Forever 21 Love & Beauty Scented Blotting Papers Review

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With summer in full swing, there are a ton of beauty-issues a girl faces, one of which happens to be excessive sweat and an oily T-zone. Though some of us (including me) have an oily T-zone all round the year, even those with dry/ normal skin type face the issue of oily skin in such hot weather. Although there is no permanent way of getting rid of this problem (not that I know, at least), there are a ton of temporary ways that last for a couple of hours- like washing your face when it gets too sweaty/ oily, powdering the face with a compact/ face powder when you’re out and you’re wearing makeup and cant wash your face for obvious reasons, use oil blotting sheets etc.

After trying out a couple of expensive options available of oil blotting sheets (I’m talking about the ones you get at Sephora; and yes INR 300+ for a pack of oil blotting sheets is expensive in my opinion), I wanted to try out a slightly cheaper variant that would give decent results. So a while ago when I was getting my stuff billed at Forever 21, I ran into these eye catching blotting sheets that were lying in a bowl at the counter itself. Without thinking twice and without so much as even looking at the price, I picked up 4 of these (because come on, it’s Forever 21!!!). So read on to know how Forever 21 Love & beauty oil blotting papers worked for me.

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Product description: These Love & Beauty scented blotting papers remove excess oil from the face. Packaged in a thin, discreet case.

• Not tested on animals
• Imported

Ingredients: softwood pulp, tea tree leaf oil.

Product price: Sorry, I don’t remember how much I bought it for and as it is visible (or not visible thereof), the price is not easily readable on the tag. However I’m sure these blotting sheets were not too expensive (I’d say these were under INR 250, otherwise I would not have purchased these. Hehe)

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My experience with Forever 21 Love & Beauty Scented Blotting Papers :

First of all, what really caught my eye about these blotting sheets is the cute little packaging of course. This is so eye catching and aesthetically packaged that I am sure no one could miss a packaging like this. It comes in sleek and tiny black and pink card kind of packaging. you open it and there are 50 sheets inside. These sheets are a light pink in color. The sheets are packed as such that when you take one out, only a sheet comes out and not clumsily five more with it like happens with a ton of blotting paper packs out there (been there!). The back of the card/ pack gives the usual details etc. it is so sleek and compact that you can easily slip one into your bag without worrying about the space it will take because it wouldn’t take any space at all!

forever 21 scented blotting paper (4)

The sheets are very thin and feel buttery soft when you touch it. these sheets are also scented (I think it’s more of a fruity, strawberry kind of scent which I have no issues with). Most of the times, I need only one blotting sheet for my t-zone and it soaks up all the oil from the areas I apply it to. It leaves the skin almost oil-free and feeling fresher. Since tea-tree oil is an ingredient, one can rest assured that it wont break you out (although I am not sure if something as trivial as blotting sheets can also make one break out). On days when I have extra oily face, I need two of these sheets. I have noticed that when I am wearing makeup, a little bit of it tends to come off on the blotting paper but I don’t mind powdering my face later. Like I already mentioned, I bought 4 packs of these blotting sheets at once, I would also like to mention that I’m happy I did so because these blotting sheets are pretty good quality and work well. I’m currently on my 4th pack of blotting sheets and I’m going to have to make another visit to Forever 21 soon to pick up more of these, they’re so good!

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Pros of Forever 21 Love & Beauty Scented Blotting Papers :

• Affordable
• Compact and sleek, can easily fit into your tiny clutch bags too
• Work well at soaking up the oil from the face
• Mildly scented
• Contain tea tree oil

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Cons of Forever 21 Love & Beauty Scented Blotting Papers :

• Availability
• Soaks up the makeup too.

Will I repurchase it/ do I recommend Forever 21 Love & Beauty Scented Blotting Papers?
Yes and yes.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

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    1. Yeah, I absolutely love their beauty stuff, only i dont know why they still dont sell the major beauty stuff like lipsticks n nail paints in our country like they do elsewhere. I own a lip gloss from their range and it is amazing!!!

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