Duvolle Radiance Spin-Care System Review

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Skin Tone: Medium to Dusky

Hello Ladies,

Hope you are all doing great. Today, I am featuring an awesome beauty tool. This tool is going to promote cell turn over, revealing healthier and younger looking skin, cleans pores, removes dry flaky skin and helps your serums to penetrate better in to the inner layers of your skin. So today, I am going to review a facial brush set from Duvolle called as the “Radaince Spin Care System“ which I got using IMBB sponsorship scheme. Read on to find out how this fared for me.

Duvolle Radiance Spin Care System Review


Product Description:
Reveal the hidden glow of your skin with the Radiance Spin-Care system. Deeply cleanse your skin with rotating movement to achieve cleaner and more vibrant skin over your whole body.

Includes 4 Interchangeable accessories:
Facial exfoliation brush
Large body cleansing brush
Facial cleansing brush
Pumice stone

Duvolle Radiance Spin Care System Review Details

My Experience with Duvolle Radiance Spin-Care System:

Duvolle spin care system is a skin care tool that has a set of soft and gentle brushes to be used on face and body for gentle cleaning and exfoliation. I always wanted to get a Clarisonic device for cleansing, but because of the cost, I always refrained from it. But, when I spotted the Duvolle device, I decided to give it a go. I wouldn’t call it cheap, since it is almost $95 bucks, but they mostly have upto sixty percent off, which gives us a good bargain. Even I purchased this with a sixty percent off, but sadly I had to pay some some extra bucks for shipping it from US to Australia and the total cost finally came to around $90, which is ridiculous. But, it is atleast not that heavily priced like Clarisonic($250). Moreover, the body brush and the pumice stone which comes with this tool gave me an extra driving factor to get this.

Duvolle Radiance Spin Care System Review Packaging

This device comes packaged in a cardboard box with the product details and brush details given at the back. They also provide you with a user manual with detailed instructions. This device comes with 4 brush heads, as I said before the cool thing is that you get one big brush for the body in the shower, a pumice stone for feet, daily face brush and an exfoliating brush. This is a total body skin care system just like they say!!

Duvolle Radiance Spin Care System Review Unboxing

Duvolle Radiance Spin Care System Review Unboxed

Radiance spin care system has a basic white handheld device with a on-off switch. The device is simple and has slot for two AA batteries to run the tool. We need to keep in mind that this is not a chargeable tool. The device has a slot to insert the desired brush head. This can be used in a shower and hence it is waterproof. The device is quite handy and is also very easy to travel with and is indeed user-friendly.

Duvolle Radiance Spin Care System Review Handle

Duvolle Radiance Spin Care System Review Brush Slot

Brush Heads:

Duvolle Radiance Spin Care System Review Parts Name

Face Cleansing Brush:
The facial cleaning brush is small and has soft synthetic hair that enables mild, gentle and deep cleansing. I use this one almost everyday during the night after I take away my makeup. First, I apply some cleanser to my face and then wet the brush plug it to the device and use it on my face for about 30 to 50 seconds, and then wash off with water. My skin feels squeaky clean after using this and it looks refreshed and radiant.

Exfoliating brush:
This brush is small and has a bit of coarse hair than the facial cleansing brush. I use this brush only once or twice a week to enable gentle exfoliation to remove away dead skin off the face. This brush can be used for dry brushing or can also be used wet with a facial scrub. Either ways it works wonders on the skin.

Body Brush:
Duvolle Radiance Spin Care System Review Body Brush

This is a special brush. It is a large size of the facial cleansing brush and it contains gentle synthetic hair for gentle body cleansing. I use this once or twice during my shower with a favourite shower gel and this one cleanses very well and also offers mild body exfoliation if used dry. Overall, I love this brush as it gives a spa like feel while using this.

Pumice Stone:
Duvolle Radiance Spin Care System Review Pumice Stone

Pumice stone is a special type of stone that can be used for dry or wet exfoliation on any area especially feet. This is an antique technique that was used in ancient times to remove dead skin from feet. This stone head helps in keeping the feet baby soft. I quite enjoy using it and sometimes, I use it with my favourite moisturiser and my feet feels like a baby’s bum.

Overall, I really like this device. It is a complete package and it takes care of the entire body not just the feet and works wonders on the skin with mild exfoliation and deep cleansing. This is magic that it cleans up to 5 times cleaner in 60 seconds than using only your hands. It allows moisturizers, creams, gels, serums to be easily assimilated by the skin. It promotes the feel and tone of the skin. It makes the skin visibly healthier and more radiant. With continual usage, my skin texture has improved and there are less blemishes and scars now. I would say that even delicate lines and wrinkles are less visible. I am in love with this complete device and I recommend it to everyone.

Pros of Duvolle Radiance Spin-Care System:

  • Easy to use.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • Battery operated.
  • Contains 4 brushes.
  • Has a body brush for body.
  • Contains cleansing and exfoliating face brushes.
  • Also has a pumice stone for feet.
  • Can be used wet and dry.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Improves skin texture.
  • Makes the skin healthy and radiant.
  • Provides mild exfoliation.
  • Cleans the skin deeply.

Cons of Duvolle Radiance Spin-Care System:

  • Not rechargeable.
  • Doesn’t have a storage case.

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Duvolle Radiance Spin-Care System?
Yes of course.

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