Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner Review

India is really not a market for the latest trends in beauty products. So, when Dove recently launched their “Oxygen Moisture” series, I instantly grabbed a bottle out of excitement.

Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner

Product Description:  Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner is a lightweight formula enriched with Oxyfusion Technology that delicately moisturizes hair and restores smoothness, without weighing it down. Leaving your hair smooth, bouncy and thicker looking.

194 INR


Moisture Conditioner

My Experience with Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner:

The bottle is the good old, peaceful-looking signature white bottle of Dove, but the blue splashes in between give it a real chic look. It is also shaped differently than their usual conditioners that come in tubes. This is shaped in a sturdy plastic body similar to their shampoos.

Dove conditioner

The smell, colour and consistency are exactly the same like all of their previous conditioners. I mean come on! One of the main reasons we (at least me :P) try out different products is to experience something new. The only apparent difference is in the packaging. Leave the color and consistency apart (it’s their signature after all), at least the fragrance could have been a little different; you know something that would invoke the feeling of fresh air in us, what with this being related to oxygen!

The ingredient list is a blend of the usual suspects – silicones, humectants and surfactants. I was checking for some ingredient which would throw light on their “Oxyfusion Technology,” but could not find anything.

Hair conditioner

It provides decent slip and helps detangle hair quite well.  I have really thick hair and this is targeted at women with fine and limp hair. But that doesn’t mean I can’t give it a try, does it? 😛


On limp hair, it is supposed to impart smoothness, bounce and thickness. On my hair, it really did make it smooth and my curls were bouncy the next morning. The only downside is that it doesn’t control my frizz. That’s probably because of the mechanism where the conditioner is trying to create volume into your hair using oxygen and so the hair strands are not allowed to stick together.  This is an average product for me, it may work wonders on fine hair.

Moisture conditioner

Pros of Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner:

  • New packaging compared to their old conditioner tubes.
  • Decent slip and detangling ability.
  • Imparts smoothness and bounce to hair.

Cons of Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner:

  • Smell and texture is exactly the same as all their conditioners (I want change!)
  • Didn’t find any special ingredient to connect to their Oxyfusion Technology.
  • Doesn’t control frizz well (maybe it is not supposed to).

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner?
Nope. The trial is done 😛

Do I Recommend Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner?
This may be a really good product for fine hair. I am wondering about the details of their Oxyfusion Technology though.

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  1. Dove has never been able to impress me. Some of my friends have had really good experience with Dove products, but they make my hair dry and frizzy. :/

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