Freeman Golden Grain Brightening Mask Review

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Freeman Golden Grain Brightening Mask Review

So, my pick for today is Freeman Golden Grain Brightening Mask. I have tried loads of stuff from Freeman and they are some great instant preps before going out somewhere. The claim “Brightening” tempted me to get this big yellow tube. Let’s see how this worked out for my combination skin.

Product Description:

Glowing skin is worth its weight in gold! This illuminating gel mask with natural Golden Grain helps lift moisture levels for a dewy-smooth look and feel.  Get triple skin benefits from Vitamin C, known to help control the formation of dark spots, firm, and brighten.  Perfect for dry skin.
Not tested on animals.


Apply generously to face and neck, avoiding contact with eyes.  Leave on skin for 5-10 minutes.  Rinse with warm water.  Use two times a week or as often as needed.


$3.99 for 175 ml

My Experience with Freeman Golden Grain Brightening Mask:

First, let me just introduce my skin type a little. It is acting kind of weird right now. I am getting a lot of acne and I don’t know the reason; is it the hot weather or my medication! Also, I have some dry patches on my skin, but I suppose I do not have dry skin. But fortunately, I read that this Freeman Mask is for dry skin, so I was super happy that I got a pampering treatment for dryness.

Freeman Golden Grain Brightening Mask Review

The mask comes in a bright sunny yellow tube which is inverted and sturdy. It isn’t very heavy, so probably it can travel along with us. It has a flip cap which is convenient to use and causes no harm to my big nails. This Golden Grain Mask is designed for dry skin, but I think it is suitable for all skin types. Also, it contains Golden Grain and Vitamin C which can be helpful for our numerous skin issues. The tube has a small hole which gives out the required product.

Freeman Golden Grain Brightening Mask Review

Initially, I thought it was a proper face pack, but then when I started using it, I saw that it was more of a face gel. The mask is a gel in gold color with small gold shimmer particles in it. The consistency is very smooth and glides on the skin very easily. The fragrance is like scented sunflowers. It is a lot more on the floral side. It is pleasing and mild. 2-3 squeezes are required to cover the entire face and neck. Also, it feels very calming and relaxing on the face. It definitely de-stresses our dull skin. But, it feels slightly itchy too.

Freeman Golden Grain Brightening Mask Review

I kept the mask on for 15 minutes and then I washed it off with cool water. All the shimmer particles come off in one go and washing our face with a cleanser is not required. It leaves my skin really soft and hydrated. My skin looks very fresh and bright. The dullness has gone away and it makes my skin look like a nice soft base ready for makeup. I agree it brightened up my skin, but nothing miraculous! It made my face look bright for sometime, but I think any mask could have given me that sort of brightness.

My skin was glowing for a while, but the effects were pretty temporary. So, I think it would be inappropriate to call it a brightening mask. Also, it is designed for dry skin, but after use I could still see some dry patches on my skin. And, also after use I felt my skin was a bit stretchy and dry. I just wonder what it would do to the dry skin! It is nothing special and just something to freshen up your skin and to get some hydration.

Freeman Golden Grain Brightening Mask Review

Pros of Freeman Golden Grain Brightening Mask:

• Bright, sunny yellow attractive tube and convenient to use.
• The gel spreads smoothly on the skin.
• A little quantity is needed to cover the entire face and neck.
• It gave my skin hydration and skin looked better than before.
• Gave a slight glow to my face.
• The skin looked soft and supple.
• Not expensive.

Cons of Freeman Golden Grain Brightening Mask:

• Not available in India and limited in overseas market too.
• It wouldn’t be appropriate to call it a brightening mask since it did not give any noticeable brightness to my skin.
• Also it did not treat the dry patches on my skin.
• It made my combination skin a bit stretchy after use.
• Caused a slight itchy sensation when I applied it.
• Any facial gel could replace this easily.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase/Recommend Freeman Golden Grain Brightening Mask?

No, I wouldn’t. A mere Aloe Vera gel could also do what this did. It did nothing great for skin. In fact, it did not fulfil its claims at all. So from me, it gets thumbs down! Also, if it is designed for dry skin, it shouldn’t dry up the skin further.


I wouldn’t mind using it during summers since it felt relaxing, but I could simply never recommend it to anyone. We have a lot of gels which work better than this. In case you want to buy a facial gel, Khadi Rose and Aloe Vera gel would be my suggestion!

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  1. I can’t believe what a poor one…I was almost about to buy but instead got the acai one…thanks for the review saloni as i found no review for this 😀

    1. Your most welcome Parmita 🙂 i grabbed it because of the brightening claim but it did not work upto the mark.. great you got the acai one. i feel it works better than this 🙂

  2. I was not impressed with this gel mask. It didn’t do anything for me. I’ve tried other freeman masks with much better results

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