Garnier’s White Complete Fairness Scrub Review

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Garnier’s White Complete Fairness Scrub

Hello All !!

Today’s product for review is the garnier’s white complete fairness scrub. I am a little finicky when it comes to skin care, I need to have the exact stuff for each of my skin care issues (my parents do have problem with me collecting gazillion products in stock ; ) ). Anyway, I was looking for a gel based gentle scrub and also I read on imbb that garnier’s white complete night cream is effective( truly it is, thankyou :*) so along with that I got this scrub as well. Lets jump on to the detailed critique.


My skin type :-

I have an immensely moody skin, it works in accordance to the weather at all times. Also I get tan super easily, so that needs to be taken care of on an everyday basis. I have a combination skin type, these days my skin is super oily, especially on my t-zone and my exposure to the sun everyday has made my skin tan even more.

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Product description :-

Exposure to sun,pollution and harsh environmental conditions makes skin appear dull and dark. Discover Garnier white complete exfoliation scrub: your everyday cleansing step to reveal brighter skin (It described all the reasons I was looking for a scrub)

Packaging and price:-

The packaging is the usual boring garnier tube with a screw open cap and a exceptionally wide mouth which dispenses more product than required. Even if the tube is left unattended horizontally with the cap open, the product sometimes comes oozing out all by itself :p Nothing attracted me about the packaging, I wouldn’t have noticed it if I wouldn’t have been looking for this.

It is a 50g tube for INR 85 (pretty reasonable pricing a new product)


My experience with Garnier’s White Complete Fairness Scrub:-

I have been using the ponds tan removal scrub for a long time now and frankly speaking though it was effective, I got bored of using the same product everyday. I was looking for a gel based gentle daily scrub and picked this one up. The product splashes out of the wider mouth more than required, you have to be careful with that. The strong lemony smell hits you as you bring it closer to your face. The color and look of it are pretty to look at.

I hate those face scrubs and facewashes which say that it has gentle exfoliation but you can hardly feel them on your skin ( I can mention a couple of such useless products, arrrhhh!!). Fortunately, you can feel the tiny specks in it on your skin working on your skin and gently exfoliating your skin of all the tan and dead skin. The texture of this scrub is not very scrub-like (as most gel based scrubs are), it is more like a face wash because it kind of lathers as you work on it. It comes off easily, leaving your face clean, reduces dirt and makes your skin feel fresh and soft. It does brighten my face, but the effect is transient. As it’s a daily scrub it use in the evening or post workout.


Pros of Garnier’s White Complete Fairness Scrub:-

• Gel based (boon for oily skin girls)
• Did not dry out my skin (dry skinned beauties can use it followed by a moisturizer)
• Lemon extract and salicylic acid as a part of their ingredients. Lemon is known for its whitening properties and works great for oily skin.
• Scrub particles can be felt on the skin and you can feel them working.
• Reasonable and easily available

Cons of Garnier’s White Complete Fairness Scrub:-

• Untempting packaging
• Consistence is runny , more than required product comes out each time.
• White complete?? nahhh.. gives you a clean soft look , removes daily tan and that is it.

Final word:- It is an above average product (me not being a fan of garnier product range). You can definitely give it a try. It won’t disappoint you. Nothing extra ordinary but I still recommend it because it’s worth a shot.

Rating:- 3.5/5

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2 thoughts on “Garnier’s White Complete Fairness Scrub Review

  1. Arshi thnkoooo !!!
    It is above average i would say. Does what it claims.. you can buy the smaller packaging and you could try it.

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