Guerlain L’Or Pure Radiance Face Primer Concentrate with Pure Gold Review

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This review will be on my first buy from the luxury brand “Guerlain,” which everyone raves about endlessly. Out of all the makeup items they had on the counter, this primer in particular caught my eye because it was just too pretty to pass.  This review will be on the Guerlain L’Or Pure Radiance Face Primer.
Guerlain L'Or Pure Radiance Face Primer Concentrate with Pure Gold

Product Description:
Guerlain L’Or is an embellishing make-up base sprinkled with pure 24-carat gold flakes. Like the most luxurious jewellery pieces, the precious flakes were crafted into ultra-sparkling and ultra-reflective particles, then dispersed in a hydrating smoothing gel. The complexion is beautified. It glows with divine and unfailing radiance. Skin is smooth, supple and satiny, ready for perfect, enhanced and long-lasting makeup.
Ingredients Guerlain lor

What it is formulated to do:  L’Or Make-up Base is truly worth its weight in gold. The 24-carat gold-infused cooling gel sinks into the skin, retaining moisture. Applied to bare skin, this skin enhancer and makeup primer smoothes fine lines and tightens facial features. It also provides an even finish under makeup.


My Experience with Guerlain L’Or Pure Radiance Face Primer Concentrate with Pure Gold:

Packaging:  Can we just take a moment to admire this beauty? This primer comes in a beautiful glass bottle with a gold cap and a pump. To match with the theme of gold, this primer also contains specks of pure 24-carat gold flakes; talk about feeling like a queen when you use this product! I absolutely adored it from the very first sight!

Texture:  This is a silicone-free primer. It’s gel based and when you apply and spread it on your skin, it feels as light as water. There is no slippery feel that is associated with silicone. The gold flecks dissolve into the skin as you rub, hence you don’t have stray gold bits on your skin after application. The primer does get absorbed into the skin quickly without leaving any residue behind. There is a mild cooling and tightening effect that I feel on the skin initially, which I enjoy.
Gold flecks

Look and feel on the skin:  Even though it is silicone free, it does a great job of smoothing out my skin and blurring the appearance of pores and fine lines. It feels extremely hydrating on the skin, like giving your skin a tall glass of water, without the heavy feel. It is hydrating and moisturizing enough on its own that I can easily skip a moisturizer on days when my skin is on its best behavior and not parched and screaming for attention. It makes my skin so soft, smooth and plump. The best part about this primer is that it makes my skin look radiant and luminous; not dewy or greasy, but like the “skin lit from within” natural glow. The glow even translates through foundation and this primer has an ability to make every foundation I put on the top look good. This makes it a boon for dull skin or to wear under matte foundations.
Gold concentrate primer

It does not feel too sticky (just enough to make foundations adhere to it) and does help foundation glide onto my skin. My foundation applies smoothly, blends effortlessly, and does not settle into lines or pores. Since this primer is clear, it can be used by all skin tones.

Staying Power:  It did not help improve the wear time of my foundation a whole lot, but it did make my skin look beautiful the whole time I was wearing it. Also, my foundation wore evenly throughout. There was no uneven fading, or surprise appearance of lines and dry patches. The glow of this primer did keep on increasing as the day wore on and it meshed with my natural oils coming through, but it never made me look greasy, hence I would not say this is the most ideal product for oily skin.
Swatch on hands

Fragrance:  This primer does have a moderately strong perfume type scent, which I like. It is not bothersome or overpowering, but is enough to deter sensitive noses.

Overall, I am in love with this primer and can’t say enough good things about it. This one is an ideal product for normal to dry skin, and for women who love the look of radiant skin. This might not be ideal for super oily skin and those with problematic pores to address. I highly recommend this primer.

Pros of Guerlain L’Or Pure Radiance Face Primer Concentrate with Pure Gold:

  • Gorgeous packaging.
  • 24 K gold flecks.
  • Skin feels firm upon application.
  • Gives the skin a smooth, silky feel.
  • Feels very lightweight on the skin, feels as light as water.
  • Makes my foundation glide on and wear evenly.
  • Gives a beautiful radiance to the skin which looks very natural.
  • It is silicone free hence will not clog pores.
  • Hydrating enough for my dry skin.
  • Blurs the look of fine lines and pores (as long as they are not too big and problematic).

Cons of Guerlain L’Or Pure Radiance Face Primer Concentrate with Pure Gold:

  • Super expensive.
  • Moderately strong scent, sensitive noses take heed.

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    1. Initially I thought so too but since this is silicone free unlike the YSl the feel of them are totally different. I personally like this guerlain one more than the other

  1. I didn’t have to read the entire review (though I did for I love the way you write) to make out that it’s an awesome product. So gorgeous. Everyone’s dream!

  2. I’ve got this after watching the review on youtube. Loving it, skin feels supple and foundation goes on smoothly. Pricey but worth it’s weight in gold.

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