Forest Essentials Facial Scrub and Facial Treatment Masque Review

Forest Essentials Facial Scrub and Facial Treatment Masque Review

It all started when I moved to Mumbai to pursue a career. And like all financially challenged young women in Mumbai, I shared an apartment with 3 other women. My room-mate at that time, used a lot of home-made face packs (especially before a date with her boy-friend). She would come home all tired from work but after she had used a pack, she would look so fresh and actually glow. (Maybe the anticipation of meeting the boyfriend contributed some). Witnessing this transformation first hand got me hooked and there began my affair with skincare products. Given a choice between buying makeup and skincare products, I always end up buying the latter. Only because I believe that if you have good skin, you don’t need much makeup. (But that’s my personal opinion). This being said, I must confess that after my pregnancy, my skincare regime had fallen along the way, resulting in my skin becoming rather dull and lifeless. Luckily I discovered IMBB (quite by accident really) and was ‘inspired’ to start pampering my skin again. My skin feels (dare I say looks without sounding vain?) wonderful now and it definitely makes me feel good about myself.

Now like most women today, I would like  using ‘Natural’ products and Forest Essentials is one such brand which claims to use all natural ingredients. I had read a lot about their products and  was just itching to try something from their range. So, when the brand opened their outlet close to me, I jumped! They have a lot of interesting products in their range but since I wasn’t quite sure what to try, I asked the SA for her recommendations. She claimed to use these 2 reviewed products herself and she had WOW skin. (I know I am such a sucker). Quite honestly I was a bit put off by the pricing but lucky for me, I got my sweet brother to gift me the masque and scrub (Thank God for all the generous men in our lives) so here are my reviews.

Forest Facial Scrub

Forest Essential Scrub
Forest Essential Scrub

Hand Pounded Organic Fruit
Claims: Nourishes/ exfoliates/ polishes

Key Ingredients: Apricot Pulp, Date Pulp, Walnut Powder, Sugandha Powder, Bael Powder, Almond Powder, Organic Honey, Rose water, Glycerine,  Vitamin E, Mangistha, Nagkeshar

Shelf life: 6 months from opening

Price: approx Rs. 650 for 50gms

Directions: Use a small amount on face and neck with upward strokes at night after cleansing and toning.

Although the directions say it can be used everyday, I prefer to use it once a week especially since I use the Kama non-soap cleanser daily. Both these products together would be too harsh on the skin. Also I’m not sure why the scrub has to be used after toning because normally one would cleanse, scrub and then tone. (At least that’s what I do). Maybe it has something to do with the ‘nourishing’ part.

What I like about Forest Essential Scrub

FOrest Essential Scrub with Flash
Forest Essential Scrub with Flash
  • The scrub reminds me of Chywanprash (a thick brown goeey mass). Its granulated and smells a little like jam.
FOrest Essential Scrub without Flash
FOrest Essential Scrub without Flash
  • It does a good job of polishing my skin. It brightens the skin considerably.
  • After I use it, my skin feels fresh and clean.
  • Packaging is good; it comes in a solid compact jar with a tight lid. Spillage is not possible.

What I don’t like so much about Forest Essential Scrub

  • I have fine facial hair along my jaw line. So if I use too little product, it tends to cause tiny hair knots while rubbing my face. Obviously this isn’t very desirable.
  • It causes a slight burning sensation when applied.

Would I purchase this again? No, simply because for the price you pay, this scrub doesn’t do anything exceptional for the skin.

Rating : :-* :-*:-*

Forest Essentials Facial Treatment Masque

Purifying Natural Yoghurt

Forest Essential Masque
Forest Essential Masque

Claims: deep cleanses/ firms

Key Ingredients: Cold Pressed Organic Almond Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, Unprocessed natural Yoghurt, Manjistha, Kapoor, Kachari

Shelf life: 6 months after Opening
Price: Rs.850 for 50 gms

Directions: Use after cleansing. Preferably open pores with steaming or a hot towel for 5 minutes. Smooth on face and neck avoiding the eye area and allow to dry. Rinse off with warm then cold water. Moisturize as usual.

What I like about Forest Essentials Facial Treatment Masque

Forest Essentials Facial Treatment Masque with flash
Forest Essentials Facial Treatment Masque with flash

The face pack has the consistency of silken yoghurt and is very easy to apply. The jar I’ve been using has lasted 6 months even after using regularly every week.

Forest Essentials Facial Treatment Masque without flash
Forest Essentials Facial Treatment Masque without flash
  • It leaves my face feeling baby soft for at least for a day after using.
    It gives my face a nice dewy glow.
    Packaging is sturdy; the mask comes in a sturdy anti-spillage jar.

What I don’t like about Forest Essentials Facial Treatment Masque

  • The mask does not dry completely on the face, at the most it gets sticky. So I remove it after 20 minutes or so.
  • It smells like sweet toffee, a smell I’m not too fond of simply because I am always tempted to taste it. (I have resisted till now)
  • The skin does feel a little dry after sometime which is probably why they advise to moisturize.

Would I repurchase Forest Essentials Facial Treatment Masque? Well, although I like this product a lot, I wouldn’t buy this one anytime soon because of the price and the fact that there so many other brands to try.

Rating : :-* :-*:-*:-*


35 thoughts on “Forest Essentials Facial Scrub and Facial Treatment Masque Review

  1. i feel so lucky to meet you renuca hats off to you and your confidence , i really loved how you carried yourself and wow what amazing skin you have dear:) and your smile is surelly to kill lot of guys around not to say make girls go gaga over too
    a happy go lucky is what you are and i love you for that …
    wish to see all your skincae reviews coz its THE amazing and i sware its THE amazing dear:) would love to say that i want to see ur diet routine too but too bad i am at that so m not asking 🙂
    keep the knowledge flow:)

  2. Renuca…if you have been using this, I AM BUYING IT 😀 😀 I think I should look for some other ingredients skin doesn’t need this much nourishment 🙂

  3. Hey Renuca,

    Welcome to IMBB. 🙂

    I have always like the forest essential stores. there is something peaceful about them. I quite liked the masque . My wish list is going longggggggggggggg :-(( :-((

    1. Thx Rati, ya I know what you mean about the peacefulness, the place smells great too, they even pack the stuff you buy with some dried jasmine flowers 🙂

      1. gawwdd!! where on earth had you disappeared? I was so worried. Called up HD to find out about you yesterday and ended up talking to her for good half and hour or more. lolll!!

  4. Yayyyyy Renuca’s first review on IMBB!!!! n looking fwd to many many more posts now!!!!!!!!

    You have amaziing skin!!!!!!!!!!

    Does that scrub smell like chywanprash too??? :laugh:

    I am always tempted to buy something from Forest Essentials but the price holds me back….

    1. Thx HD, not sure what chywanprash smells like really :D, I know what you mean about the price.. chalo will gift you something on the 1st of Jan 2011 😉

    1. Im not quite sure about the aromatherapy oils Anks, been awhile since I went there, but Ill make sure to check next time and let you know… The Khadi scrub sounds nice, have’nt seen it here tho, would love to give it a try since you liked it so much 🙂

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