Fabindia Vitamin E Sunscreen SPF 30 Review

Fabindia Vitamin E Sunscreen SPF 30 Review

I have been avoiding sunscreen for a long time. Why? There are numerous reasons – Sunscreens are heavy… my nose sweats really bad and I get a white cast. Can it be any worse? I’d rather turn a few shades darker than feel sticky and look like a dirty white ghost the whole day. However I did turn a few shades darker and the tan didn’t help me look any better. After encouragement from my sister, I decided to give sunscreens another chance :P. I had earlier tried some brands like: Lakme, Lotus, Jovees, VLCC and was left disappointed. I also wanted something reasonably cheap. After going through some of the products in the shop I finally decided to go for ‘Fabindia Vitamin E Sunscreen – SPF 30’ as I had read some really good stuff about the brand in here 🙂

Fabindia Sunscreen SPF 30 review

Packaging: It’s a very neat tube (soothing colors… pretty… and I am sold :P) and the tube is quite convenient to carry around. Don’t remember how I managed to stain it purple near the logo. I have not faced any tube mishaps as of yet.

Price: Rs 250/- for 120 ml. Hmm… reasonable to me.
What the product claims to do:
Made with effective ingredients that prevent damage from the harmful UV rays, it avoids sunburn and also suppresses tanning.

Fabindia Sunscreen ingredients

Why I love it:
1. It is light and non greasy. I find this so rare in sunscreens that it almost made me shed a tear :’) No more sweaty, shiny nose 😀
2. It does not leave a white cast. This really should not happen and I am sure that sunscreens from higher end don’t have this problem. But I have faced this with Lakme and Jovees and it is a deal breaker to me.
3. No sunburns and I tan much less. I am regaining my natural complexion 😀
4. It is a very good moisturizer. I apply this after washing my face and about 5 minutes before I step outside. It does provide the right amount of moisture to my combination skin.
5. It smells great. I am bad at descriptions but I think it smells of fresh cucumber ( I can’t find this in the ingredient list, nor did I find any cute pictures of cucumbers in the tube)

Swatches :

sunscreen swatch

sunscreen blended

What makes me not so happy about it:

1. It only talks about its protection against UV rays. Sunscreens block UVB effectively and only recently have started protecting against UVA rays. Though it doesn’t give any tall claims about protecting against UVA as well, its ingredient list mentions benzophenone and Titanium dioxide known to work against shorter UVA rays. I wish it was clearer.
2. Contains parabenes. Seriously every cosmetic I own (and can afford) contains it. It doesn’t even make sense to look at the ingredients list anymore.

Will I repurchase? Yes, surely. Its over-all a very satisfactory buy as it delivered what I wanted. Till I find a better substitute, I’ll go with this.

Rating: 4 ( -1 for only UVB protection and something better to come along)

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28 thoughts on “Fabindia Vitamin E Sunscreen SPF 30 Review

  1. I liked your review 🙂 🙂 Seriously..no point looking at what has what ingredient at least as far as cost goes..and besides so many higher end brands also have parabens (Lush 😛 :P). It’s not like the other preservatives used are like 100% safe anyway..though I do like to look at ingredients lists but it’s mostly to make sure nothing irritating is there in it or that the active ingredients in the list justified the price.

  2. Id say very good if its not giving you a white cast.. i still have to find one for me because lotus and fabIndia are not available here 🙁

  3. I really loved your way of reviewing it ! Sounds good but i like my neutregena sunblock, i know it seems bit oily but i have dry skin and i love it, so i have found my hg sublock, i dont wanna try anything else! :thumbsup:

  4. good to see you back urmi. :)) I’ll keep this in mind may be for winters .. it does sound pretty good. Plus I kinda loooovvee Fabindia so would have no issues giving it a try . Piccys have come out pretty nice. New camera? 🙂

    1. Yeah… I’ll be around 😛
      You have a dry skin na? I dont know if it will be great for a dry skin on winters….
      Dad’s cam… obviously better! They wont use it but wont give it to me either 🙁

  5. This sounds like a good sunscreen..loving my neutrogena as of now but will def keep this in mind once m searching for new one :thanks: for the review

  6. I’ll give this a try after my Neutrogena moisturiser finishes. It makes my T-ZONE oily very soon :waiting: & I am looking for an alternative now

  7. m realy confuse b/w neutrogena, lotus.lakme.vlcc biotique, aroma sunscreens…….. plz plz help…………………………………….. ma skin is oily


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