Fabindia Olive Hand and Cuticle Cream Review

Fabindia Olive Hand and Cuticle Cream

A rich creamy formulation combining natural extracts and essential oils.Olive and glycerine soften and repair the skin. Regular application keeps your hands supple and smooth.
Fabindia Olive Hand and Cuticle Cream

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I turned to Fabindia after a freiend told me about the famous Hand cream, and since then I have been trying out a lot of this brand. well I have mixed opinion on a lot of things from them but this one, and some body butters and mists are a new release and I picked them up from the Express avenue Fabindia store. I have been on a hand and manicure high and when I read cuticle, I had to buy it.

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I always think Fabindia goes over the top with the soapy fragrance, similarly with this one. The xture is like the hand cream and the foot creams but this one looks oilier . The texture is like a creamy oily one, but it is not greasy. All their products are not greasy but they have this sticky feel to them after absorption. I dont know how to explain this but like how a soap foam or detergent were to dry up on your hands before washing ? I get exactly the same feel from this one and the lemon intensive cream honestly, they are not greasy or oily an they do get asborbed forming a coat on the hands but they feel like some soap foam dried on my hands. When I wash off, the cream gets all creamy and washes off, since it had formed a coat and layer on my hands any way.

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The cream does leave hands and nails and cuticles supple and moistrusied, no doubt, I like to use it before bed in the aircon environment considering it is humid here. The feel is very much like the lemon intensive one like I said.The smell is very strong like all Fabindia stuff I have tried. It vanishes in some time but it feel very soapy and artificial till it lingers.

Fabindia Olive Hand and Cuticle Cream


For me it has been a maintenance cream, my hands are never dry, and cuticles act fine with a little moisture, so this has served well, I need very little and for dry hands too I can see that this will really form a protective layer and make hands look supple no doubt. it hasnt really helped my nails grow but my cuticles look nourished et al and hands looks even toned and soft.

After contact with water, it comes off, so if you could use some cotton gloves and sleep with this one, I think the results will be awesome.

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The cream does not feel oily or greasy bu it does feel sticky and it vanishes in the skin but you can feel it back with water or sweaty palms. The smell is also too much, why cant they go subtle with the fragrances in their products?

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If you like the brand and like the Lemon intensive cream, go for this one.It is a huge tub and it works great for dry hands (will work better for dry hands in a dry environment  I am sure and also for maintenance like me for normal skin on hands. cuticles dont act up  as well . Dont expect anything fancy though, it is typical Fabindia.

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16 thoughts on “Fabindia Olive Hand and Cuticle Cream Review

  1. Even i have not tried any of such creams from fabindia…. *nababana* *nababana* but would love to try what works for me *nails* *oye balle* *jalwa*

  2. I find Fabindia lotions very oily even though I have dry skin! They don’t get absorbed into my skin, but sit like a layer. *scared* Does the same happen with this? You said not greasy and vanishes.. does it sink in?
    *puchhi* to you!

  3. me and mom swear by lemon intensive hand cream..never seen any cream work so awesomely *happydance* *happydance* and this seems to be the next pick *happy dance*

    i wash my palms after applyin it at the back of my hands 😛

  4. I ve just tried fab india under eye gel And works like a magic 🙂 *happy dance*
    And as far as hand cream it seems my relationship with vaseline hand and nail cream is best

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