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Fiama has launched some pretty bath essential products, and today I am sharing a review on ‘Fiama Bath Essentials Hair Wrapper’. I found it a few days back and it is such a unique tool that makes everything easier. Now, read on to know more about it.

Fiama Bath Essentials Hair Wrapper Review

Price: INR 299

Fiama Bath Essentials Hair Wrapper Claims

My Experience with Fiama Bath Essentials Hair Wrapper:

This towel comes in a cute plastic pouch with the details and information. The actual towel looks like a nice lavender colored super soft cloth. From one side, it has an almost triangular shape with an open edge where I need to put my head. On one side it has a button while the other side has an elastic holder where I have to clasp the button.

Fiama Bath Essentials Hair Wrapper

It looks so simple and is super easy to use. Basically, I have to put it on my head just like a cap from the neck portion and then the tail will warp the rest of the hair. So just like a normal towel, I have to twist my hair along with the towel and then tie up the button at the back. The size is good enough for my long hair and it can hold my hair properly in place.

Fiama Bath Essentials Hair Wrapper Shape

Though the length of the tail is not long I can easily fold my hair into the towel and wrap it over my head. I have thin hair so it’s perfect for me, still I think it’s pretty good to hold long and thick hair as well. The towel has a super soft texture and it has a nice dotted finish over it that acts like a soaking cloth and perfectly soaks the water from my damp hair.

Fiama Bath Essentials Hair Wrapper Folded

It actually has good absorption power that makes it so easy to use, and within 15 minutes, my hair turns almost dry. It soaks up the water and makes my hair perfectly towel dry. Also, there is no mess of running water. It stays on the head perfectly so I can do my work while wearing this. It never feels heavy on the head either. It also prevents hair from damage and I don’t need to rub my towel on hair.

Fiama Bath Essentials Hair Wrapper Elastic

Once I open it, I just need to use a dryer or you can dry your hair naturally. It works amazingly. It also dries out quickly under sunlight as the cloth is not super thick. I love the quality and feels like a gentle hair towel which will last long. But you have to dry it properly and wash it every two to three times a day to maintain hygiene.

Fiama Bath Essentials Hair Wrapper Closure

Overall, I love this product and it does everything it claims. The price is totally worth it and it’s such a useful bathing tool that you must try it. After getting this towel I can say it’s so easy to wash my hair and there is no need to put such a huge towel on hair. It’s also easy to carry around as it barely takes any space.

Fiama Bath Essentials Hair Wrapper Close Up

Fiama Bath Essentials Hair Wrapper Demo

Pros of Fiama Bath Essentials Hair Wrapper:

• Easy to carry around
• Affordable
• Perfect size
• Suitable for all hair lengths
• Super soft and gentle texture
• Comes with a tie that holds it perfectly
• Acts like a water soaking cloth
• Nice absorption power
• Makes hair perfectly towel dry
• Easy to use
• Lightweight
• Prevents hair from regular damage
• No running water
• Dries out quickly under the sun
• Totally worth a buy

Cons of Fiama Bath Essentials Hair Wrapper:

• None for me

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Fiama Bath Essentials Hair Wrapper?
Yes, yes, yes.

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