Faces Glam On Eye Shadow Duo – Forest Mauve Review

Faces Glam On Eye Shadow Duo – Forest Mauve Review

Hello Girls,

How is everyone doing? For the last whole week, I was busy with packing and unpacking my household stuff.  Yes, I was moving to a new flat 🙂 I went crazy! I couldn’t guess which box had my formal dresses, which contained my night wear and other basic stuff.  At last, now I have settled and also found this duo eye shadow from Faces Cosmetics while I was arranging things on my new dresser.Yeah, I got a new dresser and replaced old furniture.  So, let’s see more about this eye shadow duo.

Faces Glam On Eye Shadow Duo Forest Mauve Review

I have already reviewed a Faces Eye Shadow Duo (Amethyst) a few months ago, but unfortunately, I don’t own it anymore. My sonny dropped it and broke the shades. So, to compensate that loss, this is a new addition 🙂

There were discounts happening on the online beauty shops in the last few weeks and I grabbed this during the sale.


This retails for Rs. 399, with a shelf life of 3 years.


Mentioned on the packing.  Please take a look.



Forest Mauve 2

The packing looks classy with a glossy black case. There is an in-built mirror and applicator.  Its travel friendly, unless it gets into the hands of your naughty kiddos 😛

Forest Mauve 1

My Experience with Faces Glam On Eye Shadow Duo – Forest Mauve:

The duo “Forest Mauve” has a nice pink plum and a pale green shade.  I was expecting the green to be a little darker.  The plum shade has good pigmentation and very less shimmer.  Once applied on the eyes, the shimmer is not brightly visible whereas the green shade has poor pigmentation and barely any shimmer on it.

Forest Mauve 3

The green shade looks a little chalky, but the plum shade is at its best; soft and easily blendable.  I have not used the green shade, so I’m not able to talk much about it.  The pink plum has a staying power of 4-5 hours and starts fading evenly.  I have oily eyelids and with a base, it stays good for 5 hours, which is pretty decent.

I don’t understand why I always find one of the shades in the duo to be useless, and this time, it’s the GREEN!!!I was so much expecting a beautiful green.  No worries, I will convince myself and buy a refill from Inglot 😛

Swatch 1

Swatch 2

So, summing up, here’s what I like and do not like about this duo from Faces:

What I Like about Faces Glam On Eye Shadow Duo – Forest Mauve:

  • The plum shade – love the shade.  Keeping it for ethnic wear.
  • Decent looking packaging.
  • Good staying power and pigmentation, especially the plum pink.
  • Affordable price.

Eye Swatches:

Eye Swatch

What I Do Not Like about Faces Glam On Eye Shadow Duo – Forest Mauve:

  • The green shade, its a total disappointment 🙁

IMBB Rating:


Final Word on Faces Glam On Eye Shadow Duo – Forest Mauve:

If you want a pretty looking plum shade,with decent pigmentation, and at a pocket friendly price, go grab this. I find it easy to use and beginners might find it easy to work around with it, and for the price it retails, I don’t mind buying the other duos.

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