How To Fix Greasy Hair

How To Fix Greasy Hair

Hey Ladies,

I know that we women shouldn’t wash our hair as often as we can, but sometimes, it looks so greasy that we get uncomfortable to walk around with our hair in such a condition. Today, I want to share a few things I do when my hair looks greasy, especially during summer time, when I tend to sweat and my hair looks greasy on the second day itself.

How To Fix Greasy Hair

I only know about 3 remedies that can get rid of the oiliness or at least make the greasiness appear less. My favorite way to reduce grease is with baby powder.  Yes, you did read right. Baby powder works amazingly. It absorbs the oil on the roots of your hair and even creates some volume. I myself have really dark hair (recently dyed my hair dark brown). The only problem I found is that it gets down on my clothes sometimes when I sprinkle it on top of my hair, but you can just wipe it off easily.

Johnson's Baby Powder

Baby powder is white but once you work it into the roots of your hair, the baby powder disappears. Another way is to use dry shampoo.  It usually comes in a spray can/bottle. You take the dry shampoo, take some hair strands and hold it up with one hand and with the other hand, you spray the dry shampoo in your hair focusing at the scalp area.  Dry shampoo scores over baby powder with the good smell.  Though baby powder doesn’t smell bad, dry shampoos have a really good smell to them. Some dry shampoos leave a white color on your hair but I know that the Dove Dry Shampoo doesn’t do that.

The other method is to spray water on your hair and blow dry it.  This method works but I don’t prefer doing it that much because it dries out my hair.

Once again here is the list of how I fix my greasy hair:

    • Baby Powder:  You just sprinkle it over the roots of your hair and mix the powder with your hair into your scalp. You may need to shake your hair a little bit, so the baby powder disappears all the way.
    • Dry Shampoo:  My favorite one is the Dove Dry Shampoo. You pull up a few strands of your hair and spray the dry shampoo in between your hair focusing on the places where its greasy. To finish off everything, I usually shake the roots of my hair a little bit.

Dry Shampoo

  • Blow Drying:  This is another way to get rid of the greasiness temporarily, but I don’t prefer this way. You spray water on top of the roots of your hair and take a brush (optional) and blow dry it.Blow dryingBasically, this will dry out the oiliness, but also dries out your hair after a while.

I hope this helped some of you and I wish you a wonderful day, xoxo.

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44 thoughts on “How To Fix Greasy Hair

  1. Thank you Sahar for the tips, more so about letting me know about the dry shampoo :). Its very hot in here and my hair is unusually getting greasy…..I am washing my hair every alternate day though 🙂

  2. will buy baby powder today itself. I just end up shampooing my hair every single day becos it gets so sticky by EOD BUT now I dont have to..:) thans a ton Sahar..

    1. you are welcome Aru. you may want to dry the baby shampoo and dry shampoo for a while until you hair gets used to be washed everyday. i think because you wash your hair everyday your scalp prudces more oil. therefore the less you wash your hair the less greasy it will look like after a while if taht makes sense 😀

  3. hi sahar can i ask u one qucik question?love ur lippie n im looking for one in the exact same color… which one is it?thanx

  4. I have tried baby powder trick once but was not so happy..wish this dry shampoo is available in india too..i haven’t heard about it yet..thanks for sharing these tricks 🙂

  5. I have been using baby powder to reduce greasiness since long. Dove dry shampoo looks promising. I was planning to get a dry shampoo. Any idea how is Tony n Guy dry shampoo?? That’s the only dry shampoo I ‘ve seen so far here

  6. true that in summers my scalp gets all more sweaty n sticky the next day of shampooing ! since dry shampoo is not available here yet..will try the baby powder tip ! though now i try to shampoo on alternate days !

    1. actually we were taught in grooming class that baby products.. esp baby oil may lead to dandruff.. its a bit random i know but just thot i wud share!i have lotsa tips on hw to keep updos in place n baby oil was the worst

  7. You have that uncanny Celebrity-ish aura around your face… 🙂 I use talcum powder remedy once a while..gotta try baby powder..!!

  8. Sahar looking all hottie again 😀
    and I’ve used baby powder before… you need a really small amount and it works fab 🙂

    I need to get a dry shampoo maybe 🙂

  9. just curious …if we apply baby powder to hair roots …. dandruff and all won’t come /build up na ?

    tips sounds good thx to hot summer and hummidity this is much need tip.. just curious on above point.

    1. i didnt understand what you were asking but if you wash your hair all the baby powder is gonna be out of your hair. no matter what i have never seen the baby powder settle on my scalp. it dissapears

  10. love th lippy 🙂
    and i have tons of baby powder my baby will never be able to finsih 😛
    hehehe thnks a ton
    had seen such pretty purse packs in dry shampoos in UK but i dint know how to use them so … 🙁

  11. i have combination hair-oily scalp, dry hair….so shampooing frequently dries out my hair as really well…i use baby powder too…works really well….though i have been dying to buy a dry shampoo for some time…any suggestions about a good dry shampoo available in India, girls??
    nice post sahar…you look lovely!

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