Everyuth Ultra Mild Scrub Review

Everyuth Ultra Mild Scrub

Hey girls,

I am gonna review a product called Everyuth ultramild scrub. As the name itself says that it is mild. Thats the reason why I picked it up from the supermarket as i have sensitive skin. But I dont think I have made a wise choice. Because it doesnt really work on me. It doesnt work for the people who have this dead skin problem on the face.

everyuth ultramild scrub review

I use scrub twice in a week. This product is so mild that it has a creamy texture and it does no good to my skin. I was using Ayur’s strawberry scrub which was good. Just for a change I wanted to use this product and there is one more reason why I picked it up is, the tube has a picture of papaya. As you girls know that papaya is used to lighten pigmentation, so I thought this would be a good enough for me. Oh! Yeah it does make skin soft but it doesnt give satisfaction result as I expected. Think I need to go back to my old pal which is Ayur strawberry scrub.

What Everyuth ultramild promises:

Your skin needs to breath daily. Everyuth naturals ultra mild scrub has microgranule that unclog pores & gently scrub away skin impurities, dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads, leaving your skin fresh, healthy and smooth.

everyuth ultramild scrub


water, sorbitol, glyceryl monostearate, liquid paraffin, propylene glycol, isopropyl alcohol, cetostearyl alcohol, polyethylene beads, cetyl alcohol, triethanolamine, carbomer, apricot kernel oil, papaya extract, starch, methyl paraben, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulphate, titanium dioxide, fragrance, lanolin, vitamin E acetate, propyl paraben, disodium EDTA

PROS of Everyuth Ultramild:

1. It has vitamin E
2. It has apricot and papaya extracts
3. Can be used for daily use

Thats it. I can’t think of any other pros about it.

CONS of Everyuth Ultramild:

1. It is too mild for my skin
2. It has parabens
3. Though it does makes skin a little soft, didn’t meet my expectations.

walnut scrub swatch

As you can see the creamy texture of the product. Ofcourse its not that clear. I tried to focus the lense much more on the cream . I don’t know whats wrong with my camera 🙁

Price: Rs.55 for 60g

Shelf life: 3yrs

Will I buy this product: Definetely NO. I think Ayur’s strawberry scrub is much better than this. It even lightens skin tone.

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14 thoughts on “Everyuth Ultra Mild Scrub Review

  1. hey krupa….nice review.. :thumbsup: i have used this earlier….but didn’t quite like it myself :no: …..the walnut one is better…. :yes:

  2. somehow everyuth products never worked for me….I love Nature’s products…they have some really amazing products 🙂

  3. Good review Krupa…Even i agree with u that the Strawberry scrub by Ayur is good. Even they have the Walnut n Apricot scrub for dull skin…its a must-try 🙂

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