Hask Greek Yogurt Hydrating Deep Conditioner Review

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I had previously reviewed the Hask Greek Yoghurt Repairing Deep Conditioner which worked well for my dry and damaged hair. Following that, I got a couple of more products from Hask, which have worked well for my frizzy, curly and dry hair. Today’s review will be on the hydrating deep conditioner which replenishes moisture to dry strands and makes them healthy and it has a tempting combination of Greek Yoghurt, Honey and Fig! Let’s quickly jump to the review.

Hask Greek Yogurt Hydrating Deep Conditioner Review

Product Description:
Dual conditioner formula. Combines Greek yogurt with fig and honey. This innovative deep conditioner of rich Greek yogurt and fruit extract gives your hair the intense repairing treatment it craves. Creamy Greek yogurt is protein-packed and full of calcium to help nourish and moisturize. Vitamin rich fig provides weightless nourishment, while honey is full of nutrients to help fight dryness and leave your hair with a glossy shine. With just a squeeze, these ingredients come together, creating the perfect blend to help replenish vital moisture and restore dehydrated hair to its natural beauty. Free of: sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten & drying alcohol. Not tested on animals.

Hask Greek Yogurt Hydrating Deep Conditioner ingredients

My Experience with Hask Greek Yogurt Hydrating Deep Conditioner:

Packaging: All the Hask Greek Yoghurt products have pretty packaging. This conditioner comes in an ochre-honey and white-colored sachet, made of good quality plastic, so you need good scissors to snap it open. There is an inner membrane which protects the products. The sachet is extremely travel friendly; however, if you don’t use it up in one go, like me, you might need to store them. I use a paper clip to fold and close, it doesn’t remain leak-proof after that though. Product details are neatly mentioned on the pouch.

Hask Greek Yogurt Hydrating Deep Conditioner label

The range has different products targeted at specific hair problems. Blueberry and Acai are meant to repair damage; Fig and Honey helps hydrate, and Pomegranate and Cranberry is for color-treated hair. I had previously picked up Blueberry and Acai to treat my sun and damaged hair (caused due to pollution) and went for Fig and Honey to hydrate them. Each line has three products – two full size shampoo and conditioners and a deep conditioning pouch.

This conditioner has a mild caramel kind of smell, which is not bothersome and lasts for some seconds. It won’t bother sensitive noses at all. The texture of the conditioner is creamy, slippery and thick. It boasts of dual conditioning formula and I was surprised to see two different colored creams oozing out – one is white and the other is a pale beige color.

As I had previous experience with Hask deep conditioners, I was careful about the quantity. The first time I had used the Repairing Deep Conditioner, I was so excited by the claims that I squeezed out half pouch and slathered on my shoulder-length hair. It made my hair quite limp. This time, I made sure that the hair from my crown to tips were coated, but not drenched in the mask and washed it off after ten minutes. While washing itself, I could feel my hair had become very smooth and soft.

Hask Greek Yogurt Hydrating Deep Conditioner packaging

My hair feels smooth, soft and manageable. I have curly hair, so I need to make sure my hair is hydrated, otherwise it looks like a huge frizz ball. While it doesn’t tame frizz completely, it definitely makes hair very moisturized. Normally my hair often feels rough and dull, but using this once a week made such a difference. I also used it as a conditioner and kept it for 2-3 minutes and was satisfied with the results.

I have short, shoulder-length hair and this pouch has already given me three washes. Mind it, I didn’t use it judiciously and quite some amount slipped from my hands. I can probably squeeze out to give one more use. The softness and bounce it gave me was quite noticeable and I could touch my hair and feel the difference. My curls look defined and bouncy. Dull hair looks shiny and healthy, without compromising on body and volume.

Hask Greek Yogurt Hydrating Deep Conditioner swatch on hand

Hask products are quite nice, from my experience. The brand is cruelty free and makes products free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten and drying alcohol. Had the brand been more easily available, I would have purchased more products.

Pros of Hask Greek Yogurt Hydrating Deep Conditioner:

  • Lovely pouch packaging.
  • Good quantity.
  • Dual conditioner.
  • Makes hair soft and smooth.
  • Replenishes moisture in 10 minutes.
  • Hair looks healthy and is manageable.
  • Free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten and drying alcohol.
  • Noticeable results.
  • Cruelty free.
  • Great for parched, dry, curly, frizzy hair.

Cons of Hask Greek Yogurt Hydrating Deep Conditioner:

  • Availability is an issue.
  • You need to figure out the right quantity, or your hair may look limp and oily.

Would I Repurchase/Repurchase Hask Greek Yogurt Hydrating Deep Conditioner?
Yes definitely.
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