Dove Firming Nourishing Lotion Review

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Though I have used so many Dove products, this happens to be my first Dove review. When it comes to body-care, I have mostly used Nivea, Dove and Garnier body lotions (No, I am not forgetting those heavenly Body Shop lotions and body butters, they are always in my kitty). But I extremely love these two brands – Dove and Nivea. Usually, when I want to choose a new body lotion, typically there has always been a battle between Nivea and Dove. Both always fight for me and there is never a sure winner, because if today I choose Nivea, it has to be Dove tomorrow. Honestly they never disappoint me (almost always) and I don’t disappoint them either. We three enjoy our mutual admiration society… (Oh, come on! Let me say I am usually admired by these brands by their wonderful products)

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Alright, back to Dove review! So this time, when I was at Superdrug (this happens to be my happy-stop these days), I popped in for a good moisturiser and I found this new one on the block; and instantly it was in my shopping basket. Dove has launched plenty of different nourishing lotions based on different skin type and conditions – intensive nourishment, essential nourishment, instant hydration and many others. I simply chose Dove Firming Nourishing lotion for its fragrance.

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Dove Firming Nourishing Lotion is suitable for all skin types and is packed in a long and sleek bottle with a patch of light green on the front categorizing this to be the firming variant from a diverse range of Dove lotions. It claims to improve the skin elasticity and it is an extremely light weight moisturiser for any kind of weather.This nourishing lotion balances rich moisture and antioxidant-rich – white tea extract to enhance skin elasticity and offer the skin a pleasant toned form.

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Price – £4.89 for 250 ml, £5.99 for 400 ml

Application – Apply this lotion all over the body regularly in circular motions for a firm and toned appearance.

Product Description:
Elasticity is key to making skin noticeably firmer, and Dove Firming Nourishing Body Lotion is dedicated to doing just that. Its unique formulation combines rich nourishment and white tea extract, well known as an effective antioxidant, for an invigorating effect. Skin elasticity is boosted, and skin is more toned only 24 hours after a single application*. Dove Firming Nourishment Body Lotion contains the unique DeepCare Complex, with natural skin nutrients and rich essential oil to help gradually improve skin starting deep down*. (*surface layers of skin – dermatologically tested).

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My Experience with Dove Firming Nourishing Lotion –

Ok, now! Agreed that I love Dove but to be honest, I didn’t buy this product because of its super claim of improving elasticity after 24 hours. Personally, I don’t (read – don’t want to) believe whenever any kind of product claims to make a massive difference to your skin tone/complexion, it’s too big a promise to dupe current and prospective customers.

However, Dove is one of those finest brands on which I can count on when it particularly comes to hydration and nourishment of the skin. It’s exceptionally hydrating, super soft and wholesome. It sinks into the skin quickly and the fragrance is fresh and fortunately not that strong to get mixed with my perfume. At times, when lotions fetch a strong smell they badly clash with our perfume, and honourably confuse the skin! Oh yes, for those who have used those standard Dove soaps, may find a close resemblance of fragrance with this lotion. But it’s okay, who is complaining? Be it morning or night, this lotion is as pleasant as it can be at any time of the day.

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Personally, I haven’t noticed any kind of difference in the firmness of the skin, but this lotion is exceptionally superb.It certainly hydrates the skin for the entire day, but 24 hours? Don’t we need to apply lotion in the evening / night hours? As this lotion is formulated for all skin types, this will definitely be widely accepted and because of its nourishing properties, I am sure this will be broadly appreciated too! This lotion doesn’t feel greasy and continues to keep skin soft. However, I hope that this product improves my skin elasticity soon, smoothes my skin and enhances the tone as well.

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Pros of Dove Firming Nourishing Lotion:

• Extremely soft and supple.
• Nourishes the skin.
• Superb fragrance.
• Light weight moisturiser.
• Suitable for all skin types.
• Doesn’t dry the skin.
• Dermatologically tested.
• Keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day.
• Balances rich moisture.

Cons of Dove Firming Nourishing Lotion:

• Claims to improve the skin elasticity, and I am waiting for a month
• Not available in India

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IMBB Rating – 4.5 out of 5

Would I Repurchase or Recommend Dove Firming Nourishing Lotion – While you ignore the claims for the product, please buy this lotion at once for its smell and nourishing properties. Yes, I will repurchase this product.

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2 thoughts on “Dove Firming Nourishing Lotion Review

  1. I love Dove skin care range as much as I hate their hair care range. Creams, lotions, body wash, I am all about it! Will look out for it here.

  2. Hi Shikha,

    Honestly, I havent tried hair care range. But, yes full marks for Dove skin care. I simply love all of them. Try this one, its good…:-)

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