9 Fashion and Beauty Trends that Need to Die in 2016

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We all see so many new trends emerging every now and then, getting popular and then dying a slow death. Not every fashion and beauty trend is considered classic, timeless and effortless. In today’s post, let’s talk about some fashion and beauty trends that need to die in 2016.

distressed jeans

1. Leggings as pants

leggins as pants

They are called leggings for a reason, right? Repeat with me – “leggings are not pants”. If you still want to pass off your leggings as pants, then at least wear a longer shirt or top over it.

2. Excessively distressed jeans

rati beauty ad

Do you want your jeans to get disintegrated while in the laundry? Of course not! You definitely don’t want to be seen in distressing jeans which seem like they are falling apart. Yes, distressed jeans are good, but not the crazier version of distressed jeans with holes and cuts all over them.

3. Ugly sandals

ugly sandals

What’s with the trend of wearing those ugly kinds of sandals which look twice the size of our feet? Let’s all just pledge to wear cute little sandals and make the world a happy place again!

4. Oversized buns

oversized bun

Let’s admit buns which look larger than the size of your little heads don’t look very flattering at all! Also, we really need loads of stuff to make them and manage them. So why not go for the fuss-free buns and not make our heads look like bird’s nest!

5. Super-dark smoky eyes

Classic smokey eye is a timeless beauty trend. But there is a difference between smokey eyes and panda eyes. You definitely don’t want to look like a panda.

6. Fan like lashes

Makeup is all about enhancing our natural features and not looking all fake and made up. Fan like lashes and feather lashes do not look nice at all. If you want thicker eyelashes, then just apply several coats of mascara with little breaks to make them look naturally curly and thicker.

7. Side-swept hair with side cornrows

corn rows

Yes it is a different trend that we should try to see how it suits us, but if this trend goes overboard, it can make us look like we are hairless from one side!

8. Rainbow Coloured hair

Please leave our hair colours in the natural hues and natural tones. Pinks, greens and blues look better as eye shadows and definitely not as hair colours.

9. 3-d Nail art

acrylic nail art

They are not just tedious to do but also very difficult to maintain. These kinds of nail arts also leave our hands not suitable for most kind of work. Let’s all raise our hands in the favour of cute, elegant nail colours and French manicures.

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3 thoughts on “9 Fashion and Beauty Trends that Need to Die in 2016

  1. Lovely post.. Hate the 3D art nails.. Why was in introduced in the first place.. :-p
    But cornrows look great if done well..
    Look at those ugly sandals.. They need to banned.. 😀

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