Good Hair Colour to Cover Grey Hair: Ask IMBB

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Deepanshi asks:


I have been following your blog for the past two years and it has really helped me. Because of it, I have started using herbal products which has improved my skin and hair quality. I have grey hair at hair line and its embarrassing. I had religiously applied henna ,amla,reetha,shikakai and kadipatta for 3 years but all i got is burgundy hairs among the black. So now, I am looking for a good hair color. I have heard Indigo powder is a natural supplement, but I am having a hard time looking for it. So, I have decided to use hazel free hair color. I have heard a lot about “richenna ez speedy hair color” as advertised on starcj but i can not find any review about it. Its my first time with hair color and I was hoping that like every time, you would be ale to provide some insight about it.

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4 thoughts on “Good Hair Colour to Cover Grey Hair: Ask IMBB

  1. Hi jomol,
    Recently i started using indigo with henna and found great can easily get indigo frm online. I used all most all sort of colors n finally settled wid regular use of indigo.hope u find the best.

  2. Hi shweta,
    Which is the site u bought from.? And how do u use it..plz share… n are the results similar to the loreal onez available in d market.
    Thank u..

  3. You can get indogo from But i bought mine from tavm naturals.
    only con is the whole process is whole lot of messy and need two days to work with.
    moreover the colour lasts only a little less than 10 days or max 12 days.

    otherwise yeah I had severe hairfall after using ammonia free revlon hair color and loreal hair colour. but never ever i use hair colors. had such a bad hair episode of my life.

    I have read in IMBB itself to soak reetha and amla in iron container overnight and apply it on hair next day. Does it work friends ? plz let me know

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