Faces Manicure Set: Pack of 5

Faces Manicure Set: Pack of 5

Hello beautiful ladies,

Today, I will be talking about a travel size manicure set from Faces. Faces as we all know is a famous Canadian brand with many different types of product categories. It also has some travel-friendly tools and one such tool is this manicure set. I won’t exactly consider it as a manicure set, but it does contain some very useful tools which are compact and good for traveling.

Faces Manicure  Set Pack of 5


INR 165….some sites sell it on a little higher price.


The 5 pieces come in a little purple hanging plastic pack kind of a thing, which actually have little compartments to keep the stuff organized. This is further packed into a bigger thick plastic pouch which has to be cut in order to use these tools.

Product Description:

This chic and compact manicure set by Faces has all of the tools you need to keep your finger and toe nails in top form. The convenient carrying pouch makes it perfect for travel.
Faces Manicure Set Pack of 5 (3)
5 piece manicure set in a purple carry pouch which contains:

1. A nail file
2. Nail clipper
3. Nail buffer
4. Flat tipped tweezers, and
5. Cuticle pusher
Faces Manicure Set Pack of 5 (6)


My take on Faces Manicure Set: Pack of 5:

I will be telling about each product individually:

1. Nail File.

The nail filer comes with a purple plastic handle to hold the filer. The filer is long enough to make it convenient to use. Its end is pointed which makes it easier to use under the nails to clean them. It does work wonderfully but I feel that it would not last for a very long time, as after 3-4 uses I have observed that the roughness of the filer has decreased.
nail filer
2. Nail Clipper

The nail clipper provided is excellent for travelling purpose, when you need to cut your nails in emergency situations and this is due to its small size. It’s sharp enough to cut your nails conveniently. But I may not prefer to use it on regular basis, again due to its size. The small size makes it a little difficult to for me to use it on my long nails.
nail cutter

3. Nail Buffer

I am not very impressed with the nail buffer, it’s just fine, it makes the nails smooth but not as expected. It does not give any kind of shine to my nails. Also it becomes a little messy after use and proper cleaning is required.
nail buff
4. Flat tipped tweezers

These tweezers are just like some normal tweezers, good size and easy to grip. The metal quality and finishing is good.

5. Cuticle pusher

A cuticle pusher is an important tool used during manicures and I did not expect that this kit would have it, I was happy to see it in the kit. The cuticle pusher is made of a purple transparent plastic with a white head. It is very soft and convenient to use and performs its function well.
Faces Manicure Set Pack of 5

Pros of Faces Manicure Set: Pack of 5:

• Very affordable.
• Easy to travel with.
• Good collection of handy tools.
• Cute packaging.
• Compartments makes it easy to organize the tools.
• Tweezers and cuticle pusher are of good quality.
Faces Manicure Set Pack of 5 (4)

Cons of Faces Manicure Set: Pack of 5:

• I am not very impressed with the nail buffer and although presently good, I have doubts about the nail file.

Would I buy Faces Manicure Set: Pack of 5 again?

Yes, I may buy the kit again (if I lost some of them) as it is an affordable collection of little tools that are easy to carry.

Do I recommend Faces Manicure Set: Pack of 5?

Yes, I do recommend it, because according to me every girl should have these kind of handy tools with them, as groomed nails help in developing one’s personality.

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