8 Highlighter Mistakes That Can Ruin your Look

By Khadeeja A

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Highlighting has become quite a rage in the past few months. Everyone has started following this trend and brands have started introducing highlighters in different shades and formulae. But this obsession sometimes goes way too far. And many times we are guilty of committing a few highlighting mistakes. Please keep reading to find them out about the most common highlighting mistakes and how to avoid them.

Highlighter mistakes

Wrong shade of highlighter

Like every other makeup product, choosing the right shades of highlighter that suit you is very important. I can’t stress enough about understanding your skin undertones and choosing products accordingly. Consider your complexion, undertones, and then choose your highlighter shades based on that. The wrong shade of highlighter does nothing to enhance your features; it does the exact opposite, instead.

Too much highlighter

Following the Instagram tutorials might inspire you to go all glowy and sparkling with your highlighter, but going overboard with it and applying way too much highlighter makes you look like a disco ball. Always remember that the Instagram makeup is more of a photoshoot makeup. I mean to say that, with the professional lighting and professional cameras, those looks might look attractive, but for our normal occasions and day to day life, the ‘in your face’ highlighter is definitely not a good choice.

Not understanding the difference between day and night highlighter

Applying a very nicely pigmented, beautiful golden highlighter looks beautiful for a night look. But the same highlighter looks overboard during the day. For day looks, choose more subtle and sheer options which add a subtle glow to your face, giving a very fresh look.

Using a very light shade of concealer for highlighting

Using a lighter shade of concealer is definitely a good way of getting that natural glowy look. However, going for a concealer that is way too light for your skin tone will create a whitish cast and give a very unnatural and patchy look. A concealer that is two shades lighter than your skin tone does the job well.

Highlighting the wrong parts of your face

Always make sure you highlight the high points of your face that bring out your features beautifully. If you do highlight the wrong areas, the light reflection disturbs the geometry of your face, thus giving a weird look. To learn the best tricks, check out this tutorial by Rati.

Not covering your open pores and tiny bumps

When you highlight a certain part of your face, it basically brings attention to that part of your face. If you have open pores, bumps or acne in those areas, you will be guilty of bringing attention to the defects of your skin. Make sure to use a pore filling primer, which will also cover up for the tiny bumps. However, if you have heavy acne, it is better to avoid highlighter or go for a very subtle sheen.

Extremely light highlight and extremely dark contour

I would blame Kim Kardashian for introducing this concept. Too much difference between the highlight and contour shades creates a very unnatural and over sculpted look. It gives a very harsh look. It is always better to play safe and maintain a balance between the contour and highlight, depending upon your skin tone.

Not blending the highlighter well

This applies to every makeup product that we use. Blending is the key to a perfect look. Not blending the highlighter well gives a patchy and unflattering look. Blend the highlighter and let it go seamlessly with the rest of your makeup.

Hope these tips help you guys. Have a good day.
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