see u 😀

  3. Hey….same here!
    Today’s both articles apply me. Pigmentation and dark circles.
    I will try the grated potato and tomato juice tips. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

  4. I have dark circles around my eyes these days due to late night studies.Should I use Aroma magic Dark circle remover gel or aroma magic under eye cream????? I have used following products which did not help me at all:

    -Biotique sea weed gel
    -jovees eye contour gel
    -Nature’s essence under eye cream.

    Plz reply.

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  6. I have dark circles under my eyes for many years. I am in USA and i tried many under eye creams but all in vain.Now i will try your tips which are useful for me

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  20. I have dark circles under my eyes for many years since school due to sun exposure,traveling.I feel the tips given above r useful nly 4 those who r sleep deprived.
    I want tips 4 dark circles caused due to sun exposure, & my skin is very thin there that bluish-green Veins appear.. Any tips?
    At what age it is appropriate for cosmetic treatments . I’m now 19. please reply..

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  125. I read the below tip works wonders:
    massage the eye area with pure almond oil to which you have added an equal quantity of coconut oil and a few drops of lemon juice. Leave this on for about an hour and wipe off with a moist cotton wool pad that has been dipped in milk, this done everyday for about 3 weeks will fade away those stubborn dark circles.

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