Fanny Serrano True Light Liquid Lipstick Review

Fanny Serrano True Light Liquid Lipstick
This post will once again feature cosmetics found where I live, which is in Manila, Philippines. Fanny Serrano Cosmetics is a local brand of affordable cosmetics, created by Fanny Serrano, a Filipino hair stylist and makeup artist who’s a household name here in the Philippines. Though I don’t consider myself a makeup snob at all and actually like buying cheap stuff, I’m not sure why I never fully explored local brands. I should’ve done so sooner because I found a real drugstore gem in the Fanny Serrano True Light Liquid Lipstick, which I got for 299 Pesos or Rs. 309.
Fanny Serrano True Light Lipstick
It’s called True Light because, well, it has lights! When you twist the cap up, two tiny bulbs located right underneath the cap light up. See photo below for a better explanation:

I thought that was pretty cool, and useful too. I’m nearly always in a bit of a hurry when I apply my makeup, and since I do lip products last, I just put them on in the car. The lighting there isn’t too good, especially at night, so this lippie-with-light-attached is pretty handy. The lights are bright enough but not too bright that they blind me when I look at them, and when I apply the product the lights shine directly on my lips- it’s like there’s a spotlight on my lips. There’s a small mirror on one side of the tube as well.
lipstick wand +light
I feel a little glamorous when I use this- I love that little spotlight. Even at home, I find the attached lights useful because the lighting at our house isn’t so good either, and with this, I don’t have to stand in front of a lamp or window before applying. I showed this to my mom, and she thought it was cool too, but then she thought it a bit gimmicky. But it’s not. I love the shade that I picked, called Sandwash, a nude pink color with light brown tones and barely noticeable pink and silver shimmers.

Here it is swatched on my arm:
lipstick swatch
And on my lips:
lip swatch
Photo taken outdoors with flash

I’ve found myself the perfect nude in this shade. The color closely resembles the actual shade of my lips, but a bit deeper, so that it looks very natural on me and makes my lips look healthy and evenly colored. Wonderful color for everyday wear, or perhaps paired with heavier eye makeup.

It’s called liquid lipstick, but I still consider it a lipgloss. Besides the natural color, it brings a nice shine to my lips. It has a heavier feel than most lipglosses, and is a little sticky, but I personally don’t mind sticky glosses because they stay on longer, like this does. It’s also quite pigmented and doesn’t leave my lips dry. I’m really into glosses these days because I have dry lips and I think lipglosses give me a softer, more youthful look.

I detect no scent or taste to this product, which is just how I like it. It contains 6ml of product, and the SA said that, if used daily, the lights should last for over a month. This product should last me some time, but since like it so much, I want to get myself another one in a different color. Perhaps I’ll get one of their lipsticks as well, which also light up.

This may cost a bit more than most of the other low-end, local makeup here, but it’s worth the price and worth raving about. I hope you enjoyed reading about my little find from this side of the world.

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  1. Ah Ida! This sounds like one of those ‘perfect-i-have-all-you-need’ products! :worship:
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