How To Dress Up For a Bottom Heavy Figure

How To Dress Up For a Bottom Heavy Figure

You don’t need a perfect hour glass figure to look great. Some people, as I have noticed, have a good body but they don’t look smart. Whereas, some look great even though they have body flaws. Now, enough of my nonsense talk. The point I am trying to make is that you can look superb if you know your body shape and dress accordingly.

You can easily see women wearing shapeless clothes or something that does not flatter their body type just because it is in fashion. Be trendy and fashionable but don’t be a clown, wear what suits you not what looks good on someone else.

Mentioned below are few dressing tips to help people with bottom heavy body shape.

Dressing tips for a bottom-heavy figure:

• Opt for well fitted clothes but, stay away from tight fittings. Fit and flared shapes are what you should opt for. Try to bring the focus from your hip portion to your waist, upper body, shoulders, and arms. Always try and wear dark colours on the bottom, as dark colours tend to have slimming effect. Keep light colours toward the top when selecting an outfit.

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• Opt for a darker wash boot-cut jean to get the slimming look. Avoid jeans or pants with excessive embellishment on the back pockets or longer lengths that bunch up around your legs. Pair your jeans or pants with high heels for a super-flattering look. No matter how much you like them just do not wear pleated pants ever.

• Choose tops with V-neck, open collars, and turtlenecks to bring attention away from your lower half. Pretty and detailed necklines will draw attention towards your face. Select tops in light colours and small prints to look flattering. Vertical stripes, menswear checks or plaids, floral and polka dots are all great options. Stay away from tight tops as they will make your body look way out of proportion.

• If you wish to wear dresses than opt for pieces that nip in at your waist. You ideal dress should flare out at your hips and thighs a bit. If your natural waistline is thick, along with full hips and thighs, one of your best options in dresses is the empire-waist (raised waist) dress. You can opt for sleeveless and strapless dresses, which will divert attention from your lower half to your more toned upper body part.

• Choose fitted jackets that end well above your widest point. Jacket with structured shoulders and puffy sleeves will give you a proportionate figure. Also, keep in mind that your jacket should not go beyond your waist-length if you wish to camouflage your body flaws.

• A-line skirts that fall around the knee area will look flattering on your figure. Never ever wear mini skirts as they will accentuate your heavy thighs and make you look heavier than you already are.

Hope these tips will help you to flaunt your best features with ease now.

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  1. I’m bottom heavy and at the same time have a super small waist so its a herculean task to find pants that fit at the waist and the hips at the same time. Levis Curve ID helps.

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