Faces Moisture Rich Lipstick: Absolute Plum

Faces Moisture Rich Lipstick: Absolute Plum

Hi Ladies!

Faces Moisture Rich Lipstick Absolute Plum

I would like to warn you today to keep your online shopping urges and itches under tabs because this is what happens when you don’t have makeup shopping available in the vicinity and hence you really want to find out what that damn shade of lipstick looks like in real, and want to pick it off the website, especially if it says one in stock! You weigh and think and go for a walk and come back and order it and bam, three days later, what they deliver is this vampy lipstick with which you are not sure what to do.

Absolute Plum

I am not trying to judge the colour, but trying to show you girls how it looks on me. The block is more mental than visible in my case as I am not comfortable with darker shades because them the rest of the face has to be appropriate or it can look terrible on me. It makes my blemishes look larger than ever before and darker circles seem darker. But still I know, perhaps a little mature women can carry this colour off with poise and I know quite a lot of them.

Coming to the range from Faces. It costs 399 rupees and I have two gorgeous ones called Pink Wine and First Lady which have been reviewed. But this one I was hoping for a nice pinky-plum shade as there were other plums available too, but they looked darker on the website. Hence, I got this one.

Absolute Plum

The lipsticks that I have are sticky in texture, thicker and smooth, but this one was a little thicker and harder than First Lady and Pink Wine.  The colour is a deep plum-brown and duochrome finish with golden sheen to it.  So, when light falls on, it shines a pretty golden and basically it is brown more than plum.

Absolute Plum

The pigmentation is fine but the other lipsticks have better.  The colour comes out a little uneven on one swipe due to the sticky feel to it.  The finish is a gold sheen one, not my favourite.  The packing is a little heavy, but I like the base with the colour peeping out.  No, I have never tried to remove the base to see the contents inside 😛  It’s a very sturdy-looking lipstick case there.


So, I hope I could rescue some of you who don’t have a Faces counter near you and were very keen to see what the plums would look like in person, it looks terrible on me. There are a few things about the lipstick I want to point out and that’s the fact that it can brighten up the complexion in a jiffy due to the strong contrast it brings out. Also, I feel extremely fair and a little dusky beauties will be able to carry the shade off better than me, because I need a little coverage on dark circles and the like. Keep eyes nude with this one at any cost.

Lip swatch 1

Last Word on Faces Moisture Rich Lipstick: Absolute Plum:

Lip Swatch

This lipstick is not my favourite though but very suitable for mature and polished kind of look. As for the lipstick, I find it a little sticky too and uneven. As a matter of fact, my mum would go dab-dab coyly with such shades instead of a full swipe, so perhaps she would like it.  Check out First Lady and Pink Wine which according to me are more wearable shades and have been reviewed on IMBB.

IMBB Rating:

2.5 on 5

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27 thoughts on “Faces Moisture Rich Lipstick: Absolute Plum

  1. but neha the lipstick looks good on you lips 🙂
    And this shade is not for me too 🙂 thanks for your review 🙂

  2. Hey Neha,nice review and the shade is good.a.s u said i think it would most suit dusky girls..and for makeup shoping, u can chck out shops in Anna Nagar,nungambakam and EA,but i know they are too far for you 🙁

  3. I agree with Kimi….though the lipstick does not look that good in the tube, it looks lovely on your lips 🙂

  4. Surprised you think otherwise Neha! I actually liked how it looks on you. First lady is nice too. Totally enjoy reading your reviews!

  5. neha this shade is looking gorgeous on you.. may its just a mental block, since you dint get the desired shade… try this shade out on evening outfilts for parties and get togethers with a very light makeup and a pink undertone blush and kajal and liner…. believe me it wl look lovely… if you still feel, go for a one or two swipes only to make it appear lighter and top it up with a balm to add a fine glossy finish…

  6. even i am not a fan of darker lipstick, they look good on the lips but when u see the entire face with that, it looks not so good to me..:) you have lovely lips Neha:) and first lady is a pretty color 🙂

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