11 Best Hair Colour Products Available in India

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A majority of us Indians prefer to color our hair at homes, all by ourselves. To color hair at home is an expensive exercise, whether you want to give yourself a whole new look or just to cover up grey hair. Considering the time one needs to spend at the salon for hair color adds to the hitch. Hair colors can give you a whole new look and also cover up grey and white hair, making you look young almost instantly. Coloring hair at home with a hair color kit is a viable option for most of us, but the biggest dilemma you would face is about which hair color brand to pick. At salons or beauty parlours, the beautician or hairstylist would help you choose the color and brand that would best suit your hair, but when it comes to hair coloring at home, you would need help and we are ready to help. Bringing to you, 11 best hair colour products available in India, so that you can look cool, give a different dimension to your personality, and step out with confidence.

Best Hair Colour Brands Available in India

A few tips to remember before colouring hair at home:

1. Mix in a non-metallic bowl.
2. Keep only for 30 minutes.
3. Do an allergy test 24 hours prior to coloring hair.
4. Use a conditioner after applying hair color to prevent hair from going dry.
5. Divide your hair into sections and color your hair section by section.
6. Use a sulphate-free shampoo or color-protect shampoo after applying hair color.

Best Hair Colour Products For Indians

1. Bblunt Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Color:

There are 7 hair color options available in this brand – “Black – Natural Black,” “Coffee Natural Brown,” “Mahogany Reddish Brown,” “Blueberry Blue Black,” “Honey Light Golden Brown,” “Chocolate Dark Brown,” “Wine Deep Burgundy.” There are a lot of good things about BBlunt Hair Color – the first one being that there are two size variants available, 20 and 50 gm. Gloves are provided with the packaging. There is a shine developer also provided that makes hair soft and shiny. It also does not leave hair dry or brittle. Another big pro is that this is an ammonia-free hair color and there is no smell after you wash your hair. The shade Chocolate Dark Brown, has been reviewed on IMBB.

2. Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe Intense Oil Care Color:

This hair color comes from world-renowned brand Schwarzkopf claims to have Oleo-Gold Elixir for up to 30% more shine! It claims to provide rich and intense color. It also claims to contain argan oil. Palette DELUXE offers you a wide range of stunning shades with perfect grey coverage. There are around 4 shades available in this range that provide 100% grey coverage.

3. L’Oreal Paris Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer Spray:

L’Oreal Paris Magic Retouch is an instant root concealer spray that covers grey roots in just one quick spray. It blends with your natural hair color and gives instant root touch up. The pinpoint micro-diffuser covers grey and white hair. This is a temporary hair color that would last until the next wash. This hair concealer is available in brown and black hair color.

4. L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss Hair Color:

There are around 11 shades in this range – from Darkest Brown to Ebony Black to Mahogany. This hair color doesn’t drip, it has a creme gloss formula that covers grey hair completely. In the package, along with the developer and activator, conditioner is also provided so that your hair color would have a lot of shine after washing. This hair color does not irritate the scalp and is ammonia free too.

5. L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion Highlights Hair Color:

This hair color promises to give you salon-like highlights. There’s a unique brush provided in the packaging that helps you with easy application to get blended highlights. You have to mix the colorant and developer in a non-metallic bowl. Dip the uniquely-shaped brush to take out the product. Apply the brush through your hair through the entire length of your hair. Keep the hair color for 30 minutes. Rinse and condition the hair. There are two shades in this range – Caramel Brown and Honey Blonde.

6. Garnier Color Naturals Hair Colour:

This is also an ammonia-free color that also claims to contain the goodness of olive, almond, and avocado oil. It gives good shine to hair, gives 100% grey coverage without aggravating hair loss. There are around 8 shades in this range.

7. Crazy Color Semi Permanent Hair Color Cream:

This semi-permanent hair color range has some quirky and fun colors for you to try and explore – from Canary Yellow to Marshmallow pink – there are 28 shades that can add some fun dimension to your personality.

8. BBlunt One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour:

This is a temporary hair color that lasts only till the next hair wash. You have to spray on to add color to your hair. There is no need to mix activator and developer separately. It does not cover hair that well. You take off the color, you just have to shampoo your hair. This is a completely ammonia-free product. There shades are available – Green, Blue, Copper, Pink and Bronze.

9. Revlon Colorsilk Hair Color:

This is an ammonia-free hair color that provides 100% grey hair coverage. It does not damage hair, does not fade quickly. Revlon ColorSilk claims to be enriched with UV Defence to help keep color vibrant and true. There are around 12 shades in this range.

10. Streax Cream Hair Colour:

Streax hair colour enriched with Walnut Oil not only colours your hair but also gives a nourishing treatment to your hair. Kera-Vit Conditioner conditions the hair from root to tip with a protein rich formula that nourishes and protects the hair strands.

11. L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Hair Color:

This is a permanent hair color with serum and pro-keratin formula. It’s a no-drip formula with color that lasts up to for 4 weeks. It does not damage hair, does not aggravate hair fall.

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