Fogg Fragrant Body Spray For Women in Delicious Review

Fogg Fragrant Body Spray For Women in Delicious Review

Hi all,

Today, I will be reviewing a very nice body spray from Fogg for women.  I generally use the stuff from Spinz, Dove, Eva, but this time, for a change, I purchased Fogg because it claims to have no gas but perfumed liquid which gives 800 sprays!

Fogg Fragrant Body Spray For Women in Delicious Review

Product Description:

No product description, but I found this detail online, please read on:

The bright and effervescent woman spends her days fluttering around spreading joy with smiles and sprinkles of pixie dust. The sweet and sensitive nature comfortably wraps the sensual woman underneath. A spritz of Fogg Delicious Deo Spray and she transcends the ludicrous stereotypes of good girl and bad girl by just being a woman.  She loves to stroll into the balcony and tenderly look at her potted plants just as much as she loves to go shopping with her girlfriends. She can talk about hours at length about anything from politics to fashion. Breaking the norms of archetypical characters, she revels in every paradox and every oxymoron that defines who she is. When the day has just begun and her bubbly nature is at its zenith, she sprays on this anti-perspirant deo spray and keeps it intact for the rest of the day.  Her average day involves so much more as she hurries about running errands, picking up a friend’s laundry and still make her appointment at the salon. All through this tedious day, the pleasant and long-lasting fragrance of Fogg Delicious keeps her company. It looks great as she takes it out of her purse with a glossy fuchsia bottle and a stark white cap. When you’re down in the dumps and need a little bit of an ego boost, all you need is to reach out for a bit of Fogg Delicious.


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Rs. 180 for 120 ml, available on discounts online.

Key Ingredients:

Ethyl alcohol, perfume, DEP, Propylene Glycol, triclosan, Alcohol (95% v/v) content: 89.05% W/W, contains 1%w/w Diethyl Phthalate.

Fogg Deodorant

My Take on Fogg Fragrant Body Spray For Women in Delicious:

The fragrance is very sweet. When I first tried, it smelled like Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder. I like the fragrance though. Not too overpowering, not too sweet, just light and fresh. This would suit both summer and winters. I had purchased this in August and I still have much of the product left. The bottle shows a scale of 0 to 800 sprays, but of no use, because the bottle is opaque and you cannot see how much of the product is left inside. It lives up to its claim of being a perfumed liquid. For me 2 to 3 sprays are enough for the day and the fragrance stays on me for almost a whole day.  At night, I can faintly smell the fragrance. I believe the staying power of any fragrance depends on the body type, i.e., over oily skin, fragrance lingers more than over dry skin. I had used Fa deodorants but the fragrance wore off in some hours where as the Spinz Exotica stayed for a whole day.  In winters, I can even smell the deo in my clothes the other day! Fogg didn’t disappoint me at all. The fragrance is really yummy and sweet and a perfect mood lifter for me.

Fogg Deo

Pros of Fogg Fragrant Body Spray For Women in Delicious:

  • Refreshing sweet floral fragrance.
  • The fragrance is not obnoxious or over the top.
  • Does not smell like room spray.
  • Does not sting.
  • Price is reasonable as it lasts much longer than other deodorants.
  • Delicious mood lifter.
  • Lingers on the body for quite a long time.

Cons of Fogg Fragrant Body Spray For Women in Delicious:

  • Contains alcohol.
  • Contains Pthalates.

Will I Repurchase Fogg Fragrant Body Spray For Women in Delicious?

Yes and other variants too.

Do I Recommend Fogg Fragrant Body Spray For Women in Delicious?

Yes, its a nice long-staying deodorant and most importantly, a perfect mood lifter for me.

IMBB Rating:


Hope this review will be helpful, keep glowing girls!!

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4 thoughts on “Fogg Fragrant Body Spray For Women in Delicious Review

  1. The can looks very tempting isnit Pooja I was I fact looking for reviews on a gud Deo…so glad to see ur posting…am sure gonna buy this…tnks a ton in advance

  2. Hiya Pooja,
    Have used this same deo 3 times, since I loved the fragrance of delicious but prob is all 3 times it was smelling different , the last bottle I bought had a very stingy smell hence I had to discontinue due to the inconsistency,

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