Freeman Rejuvenating Cucumber and Pink Salt Clay Mask Review

By Keerti M.

Hello lovely ladies,

I love Freeman masks as they are easy to use and most of their masks have suited my combination skin. As the winter is setting, my skin has started to behave weirdly☹. So, I ended up picking up this clay mask hoping it will do some good to my already damaged skin. Let’s move on to the detailed review now.

Freeman Rejuvenating Cucumber and Pink Salt Clay Mask Review

INR 150
How To Use:
Apply over dry,clean face.Leave it for 7-10 minutes.Add warm water and massage gently to exfoliate Use twice a week.

Water,Bentonite,Titanium diocide,Kaolin,Pumice,Propylene glycol,cucumber fuit extract,Green clay stearate,candelilla wax,jojobo exters,sodium chloride(Himalayan pink salt)glycerin,disodium edta,sodium polyacrylate,magnesium aluminium silicate,methylchloroisothiazolinone,megnesum chloride,magnesium nitrate,diazolidinyl urea,fragrance, talc.

My Experience with Freeman Rejuvenating Cucumber and Pink Salt Clay Mask:

The clay mask comes in a fuss-free packaging; however, I wish they had a nozzle to close because being a clay mask it gets dried up if left open. Apart from that, there is nothing to complain about the packaging. This single packet has lasted me for 3 uses which is good considering the price.

Freeman Rejuvenating Cucumber and Pink Salt Clay Mask packaging

The mask is in light blue in colour and the texture is gritty because of the salt present in it, but the salt particles aren’t too abrasive. They are perfect to scrub off dead cells. It has the typical clay smell which is refreshing.

On application, the mask gives a nice, cooling effect and it takes almost 10 minutes to dry up. When I used it for the first time, I washed my face with cold water and it was difficult to get it off from the face because it left a whitish cast. Later on, for the second time, I used warm water as mentioned. It got rinsed off easily and there was no whitish cast. So ladies, please read instructions before using, don’t get too excited like me 😛

Freeman Rejuvenating Cucumber and Pink Salt Clay Mask swatch

I don’t have large pores, so not sure if it helps in reducing the pore size, but the light exfoliation it provides has a fresh feeling. I usually use it in the evenings after getting back from work and it makes my skin bright and clean. I am looking forward to using more masks from this brand.

Pros of Freeman Rejuvenating Cucumber and Pink Salt Clay Mask:

  • Affordable.
  • Can be used multiple times.
  • The salt isn’t too harsh on the skin.
  • Makes my skin look more clean and bright.
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin.

Cons of Freeman Rejuvenating Cucumber and Pink Salt Clay Mask:

  • Contains a lot of chemicals.
  • Keeping the sachet open might dry out the product.

Would I Repurchase Freeman Rejuvenating Cucumber and Pink Salt Clay Mask?

I would definitely recommend this to people with oily skin beauties. I would love to try other masks from this range. Might not repurchase it though.

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