Dolly Wink Long Mascara Review

Hi guys!

I have been using a terrible mascara Canmake Gokunobi Mascara, since so long that I fell in love with Dolly Wink Long Mascara from the first application. 2 coats is all you need for va va room lashes. I am so happy, I picked this up!

Dolly Wink Long Mascara 2

The mascara comes in a beautiful pink container with a burgundy colour cap. There are designs embossed all along the length of the container.

Dolly Wink Long Mascara

My Experience with Dolly Wink Long Mascara:

Dolly Wink Long Mascara 3

In The First Month:
The formula is very wet. So, it does tend to clump together and I have to go in with a spoolie to fix that. I usually prefer drier formulas though.

There is still way too much product on the wand, so I have to scrape it down every time I use the mascara, which I am not too fond of. If I use the mascara as it is, then it clumps my lashes into looking like I have only 3 thick lashes. So, if I do scrape it down and use it, it gives length and definition only.

Dolly Wink Long Mascara 4

In the second month:
Now, that the formula has dried enough, it layers on itself wonderfully and gives thick, full lashes. I still have to scrape off the excess product, but now, it is at least worth doing the extra step. I wait about 20-30 seconds between coats and do a total of 2 or 3 coats. I get volume and length now, which I really enjoy.

The formula, as I mentioned before, is very wet and creamy. I wish the stopper on the mascara removed more of the product.

Dolly Wink Long Mascara 5

The wand of the mascara is slightly pinched in the middle and is made of nylon bristles. Even though the formula could have been drier, it is still very easy to apply and build up.

Flaking/ Transfer:
It does not flake, it does not transfer to the skin around the lashes and it sets waterproof. After it sets, the lashes do not feel heavy or hard.

Dolly Wink Long Mascara 6

Ease of Removal:
This is a film-type mascara, which means it comes off with warm water. But, I find even with warm water, I have to sit there and scrub my lashes for a good 30 seconds each side to get the mascara off. So, it is difficult to remove when compared to other film type mascaras, I have used before. I feel, I lose eyelashes every time I remove the mascara and that is my biggest issue with this mascara.

But, as the formula has continued to dry, removing the mascara has become a little bit easier. Also, keep in mind, cleansing oils will not work with film-type mascaras(incompatible because of oil/water combination).

Dolly Wink Long Mascara 7

Pros of Dolly Wink Long Mascara:

  • Gives very good length and volume(only after mascara has dried up a bit).
  • Sets waterproof.
  • Does not flake, transfer or feel heavy.
  • Builds on itself very well.

Cons of Dolly Wink Long Mascara:

  • Formula is too wet.
  • Have to work at removing the mascara(easier as the formula continues to dry)

IMBB Rating:

Would I recommend Dolly Wink Long Mascara?
Yes, it is worth a trying once.

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  1. Though I am not very impressed with the quality but I have never seen many mascaras which come in a bottle so cute as this one 🙂 I like your eye makeup too 😀

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