Forest Essentials Cold Pressed Body Massage Oil Madurai Jasmine and Mogra Review

Forest Essentials Cold Pressed Body Massage Oil Madurai Jasmine and Mogra

Hi Dolls,

How is everyone doing today? There are times when I head back home from a long day of work and just crave for a little massage, a nice foot soak and a little pampering. But most of the times it is not possible to run to a spa or get an appointment for a masseur to come and get a massage done. I recently discovered the joys of doing all these things at home and doing it cheap. The best part about doing it at home is that, you can do it at your own leisure, listen to your own music and most importantly do it the way you want it to be.

Forest Essentials Cold Pressed Body Massage OilMadurai Jasmine and Mogra

My definition of relaxation is a good oil massage and a good book to read. I do it often after work and it is simple and helps me to unwind easily. One of my favourite body oil is Forest Essentials Cold Pressed Body Massage Oil in Madurai Jasmine & Mogra.

What is it: Forest Essentials Madurai Jasmine and Mogra Body massage oil contains excellent moisturizing and nourishing properties of Organic Black Sesame Oil which tones and firms the skin. Wheat Germ Oil, improves blood circulation and repairs damaged skin cells. Rice Bran Oil is an antioxidant and rich in nutrients and potent with potent herbs like Ashwgandha, a superior rejuvenative and anti oxidant herb renowned for anti-ageing and Bala, makes rough dry skin smooth and supple. Jasmine is mood uplifting while Mogra, a sweetly scented variety of Jasmine, is stress relieving and has a soothing effect on dry or sensitive skin.

Forest Essentials has come up with a beautiful array of herbal ayurveda products and I enjoy them thoroughly. All the ingredients they use in the products are naturally processed and cold pressed by hand, now moving on to my review of the product. In this range of body oils they also have Indian Rose Absolute and Mashobra Honey and Vanilla.

Forest Essentials Cold Pressed Body Massage Oil MaduraiJasmine and Mogra

My take on Forest Essentials Cold Pressed Body Massage Oil Madurai Jasmine and Mogra:

The product comes in a bottle for Rs 795 for 200 ml. The packaging is quite simple and has everything written at the back. Forest Essentials is Indian and all the products are locally produced. It is a good substitute to my regular Body Shop or L’occitane visit and it does almost the same job too. I reckon after an entire day working and stressing this is the perfect remedy.

All you have to do is take a small amount of the oil and massage all over your body. Heat it up for better results. Then run a bath, use some scented candles and forget everything and just relax. The smell itself is very relaxing but a word of caution if you hate jasmine this is not the product for you.

You can also use this as an alternative to a body lotion; I do that during the winter when my skin behaves badly. I just use this right after my shower and I am good to go. I leave my skin a little wet when towel drying and then apply the oil, that way the smell stays longer on my skin.

The best part is that it is not the usual sticky gooey oil that you are used to; it spreads quite evenly and easily without any hassle. The smell stays on for a long time too and like I said it moisturizes brilliantly as well. My skin feels better and glowing and smoother after using the product. I don’t know if it makes my skin firmer as it claims since I reckon that is a long time process.

Forest Essentials Cold Pressed Body Massage Oil Madurai Jasmine and Mogra

You can buy the travel size version of this bottle too and carry it anywhere you want to. The essential oil de-stresses and rejuvenates my tired body. It has a nice calming effect and you can always make it more fun and romantic by asking your partner to play your masseur for the day.

The only drawback of this product I feel is the fact that some people might be allergic to it because of the ingredients used in it. It is even clearly mentioned on the bottle and the packaging that a patch test is recommended before buying this product. Also people who don’t like the smell of jasmine should stay away from this product. The smell might be a little too strong, harsh and “too on the face” for them.

Pros of Forest Essentials Cold Pressed Body Massage Oil Madurai Jasmine and Mogra:

Does what it claims that is relaxes, de-stresses and detoxify.
Moisturizers beautifully too.
The smell is very refreshing.
Skin feels smoother and softer too.

Forest Essentials Cold Pressed Body Massage Oil Madurai Jasmine andMogra

Cons of Forest Essentials Cold Pressed Body Massage Oil Madurai Jasmine and Mogra:

Might cause allergies and skin complications as mentioned on the packaging.
Smell might put people off.

Ratings: 4/5 Yes I will definitely buy this again and also try the other two oils as well in this range.

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  1. this sounds awesome suvarshree. i have used their after bath oil and totally loved it. i think i am going to give these a try. 🙂

  2. wooow this looks like such a relaxing scent *happy dance* *happy dance* never tried body oils but willl surely give it a shot *happydance* *happydance*

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