Faces Cosmetics Kajal Review

For every Indian woman, her makeup kit is incomplete without a dark blackest black kajal. Most of us start our makeup journey with ‘kajal and lip balm’ graduating to ‘kajal and gloss’ and rest follows. I’d been ignoring Faces as a brand since quite some time because firstly, it was a new brand and secondly, the pushy SA! Every time I stepped in Pantaloons at R-City Mall, the Faces SA would come rushing over and try to drag to me towards her counter even sometimes when I was standing on other brand counters looking at specific stuff. But after reading the positive reviews of Faces cosmetics, I decided to pick up the forest green eye pencil (Recommended by Natasha) and the navy blue eye pencil(reviewed and recommended by Rati). As a rule, I always ask the SAs if any offers are on. The Faces SA told me that an offer pamphlet had arrived that morning with the offer list. The first one was Free Kajal (worth Rs 99) with purchase of Rs 400. The rest of the offers had some of box or other on purchase of higher amounts. I wasn’t too ecstatic about the free kajal. I have MAC Smolder and I feel nothing can be as dark as that but I was mistaken! Here’s the review…
faces kajal
Price : Rs 99 (Or free with purchase of Rs 400 and above)

Quantity : 3 g
faces kajal packaging
Ingredients : I’m sure there was an ingredient list on the outer packaging but I mistakenly disposed off the cover L It has not irritated my eyes in any way though(safe for contact lens wearers)

My Experience

Packaging: It is a square base cuboidal lipstick like packaging with the Faces monogram and a small mirror on the lid. The cap fits tightly with a click and it is quite sturdy. I’ve been travelling recently and I’ve been carrying it in my handbag in quite squishy conditions but it has never opened. The mirror is great for touch ups!
faces kajal product
Texture, pigmentation: The kajal is really smooth and soft. Single swipe gives decently dark black line but I like going over it 3-4 times to make it really blackest black. When swiped 3-4 times, it is almost as dark as MAC Smolder and Chambor Dazzle pencil in ‘Black’..the 2 darkest black pencils I have come across.
faces kajal swatch
L-R Faces kajal single swipe, 3-4 swipes.JPG

faces kajal swatch
L-R Faces kajal single swipe, 3-4 swipes, MAC Smolder, Chambor dazzle pencil ‘Black’.JPG

Staying Power: Its stays put on my waterline without fading for upto 3-4 hours after which it begins to fade slightly. It stays for about 8-9 hours after which is appears almost faded yet the eyes don’t look completely bare. The good thing is that it smudges very little. I’ve attached a picture of my eye 6 hours after application including a 2 hour nap. Naps generally tend to mess up my kajal badly but this one smudged very little. I wiped the smudged part with a cloth and re applied the kajal and took the picture shown here as ‘freshly applied’. Thus, as you can see, the little bit that smudges does not give raccoon eyes and can be wiped off with a tissue or cloth.
one swipe
Faces kajal freshly applied

Faces kajal (left eye) – 6 hours after application including 2 hr nap ( slight fading and negligible smudging)

Faces kajal (right eye) – 6 hours after application including 2 hr nap (note the fading and slight smudging under the eyes)
I’ve been using it on my upper lash line, lower lash line and waterline set with eyeshadow everyday and the eye makeup stays put the entire day – does not smudge or bleed even while travelling in the Mumbai humidity and heat. I’ve even splashed water on my face with the eye makeup on but it just faded slightly, no bleeding.

PROs of Faces Cosmetics Kajal

  • Sturdy packaging – travel friendly casing provided with mirror on the lid for touch ups
  • Blackest black shade (comparable to MAC Smolder
  • Stays put whole day on water line with slight fading after 3-4 hours of application.
  • Smudges very little. Does not give raccoon eyes, the little smudging can be easily wiped off with tissue
  • Well priced for the quality and quantity.
  • Soft and smooth texture, glides on easily on the lids/waterline without any tugging.
  • Did not irritate my eyes in any way..safe for contact lens users.

CONs of Faces Cosmetics Kajal

  • Like any kohl, it smudges a little but less in comparison to others I have used (Himalaya, Lotus).
  • Also begins to fade slightly after 3-4 hours.

Final Verdict: Faces kajal is soft, smooth textured kohl, packaged in a sturdy travel friendly casing provided with a mirror for touch ups. The pigmentation is very good – dark and black , comparable to MAC Smolder. The best part is that it stays put and does not give me raccoon eyes, the smudging is minimal which can be taken care of with a tissue. I’d recommend this to everyone! I love this kajal and it is my HG kajal now (I do use MAC Smolder now and then :P)

Will I repurchase it : YES! Or maybe I’ll get it free with another purchase 😛

Rating : 4.75/5 ( For the little bit of smudging and fading)

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95 thoughts on “Faces Cosmetics Kajal Review

    1. I guess it would be..but thats the problem with every kajal. That’s where pencils have an advantage..I still love purchasing kajals..they have a different feel 😛

  1. oh wow!! this sounds really really good! My feline kohl is getting smaller by day :(( and i was panning to pick smolder (i know i will pick anyhow 😛 ) bt would give this a try definitely. 😀

    The packaging reminds me of shahnaz hussain kajal. 😀 good review , ankita. :))

    1. the thing that i like about SH ka kajal is that it actually has a cooling effect on my eyes , unlike the other kajals that i have used till date , what do you think ?

  2. Stays on for 8 hours!!!!!!
    Man! That definitely makes this a must buy… :worship:
    Ankita….you have the prettiest lashes ever!!!! I wannnnnt!

  3. Nice review ANkita. This is really really blackest black Kajal I have seen till date!!
    I will definitely try this. THank u for the review! The price is worth it! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

      1. Even I use Smolder kohl. And I was shocked seeing the swatches. Now its a must try for me. I have such horrible dark circles that I need a blackest black and more importantly smudge proof kajal otherwise my eyes look like a :panda: :panda:
        Smolder smudges a lot but when topped with black e/s it does a good job :yes:

  4. That’s the thing i was looking for… :woot: :woot: :woot: Recently im using Nature’s kajal which i got free with their kit.. :yahoo: :yahoo: it is same as this one.., 😯 😯 but if i would like to purchase that again so it is costing me around 300-350/-.. :yawn: :yawn: . so i will definately try this out.. :evilgrin: 😀

    :thanks: for the Review Ankita.. :puchhi:

  5. Love the packaging and the swatches look nice and dark – it takes me ages to finish kajal, will pick this up once im done with my himalaya.

    1. It takes me ages too..plus I alternate between MAC Smolder and Lotus Herbals kajal..I had a Himalaya one earlier, It gave a cooling effect but it smudged so much on me!

    1. You’ll need to prime your eye lids with powder and set the kajal with eye shadow,otherwise it will smudge like any other kajal, just a little lesser.

  6. Excellent review !!!!!! I am going to buy their long wear pencils very soon.This offer is applicable till which date ??????

  7. hey this looks good…and its cheaper than the colossal kaajal 2…i’ll try this one when im done with the colossal kaajal even tho i really like it 🙂

      1. its quite black and it stays much more than 6hrs for me and doesnt smudge at all…i really like it 🙂

  8. Your eyes r so awesome i always love them.! 🙂 had seen this offer.. There was one more buy lip products worth 800 and get eye pencil free..

      1. 🙂 i love their products.:) eye pencils, blush, compact, nail polish everything.:-) very affordable and great quality

        1. I’ve only tried the eye pencils, kajal and just purchased lipsticks. I’m yet top try the blush and nail paints. Couldn’t agree with you more..affordable and great quality!

  9. You are so right about the Faces SAs,they are wayyyy to pushy and thats the reason why I havent been to the Faces counter even once :wilt: :wilt: :wilt:
    I am thinking to get the Colossal Kajal first,and then this one coz now I am really bored of using these bullet shaped kajals infact I have almost used all of them available in the market :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

    1. They are pushy but nice..I wanted a lipstick that ws out of stock..she took my no. and gave me a call when it came in stock 😀 I have used Himalaya (smudged a LOT!) and Lotus kajal. Lotus was better but Faces is the best one so far. Which one did u find best?

      1. Tell me about Himalaya,I am currently using it or rather tryign to finish it :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:
        But there is one thing about it that makes me buying it everytime,it doesnt itch my eyes at all,my eyes tend to get dry too much plus the dirt makes it even worse bt Himalaya’s kajal gives this cooling effect to my eyes which none of the other ones could :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt:

        1. :jaiho: I didn’t attempt to finish it. I got fed up with it and bought Lotus kajal 😛
          Maybe you could use eye drops to treat the dryness and then get rid of the Himalaya kajal 😀

  10. it’s hard to find kajal anywhere outside india. I really wish i could buy this. 🙁

    Good review!! :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  11. we finally have a big Faces kiosk in hyderabad woohoo woohoo! at the inorbit mall
    i am just searching all reviews on IMBB to go shopping 😉 :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. heyyy poonam!! i am super excited too. i saw the Faces counter this evening when i went to the in orbit mall and i picked up the Forest green and aqua blue eye pencils. i am so thrilled. made a mention of this in another post 🙂 :jiggy1: :jiggy1:

  12. Hey Ankita,
    Thanks for the review! this kajal looks good. Have you used Lakme satin kajal? How does this compare to that? Anyways I think I will just get both 🙂
    Today I did the smoldering summery eyes look from your blog. I love it 🙂 Will try a couple of more times to look as good as yours though! thank you for the awesome tut as well :thanks: :thanks:

  13. hi ankita :yahoo: loved your review ! i am surely picking this up for my mother if not for me as she always keeps complaining how the shehnaz kajal i sooo good but smudges so much on her!!! 😐 will begin writing more faces reviews next week!!! :toothygrin:

    1. Thank you Natasha :)) I picked up some lipsticks from Faces..just remember ‘First lady’ ..don’t remember the other 2 shade names right now.

  14. lol ankita i am going to do that, get the kajal free 😉 but i already hv 3 kajals lying in my drawer what to do with them :yelo:
    also, has anyone tried their liquid makeup? i am very curious!

  15. Wowwwwww Ankita!! :hypnotized: …this kajal is soo intense black..your eyes are looking sexxxxxxxxy!!!!! :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  16. i’m picking this up for sure.. liked the swatches better than the lotus ones… gr8 review ankita.. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  17. hey ankita !

    You write awesome blogs on make up…please keep it up ! I am getting addicted to ur blog and since I m a beginner , this blog can be of real help.
    By the way I m a big fan of LAKME Kajal. Its awesomely dark and is a blend of pure kajal n kajal pencil i.e. it comes with its sharpener to have a thin tip. It doesn’t bleed or smudge. Do try it..its inexpensive probably Rs 50-75 but the sharpener is a lil expensive Rs 100. But its worth a try. Just buy the kohl initially, buy the sharpener later on if u like it ! 😀

    Waiting for ur response on it 🙂

  18. Nice review..will try this for sure..but my eyes are very watery…have tried himalaya,lotus,lakme, eye pencils from elizabeth arden avon colorbar maybelline colossal …but nothing stays for more half and hour on my eyes..any suggestion for this problem??

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