Foreo Luna for Sensitive/ Normal Skin Review

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The beauty industry is constantly evolving and improving. Remember the time when Clarisonic came out and the whole beauty market jumped on the bandwagon of this amazing new cleaning cleansing system. Looks like there is another fairly new release in the market which many people claim to be the new “Clarisonic” while some claim it to be better than it. Since I do have both, this will be a review on the Foreo Luna for Sensitive/ Normal skin along with my thoughts on which of the two I prefer and recommend. Read on to know more about this revolutionary product.

Foreo Luna for Sensitive/Normal Skin

About the product:
The Beauty Device that Does it All: Imagine a device that delivers deep and gentle cleansing, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles at the very same time. Or a device that leaves the face feeling fresh and invigorated in the morning and a healthier-looking complexion. All of this, from just a few minutes of use, both morning and night. Through its sophisticated design, the Luna is a most elegant addition to a woman’s skin care routine.

Foreo label

Total Skincare in 1 Device: The LUNA offers beauty solutions. Elegantly designed, it provides a gentle and deep clean while a curved surface of concentric waves channels pulsations for remarkable beauty benefits. This brush surface features thinner touch points for gentle cleansing, with an area of thicker touch-points grouped towards the top of the device. This allows deeper, precision cleansing of areas around the nose, ears and hairline, ensuring all your skin care needs are covered.

T-Sonic Cleansing Technology: T-Sonic technology refers to sonic pulses. Channeling thousands of pulsations per minute, rounded silicone touch points drive away impurities and helps skin look clean and feel soft.

Anti-Aging Mode: Low-frequency pulsations are focused on wrinkle-prone areas diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It gently dislodges skin dulling dry cells.

A LUNA for Each Skin Type: The LUNA is available in three models, with soft, rounded touch points molded in specific alignments to cater to different skin types.

Foreo luna product details

Nonabrasive, Silicone: The LUNA’s soft silicone touch-points cleanse effectively, yet gentle. And every LUNA uses silicone that is nonporous. This helps in keeping the tool clean.

Smart Design, Long-Term Value:

  • Approximately 400 uses per each full charge.
  • Adjustable pulsation intensity.
  • Fully waterproof for use in shower.
  • Immersible for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter.
  • No replacement brushes required.
  • 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty and 10-Year Quality Guarantee.
  • Storage Pouch.


Price: $169

My Experience with Foreo Luna for Sensitive/Normal Skin:

Packaging:  There are 2 versions of this product – Foreo Luna and Foreo Luna mini (which is a smaller version of this product designed for travel). I have the full-sized version of Foreo Luna and it comes with a charger, a storage cloth pouch with a drawstring, and a manual. The full version comes in 3 types – White version for very sensitive skin, Blue version which is for combination skin, and the one I have – “Light Pink” version for normal to sensitive skin. I have normal to dry skin and this version works well with my skin type.

Foreo Luna

Even though there is a separate mini version for travelling, I find the original version to also be travel friendly and will be carrying it with me on my next travel. If you press both the plus and minus signs together (+-) together, it locks the device so that the device would not accidentally start in your bag.

Start button

Body and Construction:  This cleansing device has a silicone body which is super smooth and silky. There are no rough edges and it all is one smooth design. There are raised points on one side which is the cleansing side and there are ridges on the other side which is the anti-ageing side. It is also completely waterproof which is great and also very lightweight. The design fits perfectly in the hand.

Anti ageing side

It took about less than 1- 1 ½ hour to fully charge the Luna and it is designed to give you up to 450 uses which I think is absolutely amazing. If you count, that is almost more than a year even if you use it once a day. My Clarisonic needs constant charging and would die on me when I need it, which is very frustrating!

Since it has a silicone smooth body, it is much more hygienic than Clarisonic. It accumulates less germs and residue products, and is easier to clean. Unlike the Clarisonic which itself is so expensive and you have to keep buying replacement brushes adding to the cost, Foreo Luna is a one-time investment device with no additional cost and with proper care it should last you years.

There are no unnecessary extra buttons and features to complicate the use. There is just one start button in the middle and +- side on either side to control the speed and that’s very user friendly.

Foreo Luna in hand

Usage:  Foreo Luna is very gentle on the skin since it does not have an abrasive brush like the Clarisonic hence Luna can be used every day, twice a day too.  I realized that if I use Clarisonic on a daily basis, it does more harm than good. My skin feels more sensitive and over exfoliated. I never face this issue with Luna and I use it every day, once a day, at night.

When you start the Luna, it first goes into the “cleansing” mode. It is recommended that you do not pour your cleanser on the Luna, but apply it directly on to damp skin and spread it first. I have tried it both ways and I found that using it directly on the skin is indeed a better method. Pouring the cleanser directly on the Luna gave me less lather on my skin and I had to use more product. I like to lather the cleanser a little bit beforehand and then follow with my Luna for a deeper cleanse. It would be even better if you use a foaming face wash (the ones which come with an aerating pump that disperses ready foam).

Unlike Clarisonic which scrubs your skin, Luna give vibrations, channeling thousands of pulsations per minute and rounded silicone touch points drive away impurities, and this process does not feel harsh at all. This is a much better and gentler way of doing physical exfoliation even for sensitive skin. I believe there are close to 4-5 gradual speed changes. I find keeping my setting at the middle, neither too high nor too low works the best for me. I always remove all my makeup with a wipe before proceeding to use the Luna.

In the cleansing mode, Luna gives you 5 indication pulse vibrations to indicate you to move to different areas of your face – either side of the face including nose, nose area and forehead. I find the amount on each area (which is about 15 seconds) to be more than sufficient. Once you’re done, you press the middle button again and it goes into standby mode which is indicated with a blue light on the bottom clear section which is your clue to rinse you face.  After that, you turn the Luna over to the anti-ageing side.

The anti-ageing side can also be customized with the speed your like. I keep this at the middle speed too, one speed lower when I work around the eyes. This mode has 6 indication pulse vibrations at about 10-15 seconds each to indicate you to move to different areas of your face – either side of your face, focusing on smile lines, either side of the eyes focusing on crow’s crows feet and the forehead focusing on frown lines. I do really like this mode. It feels like you are giving yourself a nice facial massage. It helps with blood circulation and helps my skin care product absorb better.

Results and Effectiveness:  Overall, I do really enjoy this product and use it on a daily basis. It gives me smoother skin and is a gentler form of physical exfoliation. I still use my Clarisonic once every 1-2 weeks or whenever I wear heavy makeup to deep clean my pores and Foreo Luna does not seem to do that. I do really like the anti-ageing side, though I haven’t seen any significant reduction in fine lines (which I don’t have a whole lot as I am in my mid 20s), but it is like a good massage for your skin which wouldn’t do any harm, I am sure.

If you have sensitive skin and you need something which will give you squeaky clean feeling without being too harsh, Foreo Luna will be like a God-sent Holy grail for you. For normal skin, you will like it if you are someone who prefers gentle cleansing. Clarisonic works best and gives you an absolute deep cleanse and smooths the skin by reducing flakiness but it is not something which you can use on a daily basis like Foreo Luna. Think of this product as something which will give you a better cleanse than just your fingers and significantly improve your skin’s texture in the long run.

I do think this is a one-time investment that’s worth making, I recommend this system to you 🙂

Pros of Foreo Luna for Sensitive/Normal Skin:

  • Gives better cleansing than just your fingers.
  • Feels very gentle on the skin, suitable for sensitive skin types.
  • Can be used daily, even twice daily without worry. I personally only use it once a day.
  • One-time charging would last up to 450 uses, basically charge once and forget about it for months.
  • Anti-ageing side improves blood circulation, product absorption, and gives a nice massage to the face.
  • Smooth sleep design.
  • Completely waterproof.
  • No separate additional expenses like changing brush heads, etc.
  • Silicone material does not harbor germs nor collects products.
  • Multiple speed settings which you can customize per your preference.
  • Ergonomic design, sits comfortably in hand.

Cons of Foreo Luna for Sensitive/Normal Skin:

  • For those who prefer deep cleansing which includes targeting blackheads might find this too gentle.  This cleansing system might not show significant difference in those aspects.
  • Expensive.

IMBB Rating:4.5/5

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4 thoughts on “Foreo Luna for Sensitive/ Normal Skin Review

  1. Neha, I would like to own both clarisonic and this foreo Luna. I recently got to try the radiance clarisonic which has softer bristles than the Mia and Aria variants and do think it’s not the high bucks. The outer bristles do not even rotate, is that the case with your clarisonic? Also, there’s a similar cleansing system in Mirenesse, did you check that one?

    1. The bristles of clarisonic dont rotate Jomol. That would be too rough for the skin. They have a sort of vibrating oscillatory motion.
      I am not aware of the Mirenesse system I will check it out !!

  2. I remember seeing them in Singapore Sephora – available in a whole range of colours and so cute to look at. And they were running some promotion dn offering a huge discount. But, since i had not doe any research on it, i was just not comfortable shelling out the bucks. But next time, I might just look it up! Thanks for the detailed review!

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