Forest Essentials Soundarya Radiance Cream Review

Forest Essentials Soundarya Radiance Cream Review

Here’s the much-awaited review of a product which is on the wishlist of so many of you.  The price tag of this product has prevented many of us from picking and trying it out, and I know that you were waiting for this review to take a call.  I am going to help you make that decision.  This review has a surprise element too – Rati had actually picked up the Soundarya Cream from the FE store a few days back – so now, I am now going to give you its effect on oily skin as well as dry skin.  Here goes the review :))


Product Description:

The Soundarya Radiance Cream with 24 Karat Gold and SPF 25 is an extra rich and light textured, age delay cream that acts as a natural face lift for mature and dry skin.  A day wear cream, it incorporates a rich combination of potent herbs and gold which have exceptional properties of uplifting the skin.  Enriched with potent Soundarya serum, it penetrates the 7 layers of the skin, firming the underlying muscles and restoring elasticity to give a smooth and porcelain texture.



Rs. 3800 for 50 gm.



My Take on Forest Essentials Soundarya Radiance Cream:

You know what attracted me to this cream – the 24 karat gold tag.  Forest Essentials claim that they have used the bhasma of 24 karat gold 😛 There are other natural and ayurvedic ingredients used, such as cow’s milk, liqourice, pure rose water, saffron, sandalwood essential oil, ketki flower, etc.  Needless to say, I am highly impressed with the ingredients.  For complete list, refer to the pic above.


This pleasantly fragrant, rich yellow cream comes in the typical Forest Essentials tub packaging which looks luxurious.  There’s 50 gm of the cream in the tub.  Though it appears rich, it spreads on to the skin nicely without any effort.  The lovely fragrance stays for a little time and then disappears.  I feel that it immediately clears away dry patches on the skin and provides ample moisturization and hydration which lasts for hours.  You can wear it under makeup and skip moisturizer altogether.



Now comes the scary part – i.e., for acne-prone skin :((  It broke me out *waa* *waa*  I had pretty much clear skin after using dermatologist-prescribed ointments, but within the first two days of using this cream, I started noticing acne on my face except the forehead.  Forehead is the only area on my face that’s an “acne-free zone.”  After I had breakouts, I stopped using this for a few days until the acne problem had resolved and then picked it up again, only to apply the cream on the forehead area.  Now, I could see the results. Since it provides a lot of moisturization, it will help in preventing new fine lines from forming.  Skin feels firm with regular use though it does not reverse the fine lines that are already there.



If you have oily skin which is not acne prone, then you can try it because it does not leave any greasy layer or film behind and does not make your face overtly sweaty.  It will not mess up with your makeup.

Rati’s Take on Forest Essentials Soundarya Radiance Cream:

Rati was looking for a product that could give her skin a little more moisturization than her routine day cream. She turned to Forest Essentials because most of the products from the brand have worked for her.  The SA at the FE counter suggested Soundarya Radiance Cream for her.  The ingredient that attracted her the most from the list was cow’s ghee.  Yes, the list also includes cow’s ghee, milk, shea butter, cold pressed almond oil.  She feels that this cream has helped her skin a lot during Delhi’s harsh winters.


It gets quickly absorbed into her skin, does not leave any residue behind and clears up all dryness.  It also makes her skin soft and supple.  Also, there’s no stretchiness of the skin that we usually encounter in the winters.  Also, this has SPF 25, so instead of loading up the skin with high SPF sunscreen, she feels she can sometimes skip the sunscreen.  Here’s the downside, she does not feel it contributes to any long-term effects, does not think it would work on firming up muscles or restoring elasticity, one would have to use it over many months to actually see such kind of an effect.  Since, she doesn’t have any such skin issues, she cannot confirm.  Overall, she is very happy with Soundarya Radiance Cream – thumbs up from her side.


Summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of Forest Essentials Soundarya Radiance Cream:

  • A highly moisturizing cream that amply and adequately hydrates facial skin.
  • A rich cream that is very good for dry skin.
  • Does not leave any greasy residue or layer behind.
  • Gets easily absorbed into the skin.
  • Makes the skin soft and supple.
  • Prevents fine lines from forming.
  • Clears out the stretchiness of skin that we all encounter in the chilly weather.
  • Contains precious ingredients like 24 karat gold bhasma, sandalwood oil, cow’s ghee, ketki extracts, etc.
  • Does not feel heavy on the skin.

Cons of Forest Essentials Soundarya Radiance Cream:

  • It breaks out acne-prone skin without any delay.
  • Expensive.
  • Does not work out miracles on any type of skin.
  • Does not show any long-term effects.

Rati’s Rating:


My Rating:


Its a very expensive cream and it does not work any great miracles, but unless you are big time into natural and precious ingredients, I don’t think you should invest in this cream. Actually, I think you should put in a few more thousands and try products like Estee Lauder Night Recovery Complex if radical changes are what you are looking at.

Actually, I am gonna use traffic signal technique to tell you whether you should pick it or skip it 😛

  • Oily skin:  Yellow light (think and try before you buy).
  • Acne-prone skin:  Red light.
  • Dry skin:  Green light.
  • Normal skin:  Green light.
  • Combination Skin:  Yellow light.

Would I Repurchase Forest Essentials Soundarya Radiance Cream?


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30 thoughts on “Forest Essentials Soundarya Radiance Cream Review

  1. oh i was waiting for this review…..thought i will buy it after seeing the review *cry* i have combination skin but break out easily…such detailed review 😀

  2. The name is very tempting and the ingredients are so impressive *woot* , superb review 🙂 , but I think it would be slightly heavy for my oily skin *haan ji*

  3. hahahha rofl rofl rofl traffic signal method rofl rofl J.. u did it again..humour at its best rofl loved reading the review.. berry berry nice review 🙂

  4. Superb review jomol ma’am *clap* *clap* I to just cannot use this…dekh k hi I can say…way too heavy for my super oily skin *nonono* *nonono*

  5. Wanted this review soo much!! 🙂 I have oily skin too…this one is sooo not for me!! *nonono* *nababana*
    Lovely review Jomol!! *clap*
    Btw Jomol, I have sent a mail to regarding how I would want to join IMBB & write articles. *scared* any news on that ? *scared*

      1. Heyy Jomol, will do again !! 😀
        And my name is Princy 😛 there is already with a name like that so had to rename here by the meaning of my name 😛

  6. This cream will definitely be a great product for dry skin but since I have combination skin, I think i will skip it.
    BTW. the traffic signal method was a great idea…. *clap* *clap* *clap*

  7. I love how the cream looks *woot* *woot* it looks sooo rich and a perfect fairness formula but i have oily skin too *headbang* *headbang* *cry* *cry* and acne breaks out on the entire face *headbang* have to skip this totally but saffron and liquorice at one time attracted me to get this *hihi* amazing pictures *clap* *clap* *clap*

  8. causing break-outs…its a sure no-no for me then…
    Anyhow, sadly Forest Essentials products are way too pricey for me…. I wish its products could fit my budget…but alas!!

  9. Jomol ji, I love u yaar for saving me from spending 3800/- bucks on not a great miracle product. Mine is oily skin with no acne. But spending 3800/- bucks for just moisturisation? Nahi nahi! I would rather buy Kama night cream & their miracle fluid. FE people gave me an offer of 10% as Feb being my b’day month. I would buy their serums instead. Thanks yaar. I was literally bugging Rati on twitter for this review from.U.

  10. OMG….thankuuuuuuuuuu Jomol….this is not such a great product as it claimed to be….m so glad I did not go for it and waited for ur review…thanks a lot for this detailed review….love u loads as always

  11. loved the traffic signal technique rofl… i really wanted to try this… bt itz yellow signal.. wish it had long term effects *nonono* *nababana* may b woud giv it a try coz i love FE *oye balle*

  12. Hey..tq for the review…Unfortunately I saw it too late.. I have combination skin and the SA from mumbai recommend it to me. Came back to malaysia and tried it on for only 3 days and I’m having rashers all over my allergy rash..damn!
    I wrote to the product specialist and no reply yet! Now I feel I’ve wasted so much money 🙁

  13. hi rati and jomol…
    thanx for the review (really wntd one)..also thanx for writng a review about the epilators (helpd me to have d courage to buy one)….
    well i was speculatng on buyng ths cream because i have got oily skin (not acne prone) and sensitive skin..i did try it 3- 4 times n luvd it bt d price tag stops me to go ahead and buy it (wud hv ignored the price if it had quick and long term effects)…i have got uneven n tanned skin…n m 26 (think its time for me to go ahead and start using anti ageing cream)…m desprtly looking for a good cream (wud ignore the price if it gvs me quick and long term benefits )…so if u cn suggest it’l b grt n i’l really b thankful to u..:) 🙂

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