Elle 18 Coral Crush Color Pops Review

My sister just gifted me 3 shades from Elle 18 Color Pops lipstick range – Coral Crush, Wow Pink and Cherry Red. And the reason this sweet gesture happened on her part was because, she was basically bored of watching me wear earthy shades all the time, (which by the way I am a huge fan of :D) , and she just wanted to see some more colour on my lips. Well, honestly I am really happy that she picked these colours. All 3 are really pretty shades and indeed quite colourful.

Elle 18 Coral Crush Color Pops Lipstick (3)


Price – Rs. 120 for 4.3 g

My Experience with Elle 18 Coral Crush Color Pops :

Honestly, I found the packaging of these lipsticks extremely cute. It’s not like it is really fancy or something but the overall effect of the packaging (with the cute makeup obsessed lady on the cover ) is interesting indeed.

Coral Crush 55 is more in lines with Coral and Peach shades – somewhere between the two. So when I first had a glimpse of this shade, I was quite happy because it appeared a pastel, everyday wear kind of lipstick shade. I couldn’t wait to try it out. One interesting aspect I found about this shade is that on application it somehow gives a light orangish tint. (See the swatches). I would say it is a pretty shade and it will complement natural makeup look beautifully.

Texture-wise the lipstick is creamy. Also, the lipstick is packed with a lip balm (right at the centre of the lipstick), which I guess is actually Cocoa Butter (as Elle 18 claims the lipstick contains). Though the ingredient list is missing from the lipstick itself, I guess all in all the various ingredients it is packed with work their way to provide a smooth and easy application experience with this lipstick.

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Having said that, the shade is not build-able . If you try to build up the shade, it will give a rather cakey appearance. Another thing I absolutely dislike in this lipstick is it’s smell.Though kind of fruity and floral,  I eventually got tired of it as it stays on for the entire duration of the time you are wearing it. Honestly, after sometime I got sick of it, it smelt and tasted soapy to me.

Apart from these two things,  I would say the lipstick comes with good pigmentation too and is a must-try. Specially if you want to try out  new shades and don’t want to spend much;  precisely what my sister was thinking when she bought the lipsticks for me. I am really glad she did not spend much. Firstly, because she din’t even know whether I will really wear the shades she got me or not. Secondly, I guess I can’t really wear anything if it comes with that kind of smell (Yes, the fragrance/taste really bothers me.)

But this is just my opinion; it might not bother you as much. However, since I was reviewing this for you guys, I thought it would be best to just point it out.

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Pros of Elle 18 Coral Crush Color Pops :

  •  Pocket-Friendly
  •  Enriched with Cocoa Butter
  •  Creamy Texture
  •  Smooth creamy finish
  •  Cute packaging
  •  Does not bleed
  • Expiry – 30 months from the date of packing .

Elle 18 Coral Crush Color Pops Lipstick (6)

Elle 18 Coral Crush Color Pops Lipstick (7)

Cons of Elle 18 Coral Crush Color Pops :

  •  Smell – Though initially when you smell it, you might think I am silly to put it as a Con. But I hate how the smell stays during the entire duration of the lipstick application. Also, it smells and tastes soapy after a while.
  •  Not build-able
  •  Leaves a not so pretty orange/coral stain
  •  Poor staying power
  •  Dries off lips eventually (You might feel this once the lipstick is off)
  •  Ingredient list is missing.

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IMBB Rating:


Would I repurchase Elle 18 Coral Crush Color Pops ?

No, I am not at all fond of the smell. It bothers me. I wish it did not taste and smell like that!

Would I recommend Elle 18 Coral Crush Color Pops ?

If the cons I pointed out in the review are not really a problem, I can’t see a reason why you should not go for the lipstick shade. It is pretty and inexpensive.

Till we meet next, stay beautiful!

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