Equate Beauty Oil-Free Acne Wash Review

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The face wash that I buy the most is Neutrogena Acne Face Wash because it cleans up my face really well and keeps acne and pimples at bay. I enjoyed similar benefits from an exact doppelganger of this face wash – Equate Beaity oil-free acne wash, but a couple of dollars less than that.

Equate Beauty Oil-Free Acne Wash Review

Product Description:
Equate Beauty Oil-Free Daily Face Wash helps prevent and clear up acne. It utilizes salicyclic acid for fast and effective relief without drying out your skin. This Equate face wash is free from oils to prevent clogged pores.
Equate Beauty Oil-Free Daily Face Wash:

  • 2% salicylic acid acne medication.
  • Clearer skin without drying.
  • Oil-free face wash.


Product details


My Take on Equate Beauty Oil-Free Acne Wash:

Packaging:  The packaging is exactly like that of Neutrogena Oil-Free Face Wash – clear plastic bottle with a pump dispenser and the only difference is the writing on the bottle. Even though this product is a bit cheaper than Neutrogena one, the packaging is not of inferior quality.

Pump dispenser

Consistency:  It is a dense fluid with not-so-runny consistency. It looks like honey but just not as thick or viscous. The consistency is right for a face wash but a bit too thick to be used with a cleansing brush and has to be diluted if you want to use it with your electric rotating brushes.

Fragrance: I like the smell because it is not over powering and has subtle floral fragrance like a talcum powder.

Face wash

Efficiency:  A small dollop is enough to cleanse face and neck. I usually use Sephora face cleansing brush to cleanse my face and this face wash works great like that. It removes dirt and grime from my face and also residue makeup that my oil-based remover fails to remove.  From the time that I have used this face wash, I have not encountered any acne breakouts except a few stray ones which do appear once in a blue moon, but no major acne breakouts.


It produces a generous amount of lather and makes the cleansing process easier, but it leaves my face dry and my skin needs immediate hydration after usage – this is a downside for any soap-based face wash due to the presence of sulphates.


It is a good and cheap face wash which would do well in your shower caddy. However, it does dry out the skin and all of you out there who do not like their skin to get all stretchy after using a soap-based cleanser should skip this Equate Beauty face wash.

In a nut shell, I would say that I would pick this face wash over the Neutrogena one and save myself a humble penny.

Pros of Equate Beauty Oil-Free Acne Wash:

  • Nice packaging.
  • A small quantity goes a long way.
  • Has a subtle floral smell.
  • Produces a generous amount of lather.
  • Small quantity is enough for large areas.
  • Can be used to remove residue makeup.
  • Can be used with a face brush, if diluted with water.
  • Leaves skin soft and smooth.
  • Prevents acne.
  • Not expensive.

Cons of Equate Beauty Oil-Free Acne Wash:

  • Dries out the skin.
  • A bit too thick to be used with a face cleansing brush and has to be diluted with water.
  • Packaging is not travel friendly.

Would I Repurchase Equate Beauty Oil-Free Acne Wash?

Yes, because my skin likes it and I recommend it all those who like mild face washes that are gentle on the skin and prevent acne.

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