Homemade Chocolate Face Mask

chocolate face maskChocolate Face Mask

Chocolate is yummy. Chocolate is good for heart. Chocolate is good for skin. Cocoa is known as a very strong anti oxidant that helps in reversing the effects of aging and the overall tightening of the skin.

Using this mask, we can get glowing skin, soft and firm, with reduced signs of aging and sagging.

For this, we need
Cocoa powder (half cup)
Honey (half cup)
Oatmeal (2 tbsp) for dry skin OR  Besan (2 tbsp) for oily skin
Cream (3 tbsp) for dry skin OR   Curd (3tbsp) for oily skin

Let us go through the properties of each of the ingredients of this mask and see how they help the skin in being parts of the mask.

cocoa powderCocoa

A very powerful anti oxidant, it helps rid the skin of free radicals, that cause the lines of aging or the premature sagging or loosening of the skin.


This golden liquid cleans and softens the skin in its own sweet way. For centuries, it is known in almost all ancient cultures for its beautifying properties, especially in Egypt and India as an individual product, or in combination with other beauty products.


Besides their soothing and anti inflammatory properties on the skin, the oatmeal is useful since they are absorptive, hypoallergenic, and help to soften skin. They have the best amino acid balance of all the cereal grains which works as water-binding agents in the skin cells.



The intense cleansing and absorptive properties of besan help in clarifying the oiliness of oily skin and tightening the skin cells.


creamIdeal for moisturising and softening of skin, while providing a smooth base for holding the mask and acting as a binding medium for all the other ingredients.



It detoxifies the skin and helps control oil secretion. The smooth texture helps in the smooth blending of the other ingredients for the mask.

How to Make Chocolate Face Mask

Mix all the ingredients {(dry skin – cocoa powder, honey, oatmeal and cream) or (oily skin – cocoa powder, honey, besan and curd)} in the blender till it forms a thick, brown homogeneous batter.
Wait or about 5 minutes to let it settle a bit.
Put on a hair band so that no hair falls on the face while the mask is on
Then apply evenly all over the face (except the eyes, lips and nostrils) and let dry for 15 to 20 minutes.
Wash off with lukewarm water and pat the skin with a soft towel to dry it.

chocolate face maskPros of Chocolate Face Mask

The skin becomes glowing and soft
The skin is firm and smooth
Even if the mask goes into the mouth, no probs, it tastes yummy

Cons of Chocolate Face Mask

You keep wanting to extend your tongue and lick of even a teeny tiny bit

Overall Verdict

It is good for people with both dry skin and oily skin if used in their respective ingredient combinations.

My rating

6 out of 5.

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    1. Dia, there is an easier method for this mask. Saves your time also. Buy a yummy chocolate cake and ask your friend to duff it on your face. Friend ke bhi maje, face mask ka face mask. 🙂

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