How to Fix Common Makeup Mistakes

How to correct makeup mistakes?

Everytime I am in a rush, I am bound to mess up my makeup: the mascara smudges, the foundation streaks, the lipstick bleeds! Who then has the time to wash off everything and start fresh? Here are a few tips on how to deal with these annoying little makeup mistakes!

1. Foundation Mistakes:
makeup mistakes

Foundation is meant to give a smooth, polished and flawless look. However, there are times when applying too much foundation highlight those very blemishes and flaws it was supposed to cover up in the first place. It looks cakey and settles into fine lines making us look way older than we actually are. If time is not a big deal, then it is always better to take it completely off and reapply. However, as I am always crunched for time, here’s a quick fix to those foundation mistakes:

Use a clean makeup sponge and dampen it a little bit. Using downward strokes, gently dab the sponge on the face to remove the excess foundation.

If the foundation shade looks too light or too dark when applied on, never try to cover it by using a darker or lighter shade on top. This will only exaggerate the problem and make it look weird and cakey and so not your color. It is always better to just take it off and start again. However, exceptions to this are mineral foundations can be blended on their own or with more product to either tone down or play up the color.

Also when you are in a rush, avoid the temptation to apply foundation with your fingers. It certainly seems the quicker way but there’s always a chance of using too much product or streaking of the foundation. Brushes or makeup sponges work the best.

2. Blush Mistakes:
As with foundation, it is important to choose the right color of blush to begin with. If a blush is applied correctly, it gives a healthy flushed look to the skin. However, if applied too much, it ends up looking garish and clownish. To correct an overdose of blush, follow this simple trick:

Taking a clean, fluffy powder brush and pat your cheeks until the color wears off slightly. Even cotton balls work well to diffuse the color of powder and mineral blushes. If it still looks too much, take a nude or translucent powder and apply over the blush color. This usually tones down the color.
If you’ve made a mistake with a cream blush, just follow this trick: Take just a little bit of your foundation and dab a makeup sponge into it and lightly rub over the cheek area. This should remove the excess color.
For cheek stain mistakes, take a little moisturizer on a sponge and apply very lightly over the area. Then take your foundation and use a very little amount to cover the area up.


3. Mascara Mistakes:
This is the most common problem I face while doing my makeup. So many times, my mascara will smudge and streak and ruin a perfectly good eye look. The easiest way to fix it is to wait until the mascara dries off completely. Then take a clean Q-tip or a cotton swab to wipe if away and it should flake right off. Avoid rubbing the mascara back and forth as it will ruin your eye look and there’s a chance of transfer to other areas as well.

If however, the mascara doesn’t flake off, take a clean Q-tip and dip it in your makeup remover and remove the smudge by dabbing it only on the affected area. Go over the area with your eye shadow and you’re good to go.

If you have clumpy mascara, take a clear mascara wand and work through the lashes carefully to remove the clump and excess mascara. So the next time we run out of a mascara, don’t throw away the wand. Clean it and use it to remove clumps any time you want!

makeup mistakes

4. Eyeshadow Mistakes:
If you have applied too much eyeshadow or the color payoff is too dark to your liking, take a clean blending brush and go over the color until it’s muted down. If it’s still too dark, then follow the same trick with the blush. Take a nude or translucent powder or a beige eyeshadow and apply it over the darker shade to tone it down. For the lower eyes, take a Q-tip or a cotton swab to dab off the excess color.

makeup mistakes

5. Eyeliner Mistakes:
Messy eyeliner can get a little tricky to fix. To fix up just the eyeliner and not mess up the rest of the makeup, take a Q-tip and dip it in a makeup remover, then dab the tip on a tissue to remove most of the product. Very gently, dab it on the area you want to take off and reapply your liner.

6. Lipstick Mistakes:
If the lipstick bleeds into the fine lines or smear, here are a couple of quick ways to fix it: Take a clean brush and dip into your foundation and apply the foundation to both clear the lipstick smears as well as apply the foundation color back to your face. However, if your lipstick turns out darker than what you want, you don’t need to take it all off and start over. Take a natural beige shade and apply it on top to soften the color. Alternatively, you can dab your lips on a clean tissue a few times after applying the natural shade and it will really tone down the dark color.
To stop bleeding in the first place, line your lips with a lip liner closest to the shade of the lipstick. This acts as a barrier against lipstick bleeding!

makeup mistakes
To make sure that you don’t transfer lipstick to your teeth, follow this: Purse your lips into the letter “O” and insert your forefinger into the O and pull out. This helps in transferring all the excess lipstick to your finger and not to your teeth.

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