Estee Lauder Signature Blush Tender Petal Review, Swatch, FOTD

Estee Lauder Signature Blush Tender Petal Review, Swatch, FOTD

Claims : Sweeps on feather-light. Builds to full color

Estee Lauder blush tender petal

PRODUCT DETAILS : Feather-light powder blush sweeps on silky sheer, builds to full color.

A Fresh Way to Blush
Easily goes from barely blushing to full intensity, just like your natural cheek color.
Highlights and defines your face with a bloom of fresh color.
Never looks heavy or streaky.
Natural-looking shades give cheeks a soft, healthy glow.
Buildable, extended-wear color stays true.
Make great color your signature.

FORMULA FACTS : Dermatologist-tested

Add blush where light would naturally hit your face-cheekbones, forehead, chin


Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush

My Experience with Estee Lauder Signature Blush Tender Petal :

I have had this blush from Estee Lauder for a very long time now. Tender Petal 01 is a cool toned light pink. It is a satin finish blush with no shimmer. It is probably best for those with light skin tones.

Texture wise it a beautiful blush. It is silky soft to touch. It goes on smoothly. The blush itself is sort of sheer but builds up beautifully.  But since the shade is quite light on its own,  I have to go over 4-5 times to make it show on my skin. It is a little clashing against my NC 35 skin tone but as I build up the color , it starts looking a brighter shade of pink. The color builds up  without  it looking powdery or chalky. The blush adds a slight slow to the face because of its satiny texture.

It wears on me all day long – least 6 hours.

This is not my most favourite shade as far as blush color is concerned . On days when I want to look more fresh, I kinda mix it with a peachy blush and use it. The peach blush adds the warmth and this cool toned blush maintains its freshness. But if you have light skin tone (NC 20 kinds), this could be your natural blush color.

The blush comes packed in a glossy navy and gold packaging. There is a plastic film inside the container that protects the product. There is a lovely mirror and a soft brush that accompanies. The brush is quite wide and I have used it a couple of times in times of emergencies. 😀

estee lauder blush tender petal review



Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush

Swatch : tender petal swatch


etsee lauder blush tender petal FOTD

etsee lauder blush tender petal Face

Overall, I like the blush but I’d like to try other shades. 🙂

I have worn tender petal HERE and HERE as well.

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : 4/5

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