Everyuth Home Facial Neem Face Pack Review

Everyuth Home Facial Neem Face Pack

Everyuth Home Facial Neem Face Pack Review

Everyuth products have been an all-time favourite for me. That is mainly because they are so affordable and suit my skin type too. Also, I am extremely fond of herbal face packs as they do not have any side-effects and there is an assurance that they will not harm my skin, but I am quite reluctant while buying them because I always feel that I might end up wasting my money. So, while strolling around in a supermarket, when I came across this small sachet of Everyuth Home Facial Face Pack, I bought it immediately without giving it a second thought. Nevertheless, I am really happy with this product.

Rs. 15/- for 25 gm.

What the Product Claims:
• 100% natural.
• Contains anti-bacterial ingredients like Tulsi, Neem and Sandalwood.
• Purifies skin.
• Helps prevent acne, pimples, marks, blemishes and excess oil secretion.
• Lightens your skin colour and gives a problem free and clear complexion.

Key Ingredients:
Key Ingredients

Neem is the basic ingredient of this product and as we all know it has been used since ages to get rid of skin-related problems and helps in maintaining flawless skin. Rest of the ingredients are:  Kaolin, Bentonite, Talc, Shimla Chhal Powder, Tulsi, Sandalwood, Sodium Benzoate and fragrance too.

Directions of Usage:
• First wash your face.
• Make a paste by mixing 1-2 spoons of the face pack with equal amount of cold water.
• Apply an even layer on face and neck and allow it to dry completely for 10-15 minutes.
• Rinse your face with water.

My Take on Everyuth Home Facial Neem Face Pack:

The product comes in a green pack and has a very simple look. I have combination skin and this product suited me well. I use it to cleanse my skin before taking a bath. Usually, I mix it with rose water. It contains some small granules in it. When I apply it to my face, I can feel a slight sensation which enables me to know that it has started working. I think that’s the case with most neem products that I have used.


It takes around 10 minutes to dry. It requires just one rinse to remove it from your face. This is one of the most convenient products I have ever used. And after washing it off, my face feels really fresh. It didn’t make my skin dry which made me like it even more. It contains a mild pleasant smell too.

Pros of Everyuth Home Facial Neem Face Pack:

• Very cheap.
• Cleans your skin thoroughly.
• Prevents skin from being oily.
• After cleaning, skin feels fresher and totally purified.
• An excellent face pack for use on a daily basis.
• Small quantity is sufficient for the entire face.
• Doesn’t contain any chemical ingredients.
• It is easily available at all retail stores.
• Can be used by all skin types.

Cons of Everyuth Home Facial Neem Face Pack:

• Doesn’t lighten your complexion. I think expecting that from face packs will be a little too much.
• Doesn’t cause any significant reduction in acne marks.
• Available in small sachets only.
• Packaging is not good and storing it is a bit troublesome once you open the packet.

Will I Repurchase this Product?

I think it does the job of keeping my face clean and fresh efficiently. Though it is not a perfect product, its various pros or advantages compel me to buy it every time I go shopping. I have already repurchased it and will continue doing so.

Rating: 3/5.

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7 thoughts on “Everyuth Home Facial Neem Face Pack Review

  1. hey nice review. me also oily oily skin on T zone especially. Other Everyuth products like orange peel off mask and the walnut scrub have worked amazingly well for me so I am hopeful abt this one too 🙂 for 15 bucks it is certainly a steal

  2. Actually after seeing the review of everyuth’s papaya face pack i was desperate to get everyuth brand :woot: . Went for shopping and could find only Neem and Rose :waaa: , since it was cheap i got all the packs only 5 was there :yahoo: . Then used Neem and found no big difference ?:) as said for papaya and then i searched the blog :specs: and I think already there is a review on this product along with Rose face pack. It is very true that these products are not upto what it claims but still for Rs.15 you can call it scented multhani mitti or a regular cleanser :preen: .

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