Yves Saint Laurent Pur Couture Pure Color Satiny Radiance #13 Le Orange

Yves Saint Laurent Pur Couture Pure Color Satiny Radiance #13 Le Orange

Im back! With another lippy!!With my last lippy review, Estee Lauder Vivid Shine lipstick in Poppy Love, one of my sweet readers pointed out that I seem to buy only shades of Pink – questioning why? While assuring her that I do own other colours, I promised her a review an Orange Lippy next – so here it is – YSL Pur Couture #13 Le Orange – One of the most beautiful, wearable, bright shades of orange.

Yves Saint Lauren Pur Couture Pure Color Satiny Radiance #13 Le Orange (1)

Everyone likes to experiment, right? Some little, some more.After amassing hordes of pink and red, one feels at least ek orange honachahiye! So what did I do – go to the one brand which supposedly has the most widest range ofcolours possible – MAC. I tried Morange – Loud and garish, Neon Orange – More Loud, Lady Danger – I looked like a Lady of the nite! Hmmmmpf!

Yves Saint Lauren Pur Couture Pure Color Satiny Radiance #13 Le Orange (6)

Don’t get me wrong, the colours mentioned above are great, just not for me – didn’t suit my face or skintone or whatever! Then I suddenly remembered having seen a vibrant orange online and thought lets check it out – enter YSL. For some reason, I had not tried YSL lippies ever before. So thought, lets see what they have to offer and in the bargain if I get mere wala orange – fantastic!

Yves Saint Lauren Pur Couture Pure Color Satiny Radiance #13 Le Orange (3)

I tried the colour and fell in love. Still, its was an orange….I wasn’t sure I would be able to carry it off. Can I really? I didn’t buy it. But the colour kept haunting me and I had to go back for it. Finally, it became my Birthday Gift from Hubby – yeah, one of those things where you select the product and tell hubby – BUY THIS NOW!

The Product (from the Website):

A new-generation lipstick inspired by Monsieur Saint Laurent’s iconic color palette—red, fuchsia and orange—in a collection of captivating couture shades that offer each complexion a customized look. Lips are saturated with intense, stay-true color, thanks to the Coloreveal Technology while natural extracts provide comforting moisture that lasts all day. Provides medium to full coverage with a radiant, satin finish.

This particular shade from YSL came into the limelight and got blogged about a lot thanks to its use by KourtneyKardashian – one of the (in)famousKardashian sisters. Apparently, its her “go to” red!Was this reason enough for me to buy it! No! I have little to no interest in the life of Kardashian sisters. But the lipstick colour really caught my attention.


US $34 / INR 1950 for 3.8gms


The lipstick comes packaged in a golden case which has a decent weight. It bears the YSL logo on one side. You can close it on any side, however, makes sense to align the logo each time. The gold case can be a pain to keep free from smudges – it’s a finger print magnet!

Yves Saint Lauren Pur Couture Pure Color Satiny Radiance #13 Le Orange (2)

Love the YSL insignia etched on the lipstick. I know a lot of brands do that nowadays, including drugstore. But it still gives me a luxe feel to see the brand insignia on the lippy.The lipstick comes packaged in a golden cardboard box. Though the box does not come with a seal, however, the closure is kind of tamper-proof. However, when you actually want to open it, you end up tearing the packaging a little…refer pics.Grouse with the packaging – again, no indication of colour (if you have more than one). Also, the tag on the lippy bottom mentions only the number, not the name!

My Experience with Yves Saint Lauren Pur Couture Pure Color Satiny Radiance #13 Le Orange:

The Colour is Orange no doubt and bight – however, there is enough red and a tad bit of pink to make it more wearable and suitable for most skintones. I do believe that the colour would suit almost all skin tones and would look particularly lovely on more dusky ones. Kourtney Kardashian seems to be rocking it!On the blogosphere, the colour has been described as red toned orange as well as orange toned red. So which is it?Red OR Orange? I think the name should be an indicator for you…it definitely is an orange. I think 2 things come into play here:

• Lighter, pink toned skins will accentuate the red in the lippy while the yellow toned skins will accentuate the orange in it. So on light toned gals, it will look more red than orange and vice-versa.
• Also, if you swatch the lippy next to pure oranges, it would seem red. However, swatched against reds, it is clearly an orange. Refer pics for better understanding of this.
All in all it’s a fairly unique colour and I love it!

Yves Saint Lauren Pur Couture Pure Color Satiny Radiance #13 Le Orange (7)

The texture is slippery and it glides on extremely smoothly. 2 swipes are enough to make the colour stand out. It has a little slip and does transfer easily. The lipstick keeps the lips hydrated for as long as its there.

Which brings me to the staying power – the lipstick lasts for about 4 hours on my lips. However, the Pur Couture range has a tendency to stain…and I mean STAIN! Whether a light shade or dark, the stain stays for hours. I remember swatching the shades and later the colours just wouldn’t come off my arm!! Also note that the stain is not drying on my lips – which is a change! So all in all, you get about 6-7hours of colour with this – lipstick and stain!

To sum this up for you:

Pros of Yves Saint Lauren Pur Couture Pure Color Satiny Radiance #13 Le Orange:

• Fabulous, Fantastic, awesome colour! One of the brightest yet wearable shades of orange I have come across!
• The colour would suit all skin tones as long as you are comfortable wearing a bright colour.
• The lipstick glides on softly like butter – no tug, no pull.
• Considering the bright colour and how softly it glides on – there was no feathering or bleeding.
• Hydrates the lips while on
• The colour stains which lasts for good 2-3hours on lips – and more than 20 hours on the arms!!!
• Applies easily from the tube
• Does not settle into the fine lines of the lips.
• Tamper proof packaging
• Luxe packaging

Yves Saint Lauren Pur Couture Pure Color Satiny Radiance #13 Le Orange (5)

Cons of Yves Saint Lauren Pur Couture Pure Color Satiny Radiance #13 Le Orange:

• The lipstick transfers easily because of the soft texture.
• The grouse with the packaging – no indicator of colourot shade name!

Yves Saint Lauren Pur Couture Pure Color Satiny Radiance #13 Le Orange swatches
IMBB Rating – 4.5/5

It’s a great lipstick in terms of shade and feel. Personally, not my favourite texture because of the transference. However, I love the feel of hydration it gives me. I personally prefer saturated bright longlastingcolours – so you will see me review the more intense, longlasting, satin lippies from a brand rather than their “sheer” or “shine” variants. This lippy does not fall in the longlasting category for sure (minus the stain) – however, I love it for the colour!

Would I buy Yves Saint Lauren Pur Couture Pure Color Satiny Radiance #13 Le Orange again?

Not sure if I’ll be buying more Pur Couture lipsticks in the near future. Having said that – if I do finish this one, I will surely buy again – for the BEAUTUFUL colour!

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40 thoughts on “Yves Saint Laurent Pur Couture Pure Color Satiny Radiance #13 Le Orange

  1. nyc review….and yeah KK, its a change..pleasant one…U not reviewing a pink lippi…but orange one….YSL looks classy with its golden packaging..

    1. Im so happy *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* I found this colour! Just love it! Cant stop raving about it! After trying so many Orange shades, this definitely is “Mere wala Orange”!! rofl

        1. If you found someone who looks like me in the GYM, it definitely wasnt me!!! rofl rofl rofl
          I need to go to one is a different story altogether!

          No Gurrl, Im from Mumbai!

  2. I know KK you will buy it again because you are a lippie addict na *drool* *drool* this is such a beautiful colour yaaa *woot* *woot* *woot* you have put in great pictures and described everything very well too *woot*

    1. 😛 😛 😛 Yes, I am – currently addicted to lippies! But you havent seen my blush collection yet!! rofl rofl rofl

      *thankyou* for your encouraging words Gurrl! Try this colour – it would really suit you, Saloni!

  3. OMG! I am just seeing this. That shade looks stunning on you. *hifive* Your collection is sooo drool- worthy !! *thankyou* so much for keeping the promise. *happydance* *shy*

    1. Finally!! Ive been waiting *waiting* *waiting* *waiting* for your comments Tanvi! I keep my promises and dont make them if Im not likely to keep them! *hifive*

      The shade in itself is pretty awesome…you should try it! Im glad you liked the change from pinks! Next will be Burgundy! *happydance* *happydance*

  4. OMGGGG!!! it’s stunnner kulpreet. and girl you are making one stunning lipstick collection for yourself! 🙂 the color looks really beautiful on you. :)) Very good and detailed review *clap* *clap* *clap*

    1. Im just getting started Rati!!! *hifive* *hifive* Guerlain, Givenchy and Burberry to be reviewed soon – and Tom Ford on my lust list now!! *drool* *drool* *drool*

      Thanks for the encouraging words….missed you around! And yes, it is a stunning colour…I’m trying to wear complimentary shades nowadays just so that I can get to wear this one! rofl rofl

  5. LOL!! I was out and about all day and just got time to check this out. The shade is awesome indeed and the packaging is out of this world, it’s fit for a princess *clap* Waiting for the burgandy but then isn’t it another name for dark err….pink? 😛 Sorry *hihi* I am just pulling your leg. I know it would be another awesome shade from your kitty *hifive*

    1. *thankyou* Sabrina for your lovely words! Yes, its a stunning colour…should look good on you too! You like bright shades as well, right? *hifive*

  6. Awww Here we hav another awesome review …. 😀 *woot* Orange suits you well u should try more of them . Btw Im From Delhi But I Don’t Buy Estee stuff from here as its costly … I usually get it from my aunt who is in us . Recently received a couple of estee and mary kay stuff . Me a teen but still im using estee since I was 8-9 years . I was a makeup addict since bachpan *announce* btw u should try bronze goddess bronzer frum estee it compliments my fair skin well. Have You tried their lippy named passion fruit its a deep red wid shimmers. *shy* *secret*

    1. Firstly, *thankyou* for dropping in your comments – trust me, reading the comments and knowing a little about my readers is the HIGHLIGHT of the entire blogging process for me! Love it when readers right in to share their thoughts!

      So you too are a EL fan but for waaaay longer! Hmmmm… I know its cheaper in US. Actually its cheaper pretty much everywhere else. Hubby got a couple of colours from Hong Kong, it was about 1500 post conversion! Yet to review those shades.

      I used to love makeup in my teens but there was waaay to much to occupy my mind that makeup was just a necessity – read liquid liners, lipstick (in that order)… I would splurge on buying books than makeup! Looooooove reading. So if I had extra cash, would spend on my collection of books than makeup!

      I have EL Bronze Goddess…but honestly, it isnt my favorite bronzer…I find it a little bit stiff. Will definitely check for Passion fruit next time I got to EL counter. Thanks Shrutika!! *hifive*

  7. I LOVE the shade!! And of course the packaging! *woot*
    I love your lip swatch too!
    You look great! *clap* *clap*
    And such a nice detailed and amazing review!
    I want to steal your collection! *ghost* *ghost*

    1. *thankyou* *thankyou* Triya!! So sweet! Thanks for your encouraging words Gurrrl!

      You have to get in line to steal my collection – currrently my little one has his heart set on my lippies and brushes…I think he likes the taste of the brushes!! *nonono* *nonono* *nonono*
      My stuff is lying on a fairly high counter but invariably I see him trying to attempt to grab something…he can barely walk straight!! *headbang* *headbang*

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