Faces Canada Eye Pencil:Solid Black

By Vish

Faces Canada Eye Pencil:Solid Black

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I am back with another review from the brand “Faces Canada”. Their Long Wear Eye Pencils have been a huge hit in the Indian market and today I will review the Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil in “Solid Black”.

Faces Pencil Solid Black


Product Details:

Soft gentle pencils in a rainbow of shades. Use them to enhance your natural eye color for dramatic effect or give you that bright-eyed glow. Gentle and safe for sensitive eyes.

Faces Pencil Solid Black pencil


Rs. 249 for 1.15g


The Long Wear Eye Pencils comes with colored cap and colored strip at the other end, representing the shade.

Ingredients: Not Available

My Experience with Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil in Solid Black:

Faces offer around 12 colors in this Long Wear Pencil range & Solid Black is my first pick (I know too late!). I have always used liquid eyeliners for my everyday use but I struggle every morning applying them as I am not a pro & it takes a lot of time too. According to my experience, the staying power is less for me. I was on a lookout of a eyeliner which can last me during my 9 to 5 routine (It’s never actually 9 to 5!) & hence I chose to get Faces pencil in Solid Black.


Solid Black is an intense black color and it is very well pigmented. A single or two swipes gives intense black look to the eyes. The texture is very creamy and it glides like a dream on the eyelids. It does not tug or drag the skin. It is smudge-proof too and stays all day long, until you remove it with a makeup remover. So, it is perfect for long day-wear.
Only problem I found with this pencil is, that it requires frequent sharpening and in the process of sharpening, a lot of product gets wasted. So, I think with everyday use, it might get over soon. But I don’t mind repurchasing it because I love it.

Pros of Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil in Solid Black:

1. Affordable.
2. Creamy texture.
3. Easy to apply.
4. Long lasting.
5. Smudge proof.
6. Gives intense black satin finish.

Faces Pencil Solid Black (3)

Cons of Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil in Solid Black:

1. Doesn’t come with built in sharpner.
2. Needs to be sharpened frequently.

Would I Repurchase Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil in Solid Black?

Yes of course. I am going buy it again and I will also check out other colors from this range. I am already eyeing the Brown and Blue one.

IMBB Rating: 4.8 Out of 5

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25 thoughts on “Faces Canada Eye Pencil:Solid Black

  1. I have this and agree completely on the frequent sharpening point. But this is no good for waterline, I do not have idea if this is only with me…

    I have them in Navy Blue, Aqua Blue, Purple and Metal Brown 🙂 Now will just get this one too 🙂

    Nice review 🙂

  3. I have this and I absolutely love love love it. I’m on my second pencil. It’s a cheaper dupe to the much hyped and overpriced Kohl Ultimate.
    And I agree with you, it gets over pretty soon. I find myself sharpening after pretty much every use. It’s that creamy.
    But since it’s a super amazing product, I don’t mind.
    I use it on my waterline also and there’s absolutely no problem 🙂

  4. I am totally getting this black soon. i can never have enough black liners. 😀 Plus my solder is getting tiny by day. 😛 It’s soo pretty. 🙂

  5. I loved this and its water proof and doesnt smudge at all.
    But the sad part is that it irritated my eyes and i had burning sensation to such an extend that I got a terrible head ache 🙁 not for those who have sensitive eyes

  6. Its simply an amazing product. But like many of you even this is causing irritation and a burning sensation if used on the waterline. God knows why. 🙁 Haven’t applied this on the upper lid. Must be fine there. But I’m really not comfortable wearing it on my waterline. Color and formula is just amazing. Super black and glides so smoothly. I guess many are facing the same irritation and burning issue. 🙁

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