Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review

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Hope everything is fine on your side! I am here today to talk about another budget friendly Flower eye makeup kit, but sadly it is of no use even if we get it for discount! I picked this one up just because I wanted to add variety to the gifts I was buying only to discover later that the kit isn’t as amazing as it seems. Surprisingly, I didn’t come across any negative review for this product online which makes me wonder if I picked an old product or is it just my hard luck! Whatever, let’s talk in detail about this Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set!

Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review14

Product Description:

Eye spy–the essential eye palette! The Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set features eight shimmering, fully pigmented eyeshadow shades with a bonus ultimate eyeshadow brush and extreme measures lengthening mascara. Now you can sparkle and shine during holiday time.

Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review13

$15-$19 for a set of 8 shadow play eye shadows (net wt: 0.42 Oz/ 12.0 g), 1 ultimate eye shadow brush and 1 extreme measures lengthening mascara (net wt: 0.25 Oz/ 7.0 g)

I got it for $5! 😀

My Experience with Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set:

Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review

Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review1

The packaging is quite fancy like previous Flower packaging. I totally love the semi-black palette with transparent flip top opening which is totally different from previous packaging and much more gorgeous. I would anytime love to keep it on my dressing table to admire for hours.

Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review2

Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review3

Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review4

All the items look appealing inside the see-through packaging and I, too, fell in the trap just because it was for 5 bucks. Ideally, I should not think much since I did manage to get a decent working mascara and quite average eye shadow brush, hence it is still a cheap deal for me. But, not even in my dreams I would invest 15 or 19 bucks for this piece!

Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review5

Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review6

Talking about decent items first, the Flower Extreme Measures Lengthening Mascara in jet black works great and I have already shared my experience on IMBB. It is an average mascara which curls and gives wide open eyes without any dramatic makeover which is pretty much acceptable for me as I am not into dramatic smokey eyes, yet. It, alone, retails for $6-7, hence I feel good to get full sized mascara along with other items for 5 dollars.

Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review7

Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review8

However, looking at the big eye shadow brush I wonder if it resembles any drugstore/high end eye shadow brushes we get in the market! I have tried Real Technique’s eye makeup brushes and hence I can say that this eye shadow brush is too big to be used as a blending brush or all over eye shadow brush on my eyes. It is quite fluffy and chubby, though blends the product well and gives nice soft lines apart from being mild and soft on our delicate eye area.

Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review9

Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review10

I used it couple of times and found that it does blends eye shadow pretty well for wide surface area and we might need it for applying eye shadow base or primer, but other than that, I don’t think it would be of much utility. The brush alone retails for $7-8, hence getting it for 5 dollars along with other stuffs is not that bad. What say?

Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review11

Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review12

Coming to the palette, I am surprised to read online that all these shadow play eye shadows come up so deep and intense while I could hardly swatch them on my hands with primer! I tried wearing them with the help of Real Techniques Fluffy Eye Shadow Brush, but nothing came so far in terms of pigmentation. In fact, matte shades from the palette looked chalky and too pale on skin while glittery shades gave fall outs and made it difficult to pull off even with a primer.

Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review15

Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review16

In fact, I tried my finger tip for swatching thinking that I might be a novice to use brushes and sponges, but it did not come up as expected. So far, I could not find even a single shade in this palette which can be called as deep, intense or long staying to my surprise! All the shades were really gorgeous right from glittery golden, icy white to matte deep blue and shimmery grey, but for me none of them proved worth!

Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review17

Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review18

Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review19

I am not sure how they work on our eyelids when used wet since I never tried that, but after almost 3-4 failed attempts with a sponge applicator, RT eye shadow brush, Flower eye shadow brush and finally my finger tips, I gave up on these! I thank god I haven’t distributed these sets in family as that would have only created misunderstandings or clashes. 😛

Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review20

Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review21

Moreover, I had almost similar experiences with previous shadow play eye shadow quads available in Flower total beauty package set, hence I believe what I see irrespective of what I read or heard about these goodies. I would say try it on your own luck, personally I am still curious to try it one more time in different variant to see if it works better! I won’t get this palette again, not for even 5 bucks.

Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review24

Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review23


Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set Review22

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set:

• A decent deal on discount including full size mascara, 8 shadow play eye shadows apart from full size fluffy eye shadow brush
• The mascara is pretty decent and works well for everyday subtle, minimalistic look
•The fluffy eye shadow brush is also pretty decent for blending and applying eyeshadow primers, eyeshadow base etc
• Even the brush works well for blending eye shadows and it can also be used for using highlighter around nose area or cupid bone considering its size
• Eye shadows seem too decent and might work fine for lucky gals, unlike me

Cons of Flower Eye-See-You Eye Beauty Set:

• Presence of parabens, talc etc might be bothersome for beauties with sensitive skin
• Quality of eyeshadows is tricky
• The big, fluffy eyeshadow brush seems too big to be used as desired
• None of the eyeshadows show up my skin, as expected
• None of the eyeshadows are intense or pigmented enough to give any color pay off
• All matte shades seem chalky and hardly come up on skin while all shimmery shades give fall outs
• I am still wondering if I am novice to use them or they are actually duds

IMBB Rating:

Well, If I go with my previous experience with shadow play eye shadows, then my conscience says that these shadows are definitely below average while a budding makeup junkie inside me wants to give it some more trails before announcing it to be a dud forever! Probably, I will try another variant to check if my luck is to blame or the palette! As of now, this kit is still a decent deal for not more than 5 dollars; after all, we do get full sized mascara and brush which are not absolute duds!

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