Eyeglasses as a Fashion Statement

Eyeglasses as a Fashion Statement

Gone are the days when even the thought of wearing glasses shuddered people. Now teenagers, kids and even adults flaunt their spectacles with flamboyance, attitude and elan. You can choose from a plethora of colours, frames and patterns. They are definitely more comfortable, lighter, more fitted to the eyes and user friendly. It is for no reason, therefore, that all the big fashion houses and designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Chanel, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Ray ban, Giorgio and Emporio Armani, Laura Ashley and many others have launched their own line of spectacles. Not just that, there are non-prescription, clear lens glasses as well which are just a fashion accessory and they come in all kinds of patterns as well.

I wear glasses myself, not that I really like wearing them, but the new one that I got has this nice funky look to it and I kinda like wearing them. So, before I go into the awesome frames and colour palettes of the various fashion biggies, a swatch of my poor little glasses:


Now, I come to the oh-so-awesome and expensive fashion brands:

• Chanel:




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I really like the second one. The third one is different, I feel, though it is not something that I would wear. The Chanel logo is definitely to die for.

• Tommy Hilfiger:




What strikes me about Tommy Hilfiger is the cut of the frames. The last one really stands out for its simplicity but sophistication and class at the same time.

• Versace:




Known for its elegantly-styled glasses, the above range comes in a fuller and broader rim and bears the Versace logo for the extra brand effect.

The one above caught my eye for its muted colour effect and its subtlety while the Versace logo shines through.

This one from Versace comes in the metal frame and has a simple look.

• Gucci:






The following are pictures of glasses from the spring-summer collection 2011 and they strike out because of their elegant designs. Inspired by the 1970s and 80’s era, they come in the round, rectangle and butterfly shapes.

The way the logo is pronounced on the glasses without the full name, but explicit enough for people to understand is really nice.

This black and gold frame by Gucci in the aviator style is eye catchy for its classy old world feel.

• Calvin Klein:





I just loved this pair of spectacles. The cut, the patterning and the colour shade is just so appealing and soothing to the eyes.

The somewhat common, but never out of fashion black and white frame. I love the way CK is engraved on the side in such a neat and clean but stylish way.

There are other shapes available for Calvin Klein as well, but most of them are under copyright.

• Yves Saint Laurent:




One of my favorite brands, YSL is also known for its wide variety of spectacles and glares.

This tortoise shell and gold frame by YLS is nerdy in a sexy way. Especially the colour and the logo really complement each other.

I know there are thousand other big brands which have amazing glasses to offer with their different cuts, frames, patterns and new innovative colors and structures. The above mentioned are just few of them. However, the point is that do not be sad or grumpy if you have to wear your prescription glasses because there is an ocean to choose from and there are multiple looks you can go for with two or three pair of spectacles.

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13 thoughts on “Eyeglasses as a Fashion Statement

  1. I too wear glasses and i hate it at times!!!! but true…they can be used as fashionable accessories too! 🙂 good article :waytogo:

    1. Me too. what’s wrong with your glasses anveshi? I think they are pretty cool. so what if they are not “branded” 😐

  2. i liked the CK (2nd one) and the mauve versace one..I wear glasses/contact lenses too and its a real pain when you want to deck up..i wear glasses mostly when I am travelling long distance llike out of town types – flights, buses, trains etc.

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