10 Fashion Trends We Love but Men will Never Understand

By Grisha Gupta

Hey girlies,


Women like to experiment with their trends. There are times when men love new trends on you, but there are times when they hate those trends you love. It is impossible for them to understand. But do we care? Hell, no! We go on flaunting ourselves in whatever we like. Here are a few trends, men disapprove of.

1. High-Heels

Men can never understand the concept of high heels. All they have to say that if they are so painful, why would you wear them. Well darling, no pain no gain!

2. Oversized Tops

Tie Dyed Denim Shirt Outfit

Some men find them ill-fitting. They don’t generally highlight your curves. To them it’s weird, but to us it’s comfortable and stylish. So, we wear it anyway.

3. Overalls

To men, wearing overalls is dressing like a baby. However, women find them chic and attractive and can’t stop wearing them.

4. Harem Pants

harem pants outfit

This is another piece women find very comfortable whereas men think that it hides all the shape and curves. Many men feel that harems look like they are about to fall off.

5. Cut-Out Tees

cut-out tee

Most men don’t understand why we would pay for something that’s been torn up, cut up and had paint splattered all over. And, we do not even have the patience to justify ourselves.

6. Gladiator Sandals

long gladiator sandals

Flip flops keep our feet cool. Now gladiators to them is like a prison for your calves. Men often wonder why would we ditch all of our comfortable footwear and opt for these.

7. Peplums

All this does is cut off your figure. These types of tops interrupt the hourglass shape, and annoy men: they want to see your waist.

8. High Waisted Jeans

While we think high-waisted pants are edgy and boho-esque, men think they look like mom jeans. We might love to wear our high-waisted jeans and shorts, there are men who hate them.

9. Uggs

uggs boots fashion

Uggs are comfortable. But, unfortunately, men hate them. They call them UGGly and don’t understand why we would wear such big boring and bulky boots when there are so many other cute boots out there. They clearly have never worn UGGs to understand what walking on heaven feels like!

10. Jeggings

jeggings outfit

Of all the trends that men will never understand, jeggings confuse them the most. Are they jeans? Are they leggings? The concept just confuses men. While women love that they can combine the comfort of leggings with the look of jeans, I don’t think men will ever really understand why we can’t just pick one.

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