Everyuth Clear Skin Complexion Mask Review

I bought Everyuth Clear Skin Complexion Mask quite some time back. And I personally feel that this is an awesome face pack for weekly use. I like other Everyuth products like Walnut scrub, golden glow peel off. So today I will be reviewing the Everyuth clear skin complexion mask. (For normal to dry skin)

everyuth clear skin complexion mask

Price: Rs. 50 for 60g
Best before 24 months from the date of manufacture

What Everyuth Clear Skin Complexion Mask claims

• Purifies skin, clears blemishes, lightens complexion.
• Extreme weather conditions and pollution rob your skin of its moisture, making your skin texture dry, leaving a dull and pigmented complexion. Your routine skin care regime is not enough. Because your skin needs intensive care every week. Normal face packs (mud packs) leave the skin completely dry by absorbing the skin’s natural oils. New Everyuth clear skin complexion mask, enriched with Fruit AHA, Essential oils and Glycerine has been specially formulated for dry skin. Its intensive formula nourishes, firms tired skin and helps clear blemishes and discoloration. It lightens your skin color and leaves your complexion with an unbelievable radiance and glow.

Key Ingredients

1. Fruit AHA: Its powerful skin rejuvenation and exfoliating properties purify the skin and help clear blemishes and facial lines.
2. Jojoba and Wheatgerm Oil: Natural essential oils, known for their proven skin softening and nourishing properties.
3. Glycerine: A natural moisturizer, it helps condition and smoothen your skin and maintain the moisture.

CAUTION: While the mask penetrates and purifies your skin, the active natural Ingredients may cause a brief tingling sensation.

Directions for Use

Cleanse your face. Apply Everyuth Clear Skin Complexion Mask evenly on your face and neck avoiding the eyes and mouth. Its moisture-rich formula will not allow it to dry completely. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash off. Apply clear skin complexion mask every week.

Now quickly jumping to its pros and cons!!!

PROS of Everyuth Clear Skin Complexion Mask

:rose: It gives an instant glow on my face!
:rose: It does lighten the complexion with regular use.
:rose: Does not dry completely (moisture rich formula!!) and hence doesn’t dry my skin either. It is very good for dry skin also!
:rose: My skin doesn’t feel stretchy at all after applying this pack and hence it doesn’t stop me from speaking!!!! 😉
:rose: I feel the tingling sensation, which means it is working!!
:rose: It makes my skin softer!
:rose: My skin feels very fresh after using it.
:rose: It is pale pink in color (if that makes any sense) It has a fruity smell!!! Very pleasant! :))
:rose: Works best if used absolutely undiluted by water. It has the perfect consistency that is required and it’s very easy to apply a thin layer using your fingers also.
:rose: Comes in a tube! Hygienic!!

everyuth clear skin complexion mask

CONS of Everyuth Clear Skin Complexion Mask

:deadrose: I think that the tingling sensation would tease you a bit, but it is bearable. I have sensitive skin and I am not very irritated by it. If you have very very sensitive skin then maybe you’ll feel a bit uncomfortable.
:deadrose: Thinking…. Thinking hard…!!! No I can’t find any faults in the product. It is very good and really worth buying.

So I would say, in a nutshell, that it is a very good face pack and worth being tried. It isn’t expensive also!!

Shall I buy it again: Yeah I will!

Product rating: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

TIP: While removing any face pack, just dip your fingertips in water, and then massage skin with circular movements for 2 minutes. Take some more water on your fingertips, massage again. This will help remove your face pack in a better way and will increase the effectiveness of the pack!

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14 thoughts on “Everyuth Clear Skin Complexion Mask Review

  1. “My skin doesn’t feel stretchy at all after applying this pack and hence it doesn’t stop me from speaking!!!!” :jaiho:
    jus for this i vl buy :waytogo:

    1. you can use it but i would suggest you to mix multaani mitti in it. i personally never felt that using this face pack makes my skin oily or dry! it just freshens my skin, makes it glow!! :joker:

      you can also try some other face pack. everyuth cucumber face pack is for normal to oily skin. you can give it a shot!!

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