How To Fix Damaged Hair

how to fix damaged hair

How To Fix Damaged Hair

So you fried your hair with a home dye experiment or your hairdresser kept the straightening chemicals on for too long. Or you are just unfortunate to have an extremely dry hair nest complete with split ends and weak roots. Take a deep breath and embark on an intensive repair and rescue mission.

Intense Deep Conditioning

Your damaged hair needs a megadose of moisture and nutrients. You need to do deep conditioning treatments at least once or twice a week for three months for visible results. Choose a heavy duty conditioner or mask containing the ultra-moisturizing fatty acid known as ‘cetyl alcohol’. Some good options you may wish to look at are Kerastase Masquintense Conditioner, L’oreal Intense Repair, Kerastase Nutritive Hair Mask or Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask. Your hair expert will be able to recommend something to especially suit your current situation.

What you need to do is to apply a reasonable amount of conditioner evenly to coat all the hair and comb through. Help it to penetrate by blowing heat at it with a regular blow dryer. Cover with a plastic shower cap and leave on for 15 mins to half an hour before washing off.

You can make a slightly complicated but highly effective weekly treatment by mixing together: 2 tbsp each of a leave in conditioner, a rinse-out conditioner, a deep conditioner, and a hair mask in a large bowl. Apply evenly through damp just-shampooed hair, focusing more from mid-shaft downwards towards the ends. Wrap hair in a hot towel for five minutes. Rinse off.

Hot Oil Treatments & Other Natural Therapies

Olive oil + primrose oil is an excellent method to restore the damaged follicle and boost shine to hair. In half a cup of warm olive oil mix 1-2 slit capsules of evening primrose oil and use as a hot oil treatment once a week. Wrap your head in a towel drenched in hot water to let the pores open and allow the oil to seep in further. Primrose oil stimulates fresh hair growth so that you can grow out your damaged hair. Olive oil helps with the same goal and also softens, moisturizes and adds extra shine to your already damaged tresses.

You can also slit 2 vitamin E capsules and add to ½ cup of pure coconut oil and repeat the above instructions for a hot oil head massage.

Pure aloe vera gel may be applied to the scalp and hair shafts to reconstruct the hair structure and repair damage from within.

Henna paste mixed with two beaten eggs+ 2 tsps olive oil also helps to condition. However, don’t keep on henna for longer than an hour at it can have drying effects. Eggs and olive oil do counter the drying effect of henna to a reasonable extent, but make sure you use a good conditioner after rinsing out the paste.

Avoid Chemical Processing & Heat Styling

If you must colour your hair, opt for highlights instead of all-over colour. It would be best to avoid all types of dyes, relaxants, straighteners and heat styling equipments such as curling or straightening irons altogether. Give your hair time to recooperate from the damage.

Chop it Off

We hate to say this. But in truth, it is the only effective way to completely get rid of damage. Since severe damage is a chemical alteration of real hair structure, there is not much topical products and oils can do to reverse it completely. All you can do is to snail through the incredibly slow process of growing it all out. If a shorter hairstyle is acceptable to you, go for it by all means. You will be cutting off a load of trouble along with your chopped off hair by actually reducing the quantity of damage you carry around on your head. Shorter hair is also easier to care for and it is simpler control damage-induced hairfall. If you don’t want to do this, go for regular trims every 3 weeks and cut off the damaged shafts little by little as hair length keeps growing. This way you don’t have to sacrifice the appearance you are used to. Keeping the trims frequent and using the above steps will ensure new growth to happen faster.


Agreed, this is not a way to fix your damage. But it helps you keep appearances while your hair is in rehab. Tying your hair in styles such as the french braid are a fun innovative way to hide the damaged and look nice at the same time. You can match your outfit with a hip bandana or a large bow to cover and distract attention from your hair. Buy some pretty hats for when you go out to look stylish and keep your hair under wraps.

Hair Vitamins

A much neglected part, our hair sometimes needs special nutrients. The best way to get these is to fill up your diet with nutrient-dense foods such as lean proteins, plenty of vitamin a, e, b-complex (of which biotin is the most important) and zinc. You can take an all-inclusive supplement of ayurvedic or allopathic composition. While this may not reverse damaged hair, it will boost new growth and allow you to grow out the damage faster.

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  1. fried your hair ? :lol2: never heard of primrose oil. bt olive oil is my hg oil. have been using it for years and years . dont plan to change it either. 😀

  2. I love hot oil treatments. Other super miracle worker is egg,milk and olive oil mask. It heals, nourishes and tames damaged hair.
    Mix one egg with one tablespoon milk and two teaspoon of olive oil. Apply on damp hair and leave it for 30 mins and wash off with cold water. I swear by this for taming and nourishing my naturally dry curly hair.

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