Guerlain Rose Aux Joues Tender Blush Chic Pink 02 Review, Swatch, FOTD

guerlain rose chic pink blush
Claims :
Discover Rose aux Joues, Guerlain’s new colour-revealing blush.

Rosy cheeks with a delicate glow, as if you had just spent a day in the fresh air, with a lightweight imperceptible finish. A feat made possible by the new Rose aux Joues which brings a pink flush to your cheeks with a single sweep of the brush.

Its Pink Booster pigments capture natural light and enhance your complexion’s natural pink hue in perfect affinity with the skin.

Fresh, powdery, golden… Rose aux Joues is offered in six timeless shades for all seasons and occcasions. They perfectly match all KissKiss Roselip shades for a healthy and lightly flushed look.
Price : £33.50 / Rs 3200 approx

guerlain rose chick pink blush review

My Experience with Guerlain Rose Aux Joues Chic Pink 02
I am a big blush lover. On any given day if there are 3 things I would have to use, I’d use a kohl, concealer, and a blush. I feel a good blush can totally add freshness to your skin with least effort. On a daily basis I prefer a cream blush but when I equally love a good powder blush as well.

I think when I picked up this blush, it was the color that got attracted to it the most. Guerlain Chic Pink 02 is a gorgeous warm earthy pink with coral undertones. It has a very fine shimmer to it that is barely noticeable upon application. The shimmer I feel only gives a little glow to the skin and prevents the blush from looking flat or too matte. The shimmer does not settle on or exaggerate pores of your skin.

I feel the color is such that you can pair it up with all kind of lipstick colors whether is your earthy warm shades or corals or softer MLBB pinks. It just works. It looks very rose toned and natural on the skin. It is a great color for all skin tones.

I absolutely love the glossy black packaging. It comes with a wide brush that is soft and comes in dandy while travelling or for doing touchups. The blush has a lovely pattern embossed on it and even after so many uses, it has not disappeared. The box has a magnetic closure. There is also a lovely wide mirror on the inside. A big bonus!

The texture of the blush is smooth and very fine. It is a pigmented blush so I’d suggest to apply less and build it up according to your preference. It has faint fragrance that is totally not bothersome. Infact, I quite like it.

The staying power of blush is incredible I have worn it maximum or 8 hours and it has pretty much been there..not entire intact but it did not disappear from my skin. Infact I feel it looks better and more natural once your makeup is settled after an hour or so.
An absolutely gorgeous luxury.
Rating : 5/5

guerlain rose chick pink blush 02

guerlain rose chick pink blush

guerlain powder blush chich pink 02 review




Swatch :guerlain powder blush chich pink 02 swatch

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  1. I am addicted to blushes now Rati, thanks to IMBB. I always refer to your post “How to Match Lipstick with Blushes” has helped me a lot. And then, there are your reviews where you put on blush so wonderfully. It looks absolutely stunning on you, and goes so well with your makeup.

    It’s almost as if they made this for you. Lovely blush! Love such shades. And love how blushes can enhance the look by adding that perfect amount of color. See, I am starting to feel so passionate about makeup now. 🙂

  2. Rati, it looks so fresh and pretty! I feel it’s a kind of blush that would look great on all types of skin tones, even the darkest ones 🙂

  3. Awwwwww – this looks absolutely gorgeous on you! And looks heavenly in the pan – so pretty! **Sigh** Im digging the new glossy black packaging that Guerlain is using nowadays. I picked up a powder foundation from them and i just love to sit and stare at the packaging. It feels really luxe. I know, its supposed to be about the product and not just the packaging. But i really like it when Brands pay attention to the aesthetics.

    1. not sure about the moderation part. .. 🙁

      I agree. Guerlain is totally impressing me these days. A good packaging makes a nice difference. Thank you 🙂

  4. Whats with my comments and Moderation?? Is there like a word limit here! Well, I always use to ask for supplement sheets! So….

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