Easiest Nail Art , Nail Paint Colors and Dupes

simplest nail art

Hi Everyone, 🙂
I had been doing a certain style of nails for a bit now so thought I’d share it with you all. 🙂 Basically I am painting my nails both inside and outside. 

For today’s nails I used pastels. The nail paint I used outside is NAILS INC Mayfair Lane and on the inside is & Other Stories Carousel Blue.

Good Dupes of both the nail paints would be –

I actually experimented these nails with black and white a few days back and I loved them. So many people asked me about them. So I tried with colors now and I love them even more. 😀

Painting the nails both inside and out have that little fun quality. Suddenly when you’d be talking to someone they’d notice the color on the inside and ask you about it..It’s like a little tease. 😀

The nail paint on the inside can be cleaned with a cotton bud dipped in a nail paint remover.
Do give it a shot. 🙂

simplest nail art

simplest nail art
This is where I started and I don’t think I’d stop. 😀

nail art

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8 thoughts on “Easiest Nail Art , Nail Paint Colors and Dupes

  1. Rati, that’s cool! and I have got two dupes for that blue paint – Revlon’s full house gel paint and the other one from Revlon too – Turquoise blue though it’s a bit darker.

  2. Cudnt have been more cooler 😀
    You are an inspiration Rati.
    Most of the time me and my colleague, we keep stalking ur insta and here on IMBB for your posts to find new styles and you always nail them

  3. Awesome Rati Mam,

    Really liked the idea, will have to grow my nails to try this one. My plans were to keep short nails this year. Great idea, but really need a steady hand, specially when applying on right hand.

    I was planning to pick a few forest essential products for my hair and face. Hair have read the reviews, for face any suggestions!

  4. I have seen the louboutin manicure like this. Black on the outside, red on the inside. You could try that too. 🙂

  5. Rati, the black and white inside-out combination looks fab! will try that out soon. Please share more pictures of your nail art in future. By the way I am curious, are you using nail extensions in these pictures?

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