Forever 21 Stress Less/Wood-Handled Head Massager Review

Hello cutie-pies,

How are you all doing? I suffer from serious migraine and it gets very irritating because at that point I totally feel helpless. I need something that can calm my nightmare down. The headache is unbearable and this massager has helped me a lot during the tough days. I spotted this at the F21 store and picked it because I love head massages. Let’s see how this delicate head massager worked for me.

Price: Rs 119 in Indian Forever 21 stores ($1.90 on their website)


Product Description by Forever 21:

Looking for a way to unwind after a long day? Well, you’ll surely stress less with this Love & Beauty head massager! Use the wooden handle to navigate the long wire prongs all over your head to ease out the tension.

• Lightweight.
• 9.5″ length x 3.5″ width.
• Imported.


My Experience with Forever 21 Stress Less/Wood-Handled Head Massager:-

Forever 21 innovates a lot and releases these small and cost-effective goodies which every woman will totally fall for. I love their point of purchase counters as they have really cute and useful stuff like little facial massages, hair-ties, vanity pouches etc. I found this there too! I got it as soon as I spotted this. It comes in a cylindrical transparent box which contains the massager. It has a cap too on the box but I lost it because my closet is like a beauty store.


The massager has a wooden ball at the base so that we can hold it between our fingers for a better grip. Adding a girly touch like forever 21 always does, the handle comes in metallic pink. It looks girly and decent. The size is a moderate but it is so useful we can make some space for it when on travel. The massager has silver strings which are hard and designed in a cylindrical shape. Each string has a round tip attachment which ensures a soothing massage. You hold it and massage it; that is all! Isn’t it very easy to use?


The massage makes me feel like I am actually in a spa. The massager puts pressure on the points on the head, thus giving a very relaxing and soothing massage. This will totally useful as it relieves all the stress in just a massage. It is very useful during those days when I get unbearable head-aches. After a long tiring day, it definitely has the potential to put you to sleep. I get a very relaxed and a tension-free sleep after using this. This is one way of using this.


I also use it when I oil my hair, the more you massage the more the oil penetrates into the scalp thus helping my hair to maintain its health. Massaging always improves blood circulation and might also stimulate hair growth. This does all what it claims and I feel it is a must have for every woman.

Pros of Forever 21 Stress Less/Wood-Handled Head Massager-

• Very handy and easy to use.
• Has round tips at the base of each string which ensures blood circulation.
• It gives a super relaxing massage and the senses are really calmed down.
• It helps me a lot during head-aches.
• If you are tired, it has the ability to put you to a relaxing sleep.
• Affordable.
• The oil penetrates better when the massager is used.


Cons of Forever 21 Stress Less/Wood-Handled Head Massager-

• None!

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Forever 21 Stress Less/Wood-Handled Head Massager?

Yes for sure! I think every woman faces stress issues in her life and when we work a lot or think a lot, the first thing we get is a headache. You all should get this because this will calm you down in some or the other way.

IMBB Rating: 5/5


Head massagers are great and I tried a few electronic ones too. But to my disappointment they did not work that great. But I am totally satisfied with this and this is one of the main tools I like for my hair because you can take a massage while oiling your hair too or to relieve stress, either ways it is a win-win!

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16 thoughts on “Forever 21 Stress Less/Wood-Handled Head Massager Review

  1. i am so getting this saloni. 😛 every time i see it at the counter i wonder if this actually works. now that you have mentioned it, i am def picking it up! 😀

    1. It actually did.. that too in an amazing way… my family totally loves this stuff.. 🙂 this is rightly called the stress less massager.. do try it and let me know how you liked it 🙂

  2. Aww… I have also seen this cutie pie at F21 and at many other places. Glad to know it works…I’ll also get it for my mommy.

    1. It feels super duper relaxing.. your mommy will love this too 🙂 i think it would be the same whether it belongs to f21 or some other name.. get it soon 🙂

  3. I have seen it at so many places.. but was always reluctant to buy.. never knew if it really works.. but now after reading ur article, m definitely gonna hit an F21 store ds weekend and buy it…. plus very much affordable. thanks fr d review 🙂 🙂

    1. Your most welcome ayushi 🙂 hope you enjoy and get relaxed.. also if you see it somewhere in the local shops.. they would let you try too.. because there is no packaging for the local ones… 🙂 get it asappp… its lovely 🙂

    1. Yes dupes are available all around… just that this has packaging and that pink stick.. but they work all the same 🙂 it is surely.. get it once… you will totally enjoy this 🙂

  4. I love this one! It feels very ticklish for the first time..! I got this very cheap from a mela. I guess it was 3 pc for 50rs… Love it even more 🙂

    1. hahahaha i got the ticklish feeling jyoti… i get goosebumps lol 🙂 hahah more love because you got it for the half price… glad to know you like it too 🙂 amazing product to have in one’s kitty 🙂

  5. wow thats wonderful … would love to get it …. because I always keep on bribing neighbourhood kids to give me head massage with their teeny meeny hands so that I could sleep peacefully with a smile

    but I guess I won’t be able to find a f21 product here in kashmir …. will try to search local one

    1. Hahahahaha i do the same with my mom… when my mom’s hands get tired.. i hand her this lol 🙂 pick up the local one too if you get it.. it works the same way.. you will surely get a super relaxing massage even if it is a local one 🙂

  6. I had this massager. A local store bought one. The first time I my husband tried it on me it was really ticklish but as you said a real stress reliever and a must have.

    Btw I love love love your posts. Especially ootd ones. ?

    1. hahahaha I know that ticklish wala feeling 🙂 great you enjoyed it too 🙂 yes it has helped me a lot in some tough days… awwwwww it is soooo sweet of you to say that.. such compliments always keeps me very motivated … thankoooo shooooo much dear 🙂

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